Best AI Writing Software – My Top 13 Picks!

Best AI Writing Software

This year we see how AI literally exploded in popularity as well as in it’s effectiveness in helping us in our workplace. Thanks to OpenAi, now almost everyone accept the existence of AI. In case you want to try utilize this tools, here I share my top picks of the best ai writing software to help you in creating content for your business.

Best AI Writing Software

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According to Orbitmedia research, it takes more than 4 hours to create one blogpost. There’s a lot of effort in creating one article, including keyword research, outlines, content writing and SEO optimizations.

If you are a writer or a content creators, then you might want to consider invest in this AI writing software to save your time and optimize your writing process. Let’s dive right into these AI writing software.

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Best AI Writing Software

The AI writing assistant software market is expected to grow at a rate (CAGR) of 26.94% from 2023 to 2030, reaching a market size of $6.464 billion by 2030.

NVDA, Nvidia Stocks rally to the new all time high following investors sentiment in AI stocks. 

We all know that this hype and AI assistant are not going anywhere soon. That’s why it is better to find the best tools that will help us work more efficiently.

After doing some research, I find these list of AI writing software might suit most people preference, whether it is cost (budget), proofreading, as well as service like copywriting, blog article and SEO optimization. 

Let’s take a look at my top picks for AI writing software you can try.

1. Copy Shark

Best AI Writing Software

Copy Shark is AI writing software which will help you in generates ad copy, product description, sales copy, paragraphs, video scripts and others within seconds. The best part is that this software support multiple languages, up to 100.

Some tools they offered including

  • Create product description for Amazon and Etsy marketplace
  • Create Ad copy that converts
  • Rewrite any content
  • Social media post description
  • Press release
  • Video scripts
  • Compelling Headline
  • Listicles

2. Wordtune

Best AI Writing Software

Wordtune is advanced AI writing software tools that will help you in proofreading, checking your grammar and rephrasing.

This software utilize NLP technology that enable them to paraphrase and rewrite your content to improve the readability.

Here are some of Wordtune features including

  • Social media integration
  • Rewrite Content
  • Smart Paste Features

3. Anyword

Best AI Writing Software

Anyword is a great copywriting tools that was created specifically to help digital marketers create converting ads copy, email newsletter, landing page and contents.

In case you wonder, it also feature a blog post writing, product description as well as other long form content.

4. Neuraltext

Best AI Writing Software

Neuraltext is a great AI writing software for copywriting, SEO content writing as well as keyword research. This software aim to cover all of content process from keyword research, content writing to SEO optimization.

This software will help you creates converting ad copy for your ad campaign. It will give you various ad campaign option you can easily choose.

They have 50 ready to use templates for slogan ideas, blog section writing, facebook ads and many others).

In addition, their SEO content tools will help your blogpost to rank by pull out the top 20 result of google search engine and show you the keyword they use, topic they cover and questions you need to answer to get rank on google.

5. Rytr

Best AI Writing Software

Rytr is an all-in AI tools that digital marketers will love. It will help you do your copywriting, blog writing, and product descriptions.

In addition, they have a feature called Rytr Chat, which allow you to give specific prompt to generate your desired content.

The best part about this AI software is that it has free plan, and it’s paid plan is also one of the cheapest in the market.

Rytr features including.

  •  Multiple languages, up to 30 language
  • 40 template and use case
  • Easy interface
  • SEMRUSH integrations

6. Jasper

Best AI Writing Software

Jasper, previously name ‘Jarvis’, is a wild AI writing platform available in the market today. The thing I love about Jasper is that this AI can literally write long form SEO content with emotions and brand tone.

This is the game changing, because most of us will expect AI writing to write a boring informative content rather than engaging content. In addition, it often provides training, courses and conferences around it’s features.

If you are looking for AI writing tools that’s able to create an engaging blog post, then Jasper is the one to go. The downside of this AI software is it’s price, it’s more expensive compare to other AI writing platform.

Some of Jasper features including

  • Surger SEO, Chrome extension and Grammarly integrations
  • Amazing support
  • AI art
  • Connect to the latest news on the internet

7. Article Forge

Best AI Writing Software

Article Forge is a great AI writing software especially for those who creates long form content in a day to day basis.

It has easy interface and work flows, just put a keyword and the length you want, and it will automatically the content you need.

Some Article Forge features including

  • One click long form content
  • SEO Optimization
  • Headlines
  • Plagiarism Check


Best AI Writing Software is a great option for bloggers as it will help you to create a fresh blog post and email newsletter for your subscriber.

Some of the features it offers including.

  •  API connect with linkedin, CRM and other marketing tools for outreach.
  • Chat by with prompt library


9. Frase

Best AI Writing Software

Frase will help you create a content that will engage your readers. It done most of the writing job for you, from research keywords, topics, SEO content writing and also editing (in case you already have all the content you need).

In addition, this tools can analyze your published content and creates a steo by step action you need to do to help your content rank on google.

Some of the features of including

  • Create brief based on SERP research within seconds
  • Long form editor to allow you write together with AI
  • SEO Optimizations
  • Google Search Console integrations (Monitor Content Performance)

10. Writesonic

Best AI Writing Software

Writesonic is a great AI tools which offers a free plan that will give you 10,000 words access to it’s platform.

In addiiton, it has a creative products like photosonic and chatsonic which bring their AI software to the next levels and enable creators to keep their voice in the writing process.

Some of the features it offers including.

  • More than 100 templates for landing page and blogpost
  • Collaborative editor to allow multiple people enter and improve the text
  • Surfer SEO and Zapier Integration

11. Surfer SEO

Best AI Writing Software

Surfer SEO is amazing AI tools that will help you rank #1 on google. This AI help you by analyze the top rank pages, give you the keyword that people are looking for and also advice in how you can optimize your content for SEO.

This tools will definitely save you a lot of time and effort in creating content that will rank higher in search engine.

Some of surfer SEO features including.

  • Advance SEO analysis tools
  • Content Optimizations
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Create Outline based on SERP
  • Content scoring
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Integration with Jasper, Google Docs, SEMRush, WordPress

12. Scalenut

Best AI Writing Software

Scalenut is an SEO and content marketing AI software that will help you by giving you advice on how you can optimize your content. 

Some of Scalenut features including.

  • Create Keyword Clusters
  • Create Content Strategy
  • Analyze audience search intent
  • AI guided writing with SERP stats and content scoring
  • 40 marketing task templates for newsletter and product descriptions.

13. Grammarly

Best AI Writing Software

Grammarly is the most popular and the best proofreading AI software available on the market.

It’s high accuracy has helped tons of creators from making grammar mistakes and help greatly in reducing their time to check every words.

This AI software will scan through all of your grammar, spelling errors and also suggest corrections. If your sole needs is only for proofreading, then grammarly can never go wrong. More over, it also features plagiarism detections to help you create an original content.

Sum Up

To be honest, I never even think of how quickly we evolve as as human and how fast we embrace new technology like AI and robot to help us in our daily life. However, that’s life and we need to adapt as quickly as possible to keep up with the pace of life.

These are all the best AI writing tools I can share to all of you. I wish this article give you some informations you need to decide which AI assistance you want to utilize this year to help you increase your productivity in your workplace.

What do you think about these AI writing software? Do you think soon we will be flooded with AI content on internet? Let me know your thoughts in the comment sections below!


In my opinion, Jasper is the best AI writing software, yet also the most expensive.

Some risk including plagiarism, low quality content, false informations.

Best AI Writing Software
Best AI Writing Software

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