A Fortune teller once adviced Kim Seon Ho should be careful with women!

fortune teller kim seon ho

In this article we will share to you the latest topic among netizens about a fortune teller once adviced kim seon ho that he should be careful with women, especially ex girlfriend.

fortune teller kim seon ho

Kim Seon Ho is a rising Korean actor known for his gentle and bright personality. He is getting huge attention after his role as protagonist in Hometown Cha Cha Cha korean drama.

Fortune Teller and Kim Seon Ho

Netizens got goosebumps after watching a video about Kim Seon Ho by a korean fortune teller, titled ‘2days 1 night! Rising actor Kim Seon Ho’s fate! Be careful with this!’ that was posted 8 months ago on Apgujeong Aegi TV.

Kim Seon Ho should be careful with the women around him, especially his ex-girlfriend. He has a handsome appearance, and acts kind to every woman, so it’s easy to cause the women to misunderstood. He’d better avoid that and change his personality. This year, he might be exposed and get into trouble for something, leading to a controversy and gossip. It is best to work hard.

Fortune Teller
fortune teller kim seon ho

In this video we can see that this fortune teller gave a warning that Kim Seon Ho could be involved in a scandal with a women, especially ex girlfriend in 2021. Lately there are rumors about Kim Seon Ho as ‘Actor K’ among netizens and gossip about Kim Seon ho keep arising up to this day.

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