Korean Horror Dramas That Makes You Fall In Love With Demons!

korean horror dramas

Looking for the Best Korean Horror Dramas that will not makes you scared, rather fall in love?

This time I’ve compiled a list of Korean Horror Dramas that will makes you fall in love with good-looking demons.

Let’s take a look into my list of the Best Korean Horror Dramas that will makes us feel sweet and scary at the same time!

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1. Sweet Home

korean horror dramas

Credit to Asianwiki

Sweet home tells a story of someone who leave his house and move into a new apartment, hoping to forget his past and his family.

Unfortunately, a mysterious being come down with a mission to consume human bodies and create chaos.

Now, he don’t just run away from his past, but he also run for his life.

Main Cast:

  • Song Kang as Cha Hyun Su
  • Lee Jin Wook as Pyeon SAng Wook

2. Mouse

korean horror dramas

Mouse Korean drama tells a story of two police officers that encounters a psychopath and a serial killer.

This drama portrays how a police officer try to uncover and reveal the truth behind the psychopath behavior.

Main Cast:

  • Lee Seung Gi as Jung Ba Reum
  • Lee Hee Jun as Go Mu Chi

3. Goblin

korean horror dramas

Goblin tells a story of a highly dignified general from Goryeo Dynasty that was framed as a traitor and murdered by the government officials.

After being left for death, he receives a curse and supernatural ability which cause him to live and become immortal.

The only way he can go to realm of the after life is by finding the goblin’s bride.

In addition, the goblin’s bride must pull the spiritual sword that was embedded in his chest since the Goryeo Era.

Main Cast:

  • Gong Yoo as Kim Shin
  • Kim Go Eun as Ji Eun Tak

4. Who Are You?

korean horror dramas

Who are you Kdramas tells a story of a women detective who gain a psychic ability which enable her to see a dead people.

Together with a skeptics detectives, they help the spirits to solve their complicated stories and cases related to the lost and found center.

Main Cast:

  • So E Hyun as Yang Shi On
  • Taecyeon as Cha Gun Woo

5. Arang And The Magistrate

korean horror dramas

Arang and the magistrate is a drama that tells a story of a ruthless man with supernatural ability to see and communicate with the spirits.

He talk with spirits to help him find his lost mother in the kingdom.

As he journey to find his mother, he meet a spirit name Arang who request him to seek revenge to her murderer.

Main Cast:

  • Shin Min A as Arang
  • Lee Joon Gi as Kim Eun Oh

6. Cheo Yong: The Paranormal Detective

korean horror dramas

Cheo Yong is a supernatural horror drama that tells a story of someone who is able to communicate with unseen spirits.

With this ability, he became the best officer in crime department.

Unfortunately, he lost his family due to a tragic incident that turn his life upside down.

He lost all of his passion, and live in the world of depression for a long time.

Until one day, he met a youth school girl spirit that ask him for help to solve her case.

Main Cast:

  • Oh Ji Ho as Yoon Cheo Yong
  • Oh Ji Eun as Ha Sun Woo

7. Nightmare Teacher

korean horror dramas

Nightmare Teacher tells a story of a mysterious temporary replacement teacher at Yosan Private High School.

The student felt weird the first time he teach as he had a mysterious way to led them to the imaginary world.

Main Cast:

  • Kim So Hyun as Kang Ye Rim
  • Um Ki Joon as Han Bong Gu

8. Lovely Horribly

korean horror dramas

Lovely Horribly is Romance Horror dramas that tells a story of a writer with ability to turn his writings into reality. 

Things get more complicated once he met someone connected to him but on the opposite side – if one is happy, the other is in big mess, and vice versa.

Later on they work together for a dramas.

However, the problem is whatever he wrote in that script, start happening in their world.

Main Cast:

  • Song Ji Hyo as Ji Eul Soon
  • Park Si Hoo as Philip Yoo

9. Hellbound

Hellbound Kdrama is an end time drama that tells a story of a mysterious creatures from hell comes with one purpose, to take the life of the person they aim. 

Before they come, a spirits will show them when they will come to take their life. 

As the city comes to confusion, a cult group rise up acting as a light, showing people they must repent.

They quickly reach a lot of people and lead many people to be their member.

Things getting more complicated when the spirits come to take innocent babies life. 

Main Cast:

  • Yoo Ah In as Jeong Jin Soo
  • Kim Hyun Joo as Min Hye Jin

10. Goedam

korean horror dramas

Goedam is a bite size series in which every episode only take less than 10 minutes.

This drama tells a story of a creatures that awoke at night to fulfill their thirst. 

This series filled with horror tales.

Main Cast:

  • Song Chae Yoon as Seo Hui
  • SeoIA as Min Young

11. When the Devil Calls Your Name

korean horror dramas

When the devil calls your name series tells a story of a young musician that sells his own soul to the devil in his pursue of fame and fortunes. 

As the time come for the devil to take his soul, he try to make another deal with the devil to extend the contract.

Main Cast:

  • Song Kang as Luka
  • Jung Kyung Ho as Ha Rib

12. Catch the Ghost

korean horror dramas

Catch the ghost tells a story of someone who became a police officer to find out what happened to her autism sister that was missing years ago. 

She really believe that a subway ghost somehow take her sister away and that’s why her sister disappeared.

Main Cast:

  • Moon Geun Young as Yoo Ryeong
  • Kim Seon Ho as Go Ji Seok

13. Secret Healer

korean horror dramas

Secret healer series tells a story of a Queen that visit a shaman in order to have a child. 

True enough, she ended up give birth to a twins.

The twin crown prince and princess must be separated, to save both life. 

As we all can easily suggest, they throw the women out.

The crown princess was left in the mountain areas and become a black magic witch.

Main Cast:

  • Kim Sae Ron as Yeon Hee
  • Yoon Si Yoon as Heo Jun

14. Save Me

Save Me (2017) the best thriller netflix korean dramas

Save me tells a story of a young women striving to get out of a religious cult group that already brainwashed her family. 

With the help of four childhood friends, she manage to take her family and herself away from the cult group they got in.

Main Cast:

  • Ok Taecyeon as Han Sang Hwan
  • Seo Yea Ji as Im Sang Mi

15. The Village: Achiara’s Secret

korean horror dramas

This series tells a story of Achiara, a peaceful safe village.

The village turns into a chaotic mess after an english teacher suddenly found a buried body on her first day working at the local school. 

Together with the police, they insist to uncover the the real truth behind this death.

Main Cast:

  • Moon Geun Young as Han So Yoon
  • Jang Hee Jin as Kim Hye Jin

16. Tale Of The Nine-Tailed

korean dramas 2022

Tale of the nine tailed tells a story of a gumiho (a nine tailed creature) that leaving his post as a a guardian mountain spirit to find the reincarnation of his true love.

Main Cast:

  • Lee Dong Wook as Lee Yeon
  • Jo Bo Ah as Nam Ji Ah

17. Strangers From Hell

strangers-from-hell-korean drama w

Strangers from hell tells a story of someone who move from countryside to Seoul for a job. 

The story began as he came across a cheap hostel and stay there for six month. 

After a while, strange things start happening and now he realize why the hostel is really cheap.

Main Cast:

  • Lee Dong Wook as Seo Moon Jo
  • Siwan as Yoon Jong Woo

18. Great Shaman Ga Doo Shim

The Great Shaman Ga Doo Shim korean drama august 2021

Great Shaman Ga Doo Shim tells a story of someone who born with special ability to see the unseen realm, ghost and spirits. 

She met a popular boy who ended up be on her side fighting against the evil spirit and uncover the truth of serial murders that happened at their high school.

Main Cast:

  • Kim Sae Ron as Ga Doo Shim
  • Nam Da Reum as Na Woo Soo

19. The Master’s Sun

korean horror dramas

The Master’s Sun also tells a story of someone with the special power to see spirits. 

One day she realized that every time she touch Joong Won, arrogant CEO of Kingdom, she got rid of those ghost. 

Together they find the secret behind his past childhood kidnapping.

Main Cast:

  • Gong Hyo Jin as Tae Gong Shil
  • So Ji Sub as Joo Joong Won

20. Bring It On, Ghost

korean horror dramas

Bring it on Ghost also depict someone who has ability to see spirits work together with his ghost partner to do exorcism to get money.

He need a lot of money to take away his ability. 

Little did they knew that the spirit behind of his ability is watching them.

Main Cast:

  • Kim So Hyun as Kim Hyeon Ji
  • Ok Taecyeon as Park Bong Pal

21. Oh My Ghost

korean horror dramas

Oh My Ghost tells a story of a women with ability to see spirits, having a secret crush on a famous chef. 

One day she got possessed by a virgin seductress spirit who also want the star chef. 

The star chef begin to look towards her as she change her behavior towards him. 

Main Cast:

  • Park Bo young as Na Bong Sun
  • Jo Jung Suk as Kang Sun Woo

22. Priest

korean horror dramas

Priest Korean horror dramas tells a story of  a young catholic priest who is a member of 643 (exorcism group). 

This priest has a bitter past that his own mother was killed by the devil that possessed her. 

He learn exorcism from the founder of 642 group who is also a priest. 

One day, a skeptical doctor witness a supernatural phenomena in her emergency room and ask 643 group for help.

Main Cast:

  • Yeon Woo Jin as Oh Soo Min
  • Jung Yoo Mi as Ham Eun ho

23. The Guest

korean horror dramas

The Guest is a Korean horror dramas telling a story of someone who was born as shaman with an exorcist abilities. 

One day, crimes happened where many people go crazy, they kill their family and then stab themselves. 

Later on, he work together with a detective and a priest to uncover the truth behind this chaos.

As they journey together, they met a chief demon name ‘Guest’.

Main Cast:

  • Kim Jae Wook as Choi Yoon
  • Jung Eun Chae as Kang Gil Young

24. A Korean Odyssey

korean horror dramas

A Korean Odyssey is much more like Chinese Monkey King.

This drama tells a story of Son O  Gong, someone who possessed a strong demonic power. 

One day he trick a young girl by promising a full protection if she help release him from his punishment.

After he got release, he disappeard.

Little did he know that the promised creates a covenant between the two of them.

As the young girls grow up, they reunited and start develop feeling to one another.

Main Cast:

  • Lee Seung Gi as Son O Gong
  • Oh Yeon Seo as Jin Sun Mi
  • Cha Seung Won as Woo Hwi Chul

25. The Cursed

korean horror dramas

The Cursed drama tells a story of a young shaman women with a special ability to curse people.

She seek revenge for her mother that was killed by a conglomerate. 

Not knowing that she must fight against the massive evil, hidden behind an IT corporations.

Main Cast:

  • Uhm Ji Won as Im Jin Hee
  • Jung Ji So as Baek So Jin

26. The Ghost Detective

korean horror dramas

The ghost detective tells a story of a someone who join a detective agency after being wrongfully dismissed from military. 

He ended up work together to solve mysterious and extraordinary cases that involve the supernatural world.

Main Cast:

  • Choi Daniel as Lee Da Il
  • Park Eun Bin as Jung Yeo Wool

27. Black

korean horror dramas

Black series tells a story of a grim reaper (the decease spirit guide to the afterlife world) fall in love with a human. 

He ended up break all the rule in order to get involve with human life. 

Main Cast:

  • Go Ara as Kang Ha Ram
  • Song Seung Heon as Han Moo Gang

28. Possessed

korean horror dramas

Possessed is a comedy Korean horror dramas tells a story of a detective who work together with a psychic to solve multiple various cases and mysteries.

Main Cast:

  • Ahn Eun Jin as Choi Yeon Hee
  • Kwon Hyeokhyeon as Kim Joon Hyung

29. The Uncanny Counter

the uncanny counter korean drama webtoone uncanny counter korean drama webtoon

The Uncanny Counter tells a story of  a group with special ability called ‘Counter’

They have one mission, to hunt the demon that came down to earth to seek after human life.

Main Cast:

  • Jo Byeong Kyu as So Moon
  • Kim Sejeong as Do Ha Na

30. Sell Your Haunted House

korean horror dramas

Sell Your Haunted house tells a story of a real estate agent who own a special ability to communicate and exorcist spirits. 

One day, she met a con artist that trick the wealthy to earn money. 

Together they seek the truth behind the mysterious death of her mother 20 years ago and help to sets her mother spirit free.

Main Cast:

  • Jang Na Ra as Hong Ji A
  • Jung Yong Hwa as Oh In Beom

31. Strange School Tales: 8th Years

korean horror dramas

Strange School Tales is a mini drama with separate story in every 4 episode. 

The first episode 1 – 4 tells a story of a murder that happened 8 years ago involving three female high school student.

The second story start from episode 5 – 8 tells a story of a weird student with mysterious aura who always absence. 

The third story start from episode 9 – 12 tells a story of a woman who goes back to her childhood home in order to find the truth of her parents death.

Main Cast:

  • Song Won Seok as Lee Eun Chan
  • Lee Kyu Sung as Gi Cheol Min

32. White Christmas

korean horror dramas

White Christmas tells a story of eight Susin High School Student who received a mysterious letter from a serial killers talk about their death. 

Together with their teacher, they decided to spend the holidays at school. 

Main Cast:

  • Lee Soo Hyuk as Yoon Soo
  • Kim Woo Bin as Kang Mi Reu

33. Hotel Del Luna

hotel del luna

Hotel Del Luna is a popular romance dark fantasy Korean drama tells a story of a hotel that is only visible to human during the night and under special circumstances. 

The Hotel is occupied by various spirits and ghost all over the years.

They offers them to settle their unfinished business before pass to the afterlife. 

The owner of this hotel need to find someone with a more wicked sin than what she did, to pass to the afterlife.

Main Cast:

  • IU as Jang Man Wol
  • Yeo Jin Goo as Goo Chan seong

These are my list of the best Korean Horror Dramas I can share with you.

If you have another recommendation for Korean Horror Dramas, let me know in the comment sections below!

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