KPOP Nails: 9 kpop idol nails Inspiration You Can Follow!

kpop nails

Every Kpop idol takes care of their appearance from head to toe, including their nails. If you are looking for Kpop nail inspiration, keep reading because I will share with you the best Kpop idol nails for your nail art inspiration this year. Let’s dig in!

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Kpop Nails - Best Kpop Idol Nails

As more people see KPOP Idol as their beauty inspiration, Kpop idol nail artists also gain traction as more of their fans follow their idol unique and innovative nail art designs.

Here are some KPOP idols that are worth following for their nail art.

1. IU

kpop nails

Credit to Lacquer lover

IU’s nail art is often inspired by her music style. Her nail art often incorporates cute and playful elements, such as hearts and stars. Sometime she adds pastel colors for a softer and feminine look.

2. Tiffany (SNSD)

kpop nails

Tiffany is known for having stunning and creative nail art designs. She often opts for intricate patterns, bold colors, and embellishments..

3. Mina (TWICE)

kpop nails
Credit to Koreaboo

Mina’s nail art is often characterized by delicate and feminine designs. She often chooses pastel colors, floral patterns, and minimalist nail art styles.

4. Roa (PRISTIN)

kpop nails

Roa’s nail art is bold and edgy. She often experiments with geometric patterns, metallic accents, and vibrant colors.

5. Jeongyeon (TWICE)

kpop nails

Jeongyeon’s nail art is versatile and eclectic. She is known for trying various styles, including graphic designs, abstract patterns, and unique color combinations.

6. Chaeyoung (fromis_9)

kpop nails

Chaeyoung’s nail art is playful and artistic. She often incorporates cute and whimsical elements, such as cartoon characters, glitter, and 3D embellishments into her nail art designs.

7. Chungha

kpop nails

Chungha’s nail art is chic style. She often opts for modern and minimalist designs, including negative space nail art, monochrome patterns, and understated elegance.

8. Hwasa (MAMAMOO)

kpop nails

MAMAMOO’s Hwasa is known for her love for long nails and her gorgeous nail art designs.

She shares how nail art allows her to express herself and her personality. Her nail style is feminine and eye-catching, sometimes mixing with shapes/letters in contrasting colors.

9. Rose (Blackpink)

kpop nails

Credit to Unistella

Blackpink rose black and white nail is a classic nail art that’s stood the test of time and events. You can use this simple and stylish nail art wherever you go.

In addition, black and white blends easily with any outfit and is easy to customize with your preference. Feel free to add sparkling silver and gold elements to your black-and-white nail art.

Kpop Idol Nails Salon

Here are the two famous Kpop idol nails salon in Seoul.

  • NailTam2na in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam – SNSD, Aespa, Red Velvet, ITZY and Ailee.
  • Unistella in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam – Blackpink

Sum Up

These Kpop idols and many others have inspired fans and nail art enthusiasts with their creative and stunning nail designs.

From intricate patterns to bold colors and unique embellishments, each of these kpop idol nails art reflects their individual personality and somehow adds a perfect touch to their overall look.

These are all I can share about the best Kpop idol nails art inspiration. Hopefully, this article give you nail art inspiration to try this year.

Which Kpop Idol Nails art do you love the most? Let me know in the comment sections below!

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kpop nails

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