Park Bo Young Movies and Tv Shows (Updated)!

park bo young kdramas movies

Are you a fan looking for the Best Park Bo Young Movies and TV Shows?

You come to the right place.

I’ve compiled a list of the best Park Bo Young movies and TV shows from her early debut in 2006.

Let’s take a look at my list of the best Park Bo Young Movie and TV shows so you can start adding to your watchlist today!

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1. Doom At Your Service

Doom at your service is telling a love story between a middle man a.k.a messenger of God with a human for 100 days. 

This dramas tells a story of an ordinary novel editor who lost her parents in her early age, and got diagnosed with brain cancer which gives her 100 days left to live.

While she pray for the destruction of the world, she ended up having a contract with a middle man between God and human for her last 100 days.

2. Abyss

park bo young kdramas movies

Abyss tells a story of two people who got a chance to revive back to life after died due to a fatal accident.

They got the second chance of come back to life, but as a different person, looks and destiny based on the karma from their previous life.

In this new life, they work as a lawyer and administrator at a private law firm.

They try to reveal this magical incident.

Somehow, love start growing in their heart as they spent time together.

3. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

park bo young kdramas movies

Strong woman Do Bong Soon tells a story of a women with a superhuman power.

An Heir of a huge gaming company hired her as a bodyguard

One day, a series of kidnapping cases arose in her neighborhood and she manage to solve this case together.

However, their dangerous journey end up bring them closer together and water some love in their heart.

4. Oh My Ghost

park bo young kdramas movies

Oh my ghost tells a story of a timid introvert girl who have no friends suddenly got possessed by a seductress confident young ghost who plan on solve her unfinished business with her boss.

5. On Your Wedding Day

park bo young kdramas movies

On your wedding day tells a story of someone who got invited by his first love after roll coaster series of their love journey. 

They first met during high school and quickly begin romantic relationship.

One day, due to family circumstances, she need to leave the town. 

She left him unnoticed and makes his heart broken to pieces. 

However, the man still in love with her. 

Long story short, destiny met them together once more.

However, due to painful words he spoke, they broke up.

Moving forward years later, he received wedding invitation from her.

This dramas shows the roller coaster feeling of someone who try his best to get the one he love, just to realize they weren’t meant to be together.

6. You Call It Passion

park bo young kdramas movies

You call it passion tells a story of someone who continuously failed after applied for several positions. 

One day, she finally got a job as a reporter at a sport newspaper company.

Little did she knew that this job put her in chaos as she discover the dirty aspects of journalism.

7. Collective Invention

park bo young kdramas movies

Collective invention tells a story of someone who turn into a fish after receiving an experimental drugs.

However, this mutations propels him to be a star knwon as a fish-man.

As he became more famous, people try to reveal the truth behind his transformation which put his life in danger.

8. The Silenced

park bo young kdramas movies

The silenced tells a story of someone who got transferred to a boarding school.

Something is off about this school, several students has been missing with no trace. 

After knowing this secret, she try to figure out the truth and reveal the secret in this boarding school.

She didn’t realize that her curiosity cause the principal to show her dark side.

9. Hot Young Bloods

park bo young kdramas movies

Hot young bloods shows a journey of love, rivalries and friendship between four high school student, a leader of male gang, leader of a female gang, a player, and a new transfer student that stirs up chaos in the school.

10. A Werewolf Boy

park bo young kdramas movies

Credit to Asianwiki

A werewolf boy tells a story of a girl with chronic lung disease who move to the countryside.

As she move to the countryside, she met a mysterious wild boy that lives in a barn. 

Feeling compassion to this guy, she start teach him to act like a human.

Love start spring in their heart as they spent time together.

11. Don’t Click

park bo young kdramas movies

Don’t click tells a story of someone who started losing her mind after watching a forbidden videos.

It is forbidden because it contains a curse.

Trying to help her sister, she ask her boyfriend who is a special investigator to help investigate the matter.

12. Scandal Makers

park bo young kdramas movies

Scandal makers tells a story of a young lady blackmails her alleged father who work as a famous radio host and former teen idol to shelter her and her son. 

However, because their age gap is close, people assume that they’re a couple as they spotted together more often in the public.

13. Jungle Fish

park bo young kdramas movies

Jungle fish is probably the first dramas where Park Bo Young get a main role. 

This drama tells a story of a school life experience where cheating and fake the report exist. 

It portrays every South Korean student / youth (fish) who are struggling for the better future (beach) while suffering from the harsh reality (jungle) of exam period.

14. Mackerel Run

park bo young kdramas movies

Mackerel Run is a dramas that depict a love story during the high school period.

Love in high schools filled with rivalry, complicated feelings and friendship.

This dramas also show how someone can be totally change because of love.

15. Secret Campus

Secret Campus portrays how modern students suffering from stress during their school years – where demands are made without considering individuals dreams and talent.

It tells a story of six high school students with different dreams fighting to achieve their dream despite of all trials and tribulations.

16. Concrete Utopia

Concrete Utopia is the latest Kdrama by Park Bo Young tells a story of Seoul post-earthquake.

Despite all of the destructions happened in Seoul, there is one place standing – Hwanggoong Apartment.

All of the remaining survivors struggle to make their way to this apartment.

This drama shows how people in the apartment cooperate to protect each other from outsiders, while help taking care of the injured residents.

17. Our Schools E.T

Our Schools E.T tells a story of a quirky high school physical education teacher whose positions are at stake after the school release a new policy.

The policy is to boost English education and eliminate his role.

In order to maintain his job, he decide to be an English teacher.

This drama shows how he struggle to master English to keep his job.

18. The ESP couple

The ESP couple tells a story of a boy with supernatural gift of mind reading meet a high school girl at a Gallery.

After the school girl find out he has a supernatural ability, she try to keep in touch with him.

One day, they accidentally run into a kidnapping case which force him to get involve in revealing the truth behind this case.

19. If You Were Me 4 (Relay)

park bo young kdramas movies

This film tells a story of a group of a teenager, a school children that sneak a secret pet carrier that contains a baby. 

The journey start as they fight to keep and take care of the baby.

These are all my best list of Park Bo Young Movies and TV shows I can share with all of you today!

Let me know if you have another recommendations so I can add to this list and help other Park Bo Young fans to watch her movies!

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park bo young kdramas movies
park bo young kdramas movies

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