5 Great Reasons to Learn Korean Amazing Language

study korean language

In this article we will share to you the best 5 reasons for you to learn korean magical languages, What is so special about this language? Among all the languages in the world, each of them cool and unique and quite possibly worthy of learning, why should you choose to study Korean?

let’s dive right to it, why you really need to learn and study korean languages.

Korean alphabet is super simple

First you might felt intimidated as korean language using Hangul as their language system. However, as you study more about it, you will eventually come to realize that it is actually really easy to learn and memorize this hangul. With some great mentor or teacher, you can learn it within the first 30 minutes of your learning.

Korean grammar is straight

What I mean by straight is that korean language doesn’y have noun genders as french, spanish, italian, latin and many of european languages. European languages usually have noun genders, but korean language doesn’y have it all, so you can easily use korean language without really think of it. this cause less headache when you first learn korean language grammar. Thats why korean language is really simple and easy to learn.

Korean Pop, Korean dramas, Korean Tourism, Korean Food and Korean movies are incredibly popular all over the world

Thanks to the first generation of Kpop such as SNSD, Super Junior, Big bang, and really talented celebrities such as BoA, Lee Min Ho, Park Min Young that first makes Kpop, Kdramas, Tourism and Movies are really famous and popular all over the world.

These days, Korea need to thank BTS, Blackpink, to say a few, and many other world-famous K-pop artists, K-Pop is currently at its peak as a worldwide phenomenon. The Korean Wave is definitely here to stay and keep improving, it keep waving just like the waves in the oceans!

This just makes Korean language a super great one to be learning and mastered as many people are now looking to Korea. In fact, you just might easily find friends to study together with. Better yet, maybe you could find a South Korean friend to practice your Korean with.

And not only are Korean dramas and movies great to watch for their popularity, but there are so incredibly many top-quality dramas and movies to choose from. And the best bit? They make for some of the best listening comprehension practice you could have when not in Korea. You could even learn a thing or two about their culture while watching your favorite Korean drama.

Such Great Help when you do visit South Korea

Honestly Korean people are able to speak english quiet fluently, especially young people in Seoul. However, if you plan to live in Korea or marry a Korean person, then no doubt, this great skills will help you tame your korean couple family. Most of Korean parents don’t speak english, so they will amaze and have great respect at you when you are able to speak korean language fluently.

Other than that, being able to communicate in the local language always makes things like ordering in the restaurant more convenient and comfortable for both parties. Not to mention Koreans will find you so cool and respectful for having taken the time to learn their language!

it will also give you an easier time making Korean friends once there. The truth is that it’s always easier to make friends with them when you approach them using their language, this is just psychological issues. But making Korean friends also means you will get to put your Korean skills into action often, making it a useful language to learn.

Korea has a very rich culture and visiting Korea to know more about their way of life is definitely worth it. However, you may want to brush up on your Korean before your trip if you really want to fully experience Korean culture. Trust us, the locals will love you for it.

Korean language can be useful for your career

Especially if you want to work in travel, tourism, teaching. translation, interpretation, or other jobs that heavily involve languages, having Korean language included in your repertoire is a massive advantage.

Although there are many speakers of Korean out there, it still remains a language that few people are able to use as their talent. Therefore, it can be more advantageous to become proficient in Korean rather than Japanese or Chinese, or Russian, Spanish, French, and so on, for that matter.

How do you think about this reason to learn Korean Language? Is  it worth learning? Let us know in the comments below!

Every share and every ounce of your support brings my passion for Korea to life – Thank you for visit.

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