Squid Game cast to Appear on Jimmy Fallon Show On October 6th!

Squid Game cast to Appear on Jimmy Fallon Show On October 6th!

In this article we will share to you the latest news about Squid game cast that is about to appear on Jimmy Fallon Show on October 6th 2021. Since Squid game release, this movie has been the hottest thriller korean drama on Netflix. No doubt, many of the actor and actress in Squid game suddenly get a huge exposure and most of their instagram exploded by followers from all over the world.

Credit to Netflix

On October 4th, Osen, Korean sports and entertainment media company, reported that the Squid Game cast will make an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Main Cast that will Appear

Credit to Netflix

There are four cast that has been confirmed to appear on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, such as Lee Jung Jae, Park Hae soo, Jung Ho Yeon and Wi Ha Joon. The interview will be done virtually due to the pandemic, and will takes place on October 5th (KST)

Squid Game Breaking Record

squid game facts

Credit to @netflixkr

Squid game has become a worldwide phenomenon and rank number one in all 83 countries wherever Netflix is available. No doubt each one of the actors played in squid game suddenly got exploded by followers from all over the world flooded their personal instagram accounts in which Jung Ho yeon is now become the most followed Korean actress on instagram exceeds Song Hye Kyo and others.

Squid Game cast on Jimmy Fallon Show

Credit to @netflixkr

Acording to OSEN, Korean Sports and Entertainment media company, this interview will be a special interview in which we will learn more about the Squid games movie and also their personal life.

Jimmy Fallon Show

Jimmy Fallon has invited a lot of world class actors and actress to his show and done many interview with them, in which one of the most famous one is BTS.

If you haven’t check out BTS in Jimmy Fallon show, make sure to check this out below.

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