Study Culture in South Korea, Learn How Korean Study for Exam!

study culture in korea

In this article we will share to you about study culture in south korea so we can learn how korean study for their exam and their daily requirements for their jobs, client needs or just to improve themselves.

study culture in korea

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As we know Korea is one country that is really tight in competitions, many korean study hard from even a very young age in order to get into top universities and get a better job. Let’s learn together how korean study that makes South Korea is just a huge success in Asia.

Studying In Korea

study culture in korea

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For your informations, in South Korea, compulsory educations consist of 6 years of elementary school and 3 years of Middle School. If you have a child age 7 years old (international age), it’s time for him or her to enter elementary school.

Study Culture in Korea

Here are some study culture and activities in south korea that you can learn and copy for your own study in your country.

Study groups

study culture in korea

Korea is not just a really romantic country, but also a community country. You will see a lot of people doing activities together, not just for hang out, gym or camping, but also even for study. 

But due to pandemic, koreans are no longer able to spend their time study together as a team, so this cause some people just become lazy.

study culture in korea

Back then, those study community will wake up in the morning and go to meet up and study together. Koreans are usually on time when it comes to appointment and meeting. 

If someone is late to come, then that person need to pay a fine or treat some meal, which makes them always motivated to come on time for study. Currently, this study group turn into a virtual study group by using video call.

study culture in korea

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Lately, there has been an app to accomodate these online study group and even a moderator set up in each group to monitor and make sure everyone is really studying and doing their best for either exam preparations, certifications or even employment.

Study cafe

study culture in korea

If you watched a lot of korean drama or already traveled to south korea, you will realized that South Korea is filled with various type of cafes and coffee shop.

One of them is study cafes, which really popular among students as well as those who wants to study, known as “SCA”, short version for Study Cafe.

study culture in korea

Many students come study in study cafe to extent their studies after they’re done on their academy or school. Back then, there were only single library desks next to each other, yet due to high demand, currently the interior has become more complete and modernized.

There is even a space for conversations where students can just enter to discuss the study material with their friends or private tutor.

Tutor Apps

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While some students love to study together with their friends, some of students prefer to have a private tutors after they finish school. Usually students who are preparing for exam will use tutor platform to get their private tutor help them study. This private tutor is college students in their 20s.

A tutor will only teaches one student, this makes them really effective in helping the students to reach their goals. This app will help students find their match tutor that will be able to help them reach their goals. They will discuss the cost together before proceed further.

Late Night Self study

study culture in korea

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Self-study at night, known as “yaja” (야자) in Korean has been a study culture in south korea for school students. “Yaja” usually refers to studying until 10 p.m at school after dinner.

Some school facilitate a place for their students to do this late-night study, however it is not compulsory, its only for those who feel the need to study more.

While you might think this is crazy culture, actually it has a really positive side for some students. They can study at their own pace while missing out many of subject they can’t grasp during their school time. This really help them to grasp the school material and not get stressed by falling behind their friends.

Item For Study

study culture in korea

They said the skill of the warrior is as good as the equipment they have to fight a war. No matter if someone is really a skillful warrior, if the opponents using a gun, then without a proper equipment, he will never be able to fight his opponents.

Same with studies, no matter how skillful and smart the students and the teacher is, if they don’t have great items to help them studying and teaching the subject, it will be hard for them to excel in their studies. Koreans call it gongbutem (공부템), a combination of study and item. let’s look what will help students fight their exam war in south korea.

Library desks

study culture in korea

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This library desk is specially design for students to create an atmosphere that will help them study. These desks are usually set up in a bedroom for extra privacy. This library desk is really cozy and comfortable as they can just sit at their desk and study for hours without any distractions from the outside.

study culture in korea

Fun facts, this desk order volume suddenly raise by 10x after it was introduced in the popular K-drama Sky Castle. have you watch that popular Korean drama? 

Standing desks

study culture in korea

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Standing desk are usually used both at school, workplace or even home to help support their back health and body posture. You can easily find this in any korean high school.

study culture in korea

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Other than health issues, this standing desk also help students back to focus on sleepy hours. So when they’re getting sleepy or tired, usually they will choose this standing desk to help get them up again.

Smart study material

study culture in korea

Korean start study in their really young age, their parents help create their study habits since their childhood. While some kids are using their ipad for playing games, korean kid are usually use ipad since their young age to study.

Korean help their kids study by installing many of study apps in their ipad and using those service, their kids can learn many various subjects even before they get into school.

study culture in korea

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How do you think about study culture in South Korea? Do you think this is a healthy culture? Let us know in the comment sections below!

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