Kim Seon Ho’s fans threaten to take legal action for the accusation of him!

actor k legal action

In this article we will share to you the latest reactions from Kim Seon Ho’s fans to defense Kim Seon ho’s from accusation and defamation without any proven facts. Fans of Kim Seon Ho’s has threaten to take serious legal action to people who defame and accuse him as actor K.

Kim Seon Ho's Fans Reactions

actor k legal action

Kim Seon Ho’s fans said they will take legal action in response to a growing controversy that claim Kim Seon Ho as ‘Actor K’ that force his ex-girlfriend to do abortion.

On October 18, a post on DC Inside stating, “There is currently a lot of speculation about actor Kim Seon ho, and there is no way we can help but feel miserable, so we are issuing an official statement.”

“Kim Seon ho has emphasized that he needs to take care of himself not only in acting, but also in terms of personality and disposition,” the writer continued. “He stood in front of the public in a consistent manner, keeping his promise unchanged until now.”

“We will not tolerate this criminal acts that cause pain to the victim by spreading baseless facts through videos, posts, or comments in an online space that anyone can see or damaging a person’s reputation, either by abusive language or insults,” Fans stressed.

Legal actions

actor k legal action

Fans of Kim Seon Ho publicly announce that they will take a legal actions, include criminal charge and civil damages without any tolerance for those who spread false facts and defame him by abusive and insult words.

Fans further continued ask netizen to stop any action that damages actor Kim Seon ho’s reputation by creating and distributing false facts and delete all existing baseless defamation post.

To Be Confirmed

actor k legal action

Kim Seon Ho’s agency Salt Entertainment has not released an official statement about this issue, so we better wait until they officially announce the truth about this matter without judging or even defaming actor Kim Seon Ho without any proof.

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