Korean Fashion Online Shop With International Shipping 2023!

korean fashion online international shipping

Looking to grab some korean fashion this spring season but you’re not currently in South Korea? I got you, so in this article I will share some Korean fashion websites for clothes or Korean Clothes Online Shop that using English language translations and provide international worldwide shipping. Read on to find out my korean fashion online shop list.

If you are a kpop or korean drama lovers, you must’ve ever think at least once in a lifetime where you thought ‘That shirts is very beautiful, where can I buy that’, or ‘Can I grab those cute clothes my korean idol use without travel to South Korea?’ If you did, so do I. That’s why I do some research and even thought I don’t personally buy from all of these shop, I believe share this online shop will help you get korean clothes you are looking for! 

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Korean Fashion Online Shop (International Shipping)

korean clothes online

As we know, Korean fashion lately just struck the world and buzz the fashion industry all over the world. More and more people are looking to try out the Korean latest fashion, especially clothing. Unfortunately, it might be hard for foreigner to find the right sites to purchase Korean clothing. If you aren’t speak korean language or when you doesn’t live in Korea, try to buy online from korean website can be a nightmare!

Thanks to quick pace online acceleration, our traditional store are now slowly but surely moving online. While relatively only few online clothing stores existed a few years ago, there are now tons of Korean clothes online shop with global shipping available, even though we never knew whether it is owned by Korean or others.

Let’s dive right to the best Korean online clothing stores that are available in English and offers worldwide shipping. If you are looking for the best selection and best prices available, then make sure you check all of these korean clothes online shop that I will list below.

1. Sonyunara

korea clothes online sonyunara

Sonyunara is a shopping mall for teenage girls in middle school and high school. Prices are quite cheap on this site. 

This site is really popular in Korea and the newest fashions are all on this site. You can easily find ripped jean shorts for under 20,000 won and an A-line skirt for under 30,000 won.

This site is available in Korean and English, they also have their mobile shopping to makes it easier for you.

2. Beyond Closet

Taeyong Ko created Beyond Closet in 2008 to appeal to young men looking for a more casual, vibrant look that challenges the traditionally muted palettes of menswear.

They’ve got college jerseys, sweaters, coats, parkas, and they even have a women’s lineup.

Taeyong Ko was the costume designer on the set of the hit K-drama Boys Over Flowers, and if you liked the outfits on the show, you can expect a spiritually similar theme from Beyond Closet.

Technically, Beyond Closet is a menswear line, but after discovering that 60 percent of his Korean customers were women, the brand became more openly unisex—at the spring 2015 Seoul show, model and actress Sungkyung Lee looked street style–ready in a loose-fit basketball jersey, while the campaign images feature boys and girls in matching (read: identical) Corgi sweatshirts and jeans.

3. Chuu

korean clothes online

Chuu is a korean clothes online that offers a various type of clothing. They also focuses on Jean other that clothing line. Chuu also offers all kinds of fashion for women from tops and pants all the way to phone cases. They also have limited edition stuff on period as they collaborate with some influencer. 

Chuu is a korean clothes online shop for women, yes this mean it’s only provide clothing for women. The pricing is quite affordable for western residence, but it will be expensive if you compare it to the other fashion brands like Yesstyle and Kooding. The average prices for clothing are around $25-30.

4. StyleupK

korean clothes online

StyleupK is one of my favourite Korean fashion online stores. It has a large variety of clothing as well as the other korean websites for clothes or korean shopping mall. However, if you live in korea long enough, you will realized that the brands they offers here are common in Korea, I mean you can easily find it. 

Anyway, as this one is Korean fashion shopping mall, then they have advantages of offering many discounts as well as huge various type of item.

This Korean clothing store dispatch and shipped their items from Seoul, and it can take a few days for StyleupK to source the clothes (as they must purchase them from the brands first). However, with the variety of authentic Korean clothing, it’s worth it.

As for you guys out there, StyleupK also offers Korean clothing for both genders, males and female. and They also offer both modern, traditional as well as hype street korean fashion style clothing. The pricing on this site tends to be a bit higher than the other clothing department store.

5. Stylenanda

korean clothes online

Stylenanda is a brand that commonly well known in Korea, I believe you already know this as all of you are really korean passionate travel lovers. 

This brand is really familiar especially for those who already been to Seoul. Stylenanda offers Worldwide shipping and an English website. However, They only offer Korean fashion clothing for women.

The price here are about $20 above. For those of you think it’s quiet cheap especially for western country standart fashion price, Stylenanda also has some premium fashion clothes with premium prices clothing. So make sure you check it out.

Kooding is an online department store that have a really huge wide and various type of korean clothing. They comes from many different Korean clothing brands. 

For those of you guys who love korean and korean style or korean fashion, don’t worry, as Kooding also offers Korean trends fashion for both men and women. 

Other than that, since this one is department store, other than korean clothes online, you can also find some other items available such as phone cases, mask and korean traditional accessories.

The interesting part of kooding korean fashion websites is that Kooding offers some unique and special hanbok edition.  Not as you think of traditional korean hanbok during joseon era, but it’s much more adapted with our modern culture so we might as well call it modern hanbok. The average prices for clothing are around $20.

Get $20 discount for every $150 purchase here.

7. Sthsweet

korean clothes online

Sthsweet is the authority Global site for Icecream12 as they are from a similar organization. They work legitimately with the brands. So they can offer you the best cost and the best after assistance. Besides, their customer service team is extremely responsive and can help you in English, Korean, French, and Spanish. 

They ship to most nations with DHL so you can get your bundle inside 48 hours after it’s transported! The express delivery charge is Free for orders over $100 in Asia and $200 for the remainder of the world. The level rate for express delivery is just $4.99.

8. Dark Victory

korean clothes online

Dark Victory is an excellent choice for girls who are looking for unique clothing. It is a South Korea based online shopping store specializing in women, founded in 2010 by co-representatives Song Mira and Kim Hyeryeon, who were friends. 

The two representatives act as models for Dark Victory and at the same time do everything from the beginning to the end including modes, product planning (MD), design, production, and filming. They said they are trying to put their own style into products. I’ll walk you through their style via the best-selling products.

9. 66girls

66girls korean clothes online

66girls has a wide assortment of adorable Korean-style clothes with increasingly practical size choices. 66girls offers plenty of markdown products and deals. 

So you can always get some cash off your item/request. Their skirts/pants/and so on run consistent with size (a similar size you would be for an American size ought to be generally a similar size you would be on 66girls. 

Unnielooks is an online store that market specifically for youth and kpop lovers, both male and female. You can find all kinds clothing inspired from kpop idol ootd. From hoodies, tops, long sleeve, dresses, skirts, you can get them all.

More than that, the collections are update every two weeks, which makes it worth to re-visit as you might find what you want in the next two weeks after their next collections update.

If you are someone who wish to have the same clothes as your favourite idol, then you definitely must check them out. Unnielooks also offer you a free shipping for every purchase above $60. Use our coupon code ‘klovers‘ to get 10% discount of your purchase, check them out here.

11. Jogunshop

JOGUNSHOP is korean mens’wear brand. Jogunshop conveys a broad scope of attire from essential T-shirts and pants to brilliant easygoing pieces like coats, dress shirts, and pants, just as occasional outerwear and embellishments. YesStyle is an approved retailer of JOGUNSHOP.

No matter how old you are or what type of body type you could be, it’s more than conceivable to set up a great dress with a perfect length and style to empower you to look your closest to perfect for these unique events in your future. 

Because casual garments today are made to coordinate pretty much every body type out there, more thought is required to comprehend your body and guarantee you are buying easygoing wear that emphasizes your persona and suits you. 


okvit korean clothes online

OKVIT offers you a wide and huge selections of clothing and fashion catalogue that will meet your fashion appetite. Their site and services have been recently refurbished to send Korea certifiable things more quickly and safely.

OKVIT has been updated and now focused on taking care of the entirety of the procedures like request, installment, and transportation. Likewise, they accept the liability for safe universal transportation just as Customer Service, for abroad clients. 

13. Codibook

codibook korean clothes online

Codibook is a Korean online shopping mall in Seoul by YDEA that hopes to grow Korean style culture to the worldwide markets. 

The organization was established in 2012 and now is one of the best specialty online design shopping centers. Their foundation lets clients glance through their choice of clothes on their site which is continually curated by the main Korean style pioneers.

14. Justone

justone korean clothes online

Justone is a Korean online shopping online shop that have a quiet unique catalogue on their products. Justone is another site that offers women’s clothing. However, the clothing that it offers is different and unique as it most likely have the theme of elegance and dignified. 

Anyway, the price here is really affordable and even you can purchase some shirts for under than $20 with the average is around $20-30.

15. Dabagirl

dabagirl korean clothes online

Dabagirl is another Korean clothing shopping website that targeted women’s fashion. Dabagirl is both its own clothing store and an online shopping mall combined. 

Although Dabagirl does only offer women’s fashion, they do also offer accessories to complete the outfits and make your style perfect. They offer everything from handbags, to accessories that will match the outfit they sell. Dabagirl is one of the pricey Korean clothing online department store.

16. SSF Shop

korean clothes online

It is the fashion and lifestyle venture by Samsung C&T Fashion Group. SSF Shop is the place to get Korean style clothing from SSF domestic brands like Beanpole, KUHO, Juun.J, 8Seconds, and others. It also hosts collection from international brands like 10 Corso Como and Maison Kitsune. 

Among domestic Korean brands, you can find names like Nohant, ANDERSSON BELL, Taze, and many others. The collection of Korean clothing for women, men, and children are extensive on this Korean style clothing website. 

It offers a unique feature of ‘Get the Style,’ which provides suggestions and information about how to match clothes for time, place, and occasion depending upon each customer’s unique needs. 

17. Stylevana

korean clothes online

Stylevana is a mainstream Korean beauty & fashion online store that gives an assortment of Korean design styles running from chic office gatherings to charming school searches for young ladies. 

The clothes claim to all ladies and are made at an excellent level with very popular yet agreeable structures sold at totally reasonable costs. Definitely, you will find the one that fits with your style. The average price is around $20 above here.

18. Mixxmix

korean clothes online

Mixxmix is also one of the most commonly known when we talk about korean websites for clothing online. Mixxmixx offers huge variety of clothing, both male and female, they offer unisex clothes with mainly focus on women clothing. 

Mixxmixx is kind of shopping mall so you can expect cheap price here, start from about $15 above, this one will fit your fashion appetite.

19. YesStyle

korean clothes online

YesStyle offers you Korean fashion clothes for women, men, and children. While browsing through the Korean clothing online shopping site, you will find hundreds of options to choose from affordable Korean clothing brands. You can get your hands on some exclusive Korean fashion brands online like the other that we mention here, chuu, icecream12, Michyeora, and many more. 

20. KORE limited

Korelimited is an korea fashion online store that was based in Southern california, This online store offers a vintage vibes korean fashion, from graphic tees to a culture apparel.

This brands focus on street wear with a design that represent korean history in a funky modern way, which will not drive away youth market and still be able to spread the korean culture and history through streetwear fashion. Some of them are mugunghwa flower design clothes, which actually a korean national flower.

Cheap Korean Fashion Online Shop

The best and cheapest korean website for clothing are Kooding and sonyunara, but if you want to buy from korean shopping mall, you can check on Gmarket.

Most Popular Fashion Online Shop

The most popular korean website for clothing are Stylenanda and Chuu. Some of the other Korean online shopping sites like YesStyle that are worth mentioning include Kakuu Basic, and Rowky.

These online shopping sites for Korean clothes online will give you access to the best Korean fashion styles and bring them straight to your home from all over the world to your home just by the comfort of your finger. 

Forget all your concerns related to the budget as these websites like YesStyle are reasonably priced. Stock up your wardrobe with your style of korean type outfits!

Sum Up

Thanks to impressive korean idol, korean fashion eventually got it’s momentum and grab attention from global netizen. Here are some of korean fashion online shop with global shipping I can share to you.

Do you like korean fashion? Have you ever buy from one of these korean fashion online shop? Let me know in the comment sections below!

korean fashion online international shipping
korean fashion online international shipping

Every share and every ounce of your support brings my passion for Korea to life – Thank you for visit.

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