Korean Gifts: A Guide To Find The Best Souvenirs From South Korea!

korean gifts

Are you looking for the perfect Korean gifts and souvenirs? Whether you need something for a friend living abroad or an avid Korea lover, you have plenty of options.

With its extensive cultural history as well as modern, internationally renowned art and culture, there are plenty of traditional and modern products available.

From exquisite handcrafted pottery to funky art prints, there’s something for everyone! So if you’re in search of unique Korean gifts, here are some ideas to get you started!

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Korean Gifts

South Korea is a nation that is rich in culture and tradition, combine both traditional and modern eras, we can look at it’s wonderful capital city Seoul. This high technology city still maintain lots of traditional hanok village that attract tons of visitor year after year.

There are a lot of authentic Korean gifts and souvenirs you can find, from traditional items such as ceramics and textiles to more modern goods such as electronics and fashion, there is something for everyone in South Korea.

Traditional Korean Gifts

Traditional korean gifts for friends and loved ones who love korea can never go wrong. Here are some list of the best and favorite traditional Korean gifts.

1. Korean Traditional Teas

korean teas

As an integral part of Korean culture, tea has been enjoyed and celebrated throughout the centuries. From traditional tea plants to other variants of leaves, flowers, grains, roots, barks and fruits – Korea produces a dazzling array of organic teas in all shapes and forms. 

For something herbal yet medicinal, try mugwort tea; or perhaps lotus root tea cut into dried and sliced roots. Then there’s always the classic green tea or matcha for those who want to explore different recipes for food and drinks. 

korean gifts

You can get these fragrant teas online or at any Korean supermarket. If you find yourself travelling through Korea however, look out for exclusive specialty teas which are sold at local temples, tea plantations and at the famous Osulloc Tea House.

2. Korean Ginseng

korean gifts

Korean red ginseng is a 4000 year old herbal remedy, great korean gifts for an older friends or those who concern about health. Its health benefits range from boosting the immune system and giving energy to promoting better blood circulation.

Ginseng has a significant place in Korean traditional medicine and culture. For centuries, it has been highly valued as a gifts, because of its connection to nature and the gods of the mountains.

You can find korean ginseng in many forms – dried red roots, extract sticks and concentrated extract bottles which has a high health benefits. Give your friends this unique gift to show your concern about their health and give them energy boost!

3. Korean Traditional Games


Traditional Korean Board Game is another great option of korean gifts you can try. One of the most famous korean games is Yutnori, a traditional board game that has passed down for more than 5,000 years!

This family game has often been featured in Korean folk paintings, as it was and still is enjoyed as a form of entertainment in villages, homes and schools. This game is especially more popular during important Korean holidays like New Year’s Day and Thanksgiving Day.

If you wonder and curious to know more about Korea traditional games, especially the one you see in Squid Games, check my article about Korea games here.

4. Korean Traditional Soju Gift Box

korean gifts

Soju is korean national alcohol that most korean drink almost as much as coffee. This makes Traditional Soju Gift Box can be a great option when it comes to korean gifts. 

This beautiful set of wood soju drinkware have been painted seven times using the traditional Korean Ottchil (Laquer) technique with Korean words engraved on that represent love and memories.

When drinking from these glasses, you and your friend will get nostalgic as it’s a special way to remember cherished moments together.

korean gifts

For a more modern Traditional Soju Shot Glasses Set, you can grab this one. Most of the reviews in amazon tells us that this one is a great korean gifts for their parents, friends and loved ones who love south korea.

5. Korean Traditional Tableware

korean gifts

Are you looking for something special to get for your Korean parents or older friends? A traditional brassware dining set can be a perfect gift! These beautiful plates, bowls and utensils are inspired by the table settings of the royal families of Korean dynasties in the past.

korean gifts

For an even more unique present, consider getting them a pair of metal chopsticks and spoons with Korean traditional patterns. 

Interestingly, Korea is the only country that uses metal chopsticks and spoons instead of wooden or plastic ones. As it turns out, using Korean chopsticks helps develop dexterity and coordination due to their thin rectangular shape – so your loved ones will be enjoying not only a delightful gift but also honing their skills!

Cute Korean Gifts

For the more modern types on your list, consider gifting them some of South Korea’s latest tech gadgets. From smartphones to tablets, there is sure to be something that will fit their needs. For the fashion-savvy, consider picking up some trendy pieces from Seoul’s many fashionable boutiques. And for those who enjoy a good meal, gourmet Korean food items make for excellent gifts.

1. Hangul Necklace

korean gifts

If you’re looking for an unforgettable gift to give a young Korean lover friend, consider gifting them with a Hangul name necklace. I saw a lot of young people using this personalized small piece of jewelry. Ask the seller to write your friend name in Hangul and see how your friend eyes sparkle as they receive this gift.

2. Korean Snacks and Food

korean ramen

While most of you will never consider to give snacks to your friend, my korean friend did sent me some korean snacks as my birthday present. This is wild but it’s quiet common in south Korea to give something to eat as a present. The gift of korean snacks and food can help your friend know and experience south korean delicious snacks and traditional food such as ramyun.

Before you buy any ramyun as a gift for your friend, make sure you check out my article about korean ramen here to make sure you buy and give the right ramyun for your korean lover friend.

3. K-pop Merchandise

2NE1 LightStick

Looking for a gift for the K-pop fan in your life? Give them kpop merchandise will drive them crazy! Popular merchandise related to their favourite artist or band, K-pop lightsticks, sweaters and other K-pop culture items.

true-beauty-outfits-bomber jacket

They may even enjoy dressing up like a K-pop star with clothing inspired by Korean idol they love. Unnielooks offer a lot of chic fashion inspired from KPOP idol that you can freely choose. Use our coupon code ‘klovers‘ to get 10% discount of your purchase, check them out here.

If you want to find another korean fashion with a global international shipping, check out this list of 20 Korean Fashion Online Shop With International Shipping!

From BTS to Blackpink, you can find all type of clothing and fashion stuff you need for your kpop lover friends. You also can consider to buy KPOP light stick if they’re about to go to a kpop concert. 

Finger heart night light can also be a great gift for korean drama lovers. Be creative and always looking in what areas your loved ones are really deep into, whether it is kpop concert, kpop idol postcard, kpop fashion or else.

4. Korean Skincare Gift Set

korean gifts

Korean beauty has become a global sensation, and Korean skincare products are now widely sought after for personal use as well as a great korean gifts. Many popular brands – such as I’m From, COSRX, Klairs, and ETUDE – come packaged in aesthetically pleasing boxes that make them ideal for giving.

You can even find gift sets specifically tailored to skin type or effect. Online stores like YesStyle have the best selection of Korean skincare products available with plenty of options to choose from. Give the special someone in your life the gift of Korean beauty!

5. Korean Stationary

korean gifts

Eventho it might seems weird at first, believe me I receive multiple stationery from many of my korean friends. There are tons of notebooks, goal books and even a pen and pencils adorned with korean artwork you can sent as a gift.

Other than that, you can also find stickers and other items with some beautiful korean artwork created by some of Korea’s best illustrators. Whether it’s a gift for korean nerd friends or common people, this gift surely can be one great option to give them some joy! Check out YesStyle if you want to get some wonderful planners!

Authentic Korean Ways To Wrap Your Gifts

korean gifts

If you want to add a little bit more of a korean authentic touch, consider use Bojagi wrapping fabric as the final touch. Traditionally, Korean celebrations such as the Lunar New Year or Chuseok are often marked with this colorful fabric used to wrap some gifts.

This wrapping style makes gifts even more authentic and special, while also protecting them from dust when it stored away. The best part with Bojagi is that it is reusable, whcih makes it an authentic korean style and great eco-friendly gifts.

Korean Gifts Shops

shopping in seoul

You can grab most of the traditional souvenirs and korean gifts from Insadong areas, it is one of the best tourist spot when it comes to buy traditional korean gifts and souvenir to bring back home.

If you want to find a modern korean gifts, you can get it quiet easily in Myeongdong areas, Bukchon areas, and many other shopping areas in Seoul. Check out my article about 11 Hotspot For Shopping On a Budget!


There you have it – our guide to the best Korean gifts and souvenirs from South Korea. From delicious snacks and traditional teas to modern skincare products, there’s no shortage of great options that your recipients are sure to love. As they open up their gift or souvenir, they will be immediately transported back in time to their experience in South Korea. 

Above all else, these unique token of appreciation serve as a reminder that you care about them and value your relationship with them beyond all else. So why not surprise your friends or family members with one of these unforgettable Korean gifts?

korean gifts
korean gifts

Every share and every ounce of your support brings my passion for Korea to life – Thank you for visit.

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