The Best Korea Online Shopping In Korea For Foreigners!

online shopping in korea for foreigners

In this article, we will share to you the best korea online shopping in Korea for foreigners. These online shopping in korea is available on english language which is perfect for you if you are one of the foreigners that makes Seoul and korea as your second home out of your birth country.

Online shopping has been a huge industry all over the world, include in Korea.Online shopping is quiet normal, easy and safe in south korea, so you don’t need to worry if you got scam by these korean online shopping website as they’re trusted company and seller.

There is a lot – if not everythings, you can find online and you can just order it in the comfort of your home and wait for the stuff to come into your house.

stylenanda korea beauty store

I believe some of you might already knew the online shopping website I listed here as many of them are really famous for home and online shopping. Alright let’s dive right to it, here is the list that you can find for your online shopping as you live or travel south korea alone or with your loved ones.

Food Online Korea

France Gourmet

France Gourmet is an online shop dedicated to French taste lovers. As you see, they offers you french dairy, cheese, spices, even french style meat. They does catering and offers recipes on their website too if you plan to learn how to make it on your own.


Just like it’s name, IHerb korea is well known for their healthy products and lifestyle. Obviously, they offers you vitamin, supplements, healthy foods and sport supplements (protein shakes) and even herbs. It’s also targeted mother and baby market as it offers healthy organic food, bath product, skincare, diapers and many others.


Costco is a wholesale with a lot of variant and line of products that you can find and filled your appetite with. Costco is one of the best online shop as they really put all of their products here on their website, so you can always find your desired products you saw offline here. Costco is selling food, furniture, appliance, electronics and all stuff, much more like one stop online shopping.

Korea Beauty Online Shop

Daba Girl

DabaGirl is a Korean fashion website offers you clothes, accessories and lingerie. This website is more targeting a mature and sexy female as it targeted those kdrama lovers with those idol type fashion style. It accept credit card payment so you don’t need to have korean card.


Hotping is fashion shopping mall offering clothes, shoes and accessories with an affordable prices. This shop have a lot of various kind of clothing style to match everyone’s need and taste, some of the clothing even have XL size.


Stylenanda is really huge in korea, i guess you already saw or even enjoy their hotel or cafe in Seoul. It’s a really hype and must visit cafe and hotel in Seoul as you visit South korea. StyleNanda Brand is really huge in Korea. StyleNanda have unique fashion and style you can’t find elsewhere at any other place. They have online shop selling clothes, accessories, shoes, and others like make up and skin care.

Korea Online Market

Global G-Market

Korea Global G-Market is the most common and well known place when it comes to order online. It’s the largest shopping site for any type of stuff you want to order. What’s best is that they also available in English language which makes a lot easier for foreigner to order from this website. Other than that, they also ship worldwide if you want to order them from your country.

11th Street

11th Street online shop market is a really comfortable online shop where you can find all kinds of stuff from clothing, beauty, sports, grocery and any other stuff you need. 11th street online shop is available both in korean and english, and ship worldwide as well.

Hyundai HMall

If you are a Hyundai lovers, then you want to order their products from here. Hyundai Hmall is the online shopping mall for Hyundai Dept. Store. As you know it offers you various products from fashion, beauty, baby, kids, sports and home for your needs.

Korea Furniture online shopping


As we know, IKEA is the huge lifestyle, home decor and furniture company all over the world especially in south east Asia, IKEA is really huge, include in South Korea. IKEA in South Korea is located outside of Seoul, like Goyang and Gwangmyeong. You can always check on Ikea online website to purchase stuff from IKEA. IKEA offers delivery as cheap as 5k won for a small parcels and up to around 60k for furniture.

Online Shopping In Korea For Foreigners

Here’s the list of online shopping in korea for foreigner in various niche you need for your needs. Which one of these online website you love the most to do your online shopping? let us know in the comments below!

Every share and every ounce of your support brings my passion for Korea to life – Thank you for visit.

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