Best Korea Food Delivery Apps – 5 Apps Every Expat’s Need!


Looking for the best korea food delivery apps you can use while staying in korea? Food delivery apps is one essential app you definitely need for your daily life in South Korea. Whether you plan to study, work or stay for a while in korea, these food delivery app is a must install app to help you get your food at the comfort of your home. Let’s dive right into some of the best korea food delivery apps you can install and use it now in South Korea.

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Korea Food Delivery Apps

There are some famous Korea Food Delivery Apps that most koreans use on a daily basis. However, if you are someone who are blind to korean language, then you might want to choose the foreigner friendly korea food delivery apps that use english so you can easily learn how to use it on a daily basis. Let’s find out all the korea food delivery apps you can start install and use it today.

Shuttle Food Delivery


If you are blind to Korean language, then Shuttle is the one you want to install. This app is the most foreigner friendly korea food delivery apps you can use in Seoul. It’s available both in English and in Korean.


As most of the app we use, you can just easily sign up and order the food you want. This app offers you wide range of food options from pizza, burger, vegan and halal cuisine.

This app operates from 11 AM to 12 PM midnight with payment available using Korean as well as foreign card, KakaoPay, PayPal, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum.

If you stay and live in Seoul areas, then shuttle is definitely a must install app for your daily needs. The average time to reach your destination is within 40 – 60 minutes.


You can choose both delivery or self pick up if you prefer to pick it yourself. More than that, if you face any issues with your order, you can just easily use the live chat and tell them your issues in english.

The only downside of this food delivery app has a limited operation areas. The areas is only available on some part of Seoul, Busan, Daegu and Pyeongtaek.


Download Shuttle On AppleAndroid

Coupang Eats Food Delivery


Coupang Eats is another foreigner friendly english language food delivery apps in Korea you can use if you are living in major city in South Korea. Similar to Uber, this app allow you to track the delivery order in real time.

Han So Hee played a huge role in this app success as she was the brand model of Coupang Eats in 2020 and 2021. This app even got google play’s best app award in 2020.


Needless to say, the process is similar to another app mention here, just sign up, put your address, add the food, proceed to checkout and then leave a note if you have personal request. The payment is also available via account transfer or credit card.


The downside of this app is that the restaurant available is not as much as Baemin and other korean language delivery app, yet it covered most of major city such as Incheon, Sejong, Busan, Daejeon, ulsan, Daegu, Gwangju and even Jeju Island.


Download Coupang On AppleAndroid

Baedal Minjok Food Delivery (Baemin)


Baemin is one of the most popular food delivery apps in south korea with more than hundreds of thousands restaurant available on the apps and millions order processed every single month. The downside is that this app is only available in korean language, thus might be difficult for those blind to korean language.

As another app, you need to create the account (sign up) with your email address and put your address at the bar as the delivery locations before you can start picking up the restaurant.


You After finish choose the restaurant you want to order from and add the dish you want, then you can proceed to the payment methods in which usually available both in cash or credit card. 

Download Baemin On AppleAndroid

Yogiyo Food Delivery


Yogiyo is another popular food delivery app you can use in South Korea, with the downside is same with Baemin in which it is only available in korean language. If you have a little korean language ability, then this one is also good to use as it offers you various type of restaurant and dishes you can choose from.


The process is the same, first of all you need to sign up using your email address, then put your address on the bar to set the delivery location. If you already use baemin app, then you will be familiar to use this app as it’s quiet similar.


After you finished choosing the restaurant and dishes you want, then you can just look at the shopping cart and click the order / methods of payment button in which you can pay in credit card or cash on delivery. Afterwards you will get a text confirmations confirming your order with estimated delivery time.


Download Yogiyo On AppleAndroid

Korea Weekly Food Delivery Service



If you are a vegan who specifically want to have a vegan and healthy meal in south korea, then you can just choose Nosh Korea Vegan. They offers a delicious weekly vegan menu you can pick up or get it delivered every sunday or monday. You can check the nutrition of each meals in their website too. Check their menu here.

Bistro Box


Bistro box is another food provider in korea that offers a various healthy and delicious weekly menu. Their weekly menu are prepared by in house nutritionist to ensure the authenticity of the taste and also the nutrition of the weekly meals. They deliver it weekly at tuesday. You can check their menu here.

Korean Food Delivery Culture

While western love to gives some tips to the driver, in Korea, not all of them will be very happy to receive tips as they deliver the food. It’s recommended that you don’t give any tips to the person deliver your food as it might offend him.

Even though there is no 30 minutes delivery guarantee  as we saw in some western restaurant, the food delivery in korea usually quiet fast, within 40 minutes after order.

If you got a regular bowls and metal cutlery, then make sure to put all the dishes in the box or blue pastic bag provided after you finished and leave it outside of your door. After few hours, someone will come and take it back to the restaurant.

Korean delivery apps

If you are new to korean delivery apps, then you better start off with the app that offers english language services as it will help if you did wrong with your orders. Once you get used to korean delivery app, you can move on to the local korean delivery app that offers wider range of food and restaurant fit your needs. 


  • Make sure you write your address correctly, your City (시), District (구), Street, number (including Apartment and room number) and postal code. Once you get this right, just copy and put it on your notes so you can paste it every time you download a delivery app.
  • If the driver call after you put your order, just take it easy as he just confirm your order.
  • If you can’t speak in korean and use english when you call with the driver, talk slowly and clearly.

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