15 Best Kdrama App For Streaming Your Favourite Shows!

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So, you’re a die-hard K-drama fan, but life’s got you on the move? The struggle is real, my friend. But Fear not! I’ve got your back with a lineup of the best Kdrama app that will turn your mobile into a Kdrama haven. 

No more drama about missing out – just pure, unadulterated K-drama goodness!

Whether you’re into heart-fluttering romances, gripping thrillers, or comedic delights, there’s a Kdrama app waiting to deliver the drama right to your fingertips.

Let’s take a look at these Kdrama app you can try!

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1. HiTV

kdrama app

HiTV offers a free, full HD Kdramas with English subtitles. 

However, I’m not sure if it’s available and whether it’s legal in your country, so proceed with caution with this one.

2. Drama Slayer

kdrama app

For our Arabic-speaking friends, Drama Slayer is your go-to. 

This free streaming app boasts Arabic subtitles, a seamless streaming experience with free ads, and even a comment section to share your thoughts on the latest episode.

3. YouTube


Believe it or not, YouTube is a treasure trove for Kdrama lovers. 

Popular dramas from channels like SBS World and KBS World TV are readily available with English subtitles. 

It’s a casual, no-frills way to enjoy your favorite shows.

4. Viki - KDrama Social Club

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Viki is the latest sensation in the world of Kdrama apps. 

With over 100 Korean shows and coverage of trending shows from across Asia, Viki stands out as a must-try platform. 

It not only offers a diverse range of content but also keeps you updated with Korean show teasers and trailers.

Some dramas are free with ads, while others require a standard plan for currently airing shows.

In addition, Viki has a massive Kdrama community that’s not only offers remarkable subtitling options in over 200 languages but also lets you chat with fellow viewers in real-time.

It’s not just a streaming app; it’s a K-drama social club.

5. OnDemandKorea - Fastest Uploads

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Hate spoilers and want to catch up ASAP? OnDemandKorea is your go-to. 

With programs uploaded just hours after airing, it’s the perfect app for those who can’t wait to dissect the latest K-drama episodes. 

Plus, it’s now conveniently mobile!

6. Kocowa+ - Best Budget Kdrama App

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Craving premium content without breaking the bank? 

Kocowa+ lets you watch K-dramas for free within 24 hours of their Korean debut. 

With less than price of a meal you can access the most recent and classic dramas.

The only drawback? It’s currently available only in America.

7. iQIYI

kdrama app

From the Chinese company Baidu comes iQIYI, a paid streaming platform.

This app featuring a broad selection of Asian dramas, movies, and variety shows. VIP subscription holders enjoy high-quality shows and subtitles.

8. Disney+ (Hotstar)

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Yes, you heard it right – Disney+ Hotstar has jumped on the Kdrama bandwagon. With the latest Korean dramas now available, 

Operating as Disney+ Hotstar in Southeast Asian countries, it offers monthly or yearly plans for access to dramas with English subtitles.

It’s time to explore and discover your genre within the world of Kdramas.

9. WeTV

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Tencent’s WeTV caters to fans of both Korean and Chinese dramas. 

Some are free to watch, but a VIP subscription is the golden ticket for ad-free access to all episodes.

Download the app for free and immerse yourself in the latest Korean shows.

10. MX Player

kdrama app

MXPlayer takes the spotlight as a preferred app for Indians who wants to watch Kdramas for free. 

What sets it apart is the availability of dubbed Kdramas in Indian regional languages like Kannada, Hindi, Telugu, and Malayalam. 

11. Amazon Prime Video

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Amazon Prime has recently entered the Kdrama arena, offering 85+ Korean shows. 

Subscribers can enjoy Kdramas with English subtitles within their Prime membership.

12. Viu - Best For Free Kdrama App

kdrama app

Viu, a recent entrant, has quickly gained attention with its collection of the best Korean shows. 

Offering free access to top Kdramas, Viu provides a user-friendly interface available on both Android and Apple devices. 

This Kdrama app offers speedy updates complete with subtitles in multiple languages.

It has both free and premium content.

Endure ads for free viewing or opt for the premium subscription for an uninterrupted, high-quality experience.

13. Netflix - Most Convenient Kdrama App

kdrama app

Ah, Netflix – the savior of many binge-watchers. 

But did you know you can take it mobile? 

The Netflix app offers all the familiar features and syncs seamlessly across your devices. 

Your binge-watching journey just got a whole lot more convenient.

Join the ranks of millions enjoying a vast library of Korean dramas on Netflix.

With English subtitles and some shows dubbed in regional languages, it’s the ultimate paid platform for quality streaming.

14. Hulu - Best Personalized Kdrama App

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Hulu emerges as a powerhouse for Kdrama enthusiasts, covering the top trending shows in Asia. 

Whether you’re into romantic or thrilling dramas, Hulu has you covered. 

The option for subscriptions unlocks the door to the latest Kdrama releases, making it a versatile platform for binge-watching.

If you are looking for a personalized streaming experience, then Hulu is the oe to go.

This Kdrama app suggests Kdrama based on your watching habits.

Warning: You might find yourself in a never-ending binge loop.

15. KissAsian

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KissAsian stands out as a provider of free high-quality Kdrama shows with English subtitles. 

This Kdrama app offer tons of Kdrama you can choose.

However, the downside is that the ads is just way too much sometimes.

There you have it – a list of Kdrama app that will turn your mobile into a K-drama paradise. 

Whether you’re into community vibes, high quality or just budget-friendly entertainment, these apps have you covered. 

No more drama about missing out – start your mobile Kdrama app adventure now!

Which one of these Kdrama App you love the most?

Let me know in the comment sections below!

FAQs about Kdrama App

1. Which is the Best App to watch Kdrama for free with Subtitles?

I think Viu, Kissasian and Viki are the best free apps to watch KDrama with subtitles.

2. Can I watch Free Kdrama’s on Disney+Hotstar app?

Yes, there are some free Korean shows you can watch.

kdrama app
kdrama app

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