Top 40 Korean Variety Shows Of All Time To Accompany Your Lonely Year!

In this article we will share to you the top 40 korean variety shows to accompany your this year of 2022. Let’s dive right to it.

Running Man

Running man is the best and most favourite korean variety shows, shown from the fact that it’s still going strong after 10 seasons and over 500 episodes. This show starring Yoo Jae Seok, Song Ji Hyo, Kim Jong Kook and more Korean entertainers as they race to complete different missions on each episode.


Workman is perfect for those who love a short show, it is a 10 minute one man show that follow ex newscaster Jang Sung Kyu as he takes on the roles of various ordinary jobs. His fun personality and willingness to take on every tough challenge makes this show extraordinary.

Master in the House

This show is about the MC spend two days with various people with different career, such as actors, olympic champions, firefighters and even buddhist monk. At the end of the second day, there is a challenge that the MC must complete

My Little Old Boy

This is a reality show that documents the lives of single and celebrities who are living alone. Despite being above the ‘standard’ age to marry, this series just showed us how celebrities must go through same struggles as we do, from finding a clean shirt, decided what to watch on netflix, arguing with siblings, even finding a food in the fridge.

Great Escape

Great escape is shows combining escape rooms and complicated puzzles together with a plot twist and even lots of zombies. This show has everything it needed to keep you engage and watch until the end as they find their way out of a haunted mansion in a complete darkness.

Knowing Brothers

This is an award winning variety shows hosted by most prominent comedians. This shows set in a school classroom with various different guests would appear each week as new transfer ‘students’, where the MCs would welcome with quizzes and games.

New World

New World show is about six celebrities stay on a utopian island in their dream house. They strategize their way to earning virtual dollars by competing in a series of challenges that will put their friendships to the test. However, not all of this shows is real, there are scripted parts which takes out the fun of seeing our lovely celebrities got into real world.

House on Wheels

House on Wheels is the variety show follows the three men as they attempt to live in a house on wheels and travel all across South Korea, inviting the top Korean entertainers to join them.

The Return of Superman

The Return of Superman is a variety show where celebrity dads are left alone with their toddlers for 48 hours while their wives go on a vacation. This one is good to keep you laugh and smiling too see what happen when mommy’s aren’t at home.

Hometown Flex

This is a variety show showing hosts Lee Seung Gi and Cha Tae Hyun travel across South Korea to explore the hometowns of their celebrity guests. This show is perfect for you who wants to visit and travel South Korea.

Traveler 2

The Traveler 2 is a variety shows about several celebrities backpack to a different country, while in the first season we saw celebrities goes to Cuba, in the season two we see idols make their way to Argentina.

Our Little Summer Vacation

Our Little Summer Vacation is a variety shows following actors and good friends Choi Woo Shik and Jung Yu Mi as they move into a summer home located outside of Seoul. They invite friends to join them on their summer vacation house.

The Law of the Jungle

The Law of the jungle is a variety shows where comedian Kim Byung Man invites kpop idols and actors join him in a remote island to live off their resources and living in the wild together with him creating shelter and preparing meals by themselves.

Sixth Sense

Sixth Sense is a two-season variety show involving mind games, where they invited a guest known as the Sixth Man. The guest work together with the cast member to find out the fabricated set up among the three place or people they visit using their Sixth Sense.

2 Days and 1 Night

2 Days and 1 Night is a four seasons Korean variety shows centered on games and travelling within South Korea, where numerous hidden gems ranging from offshore islands to rural villages are introduced to the audience.

During this variety shows, members are given series of games and mission to completed, where the winner will obtain meals and better accommodation. In opposite, the loser will be given punishments.

Problem Child In House

Problem Child In House is a quiz type variety show led by five hosts and various guest in each episodes where they got 10 trivia question covering various topics such as history, basic knowledge, trending issues and social media trends.

New Journey To The West

New Journey To The West is a variety shows about completing a set of missions and super ludicrous task to earn dragon balls. It’s inspired from the seven mystical dragon balls that was landed in different place on the earth. So they need to travel all around the world and compete to finish the mission. Those winner who collected the dragon balls will get their wishes granted.

Begin Again

Begin Again is a musical variety show where well-known Korean artists take on a journey perform the busking off the street where no one recognize them.

King Of Masked Singer

King Of Masked Singer is a variety show where singers, rappers, actors and music producers compete one another wear gloves and mask to completely cover their faces and bodies to hide their identity. The singers will only revealed themselves after being eliminated or win the round.

Amazing Saturday

Amazing Saturday is a variety shows where cast need to guess the lyrics of a song to get a food. Every week, guests are invited to participate in the show where they will play together with the cast.

I Can See Your Voice

I Can See Your Voice is a variety shows where the guest has to see whether the contestant is good at singing without hearing their voice. The six contestants lip sync a song pre-recorded by them and guest were given some clues. Afterwards the guest have 30 seconds to interview the contestants and pick one singer to perform.

Sea Of Hope

Sea Of Hope is a variety show that provides hope and healing to audiences. This shows starring prominent celebrities such as Lee Dong wook, SHINee’s Onew, Kim Go eun, and AKMU’s Suhyun.

Hangout With Yoo

Hangout With Yoo initially was started as a show observing the daily life of Yoo Jae suk, Korea’s Best Host. It developed into a variety shows where he get into a various occupation and industries such as singing, playing instruments and dancing.

I Live Alone

I Live alone is a program showing the daily of of celebrities who live alone. This show let us know our beloved celebrities hobbies, what they like to do and unfiltered daily life.

The Manager

The Manager variety shows filmed the manager alongside the celebrities that they take care of. We will learn what celebrity managers do, their responsibility and relationship with their celebrities.

On and Off

On and Off is a reality show where celebrities shares both their public and private moments. We will see the different side of celebrities during their working and free time. On and Off itself means On Working Time and Off working time.

Hyori’s Homestay

Hyori’s Homestay is a variety shows taken place in the guest house owned by Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon, her husband. They invited people to stay at their guest house in Jeju island and have a free refreshing time.

Three Meals A Day

Three Meals A Day is variety shows about cooking meals from scratch with the ingredients that are found at the filming location, usually around fishing or rural villages.

Yoo Quiz On The Block

Yoo Quiz On The Block is a reality shows sharing an insightful and meaningful talks led by Yoo Jae suk and Jo Se ho. Most of guest are non celebrities, they sit down and having a deep conversations about all walks of life.

Love Naggers

Love Naggers is a talk show that was based on real-life dating experiences, featuring five panel members who discuss diverse relationship issues faced by couples in Korea. Each members share their thoughts about each issues and the solutions of each issues.

Youn’s Kitchen

Youn’s Kitchen is a food reality shows that taken place in many various locations abroad such as Spain and Lombok. Prior to running a pop up restaurant in another country, youn yuh Jung developed a menu based on her meeting with a Korean Chef Lee Won Il and Hong Seok Cheon, restaurant owner.

Stars’ Top Recipe At Fun-Staurant

Stars’ Top Recipe At Fun-Staurant is a cooking battle reality shows between korean celebrities. Each round participants must follow a theme where they must come up with a new recipe with a specific ingredients such as kimchi.

The winners will get the experience of having their dishes being sold in CU, the most popular convenience store chains in Korea and donate the profits to charities.

Baek Jong-won’s Alley Restaurant

Baek Jong-won’s Alley Restaurant is a reality shows where Baek jong Won, the most famous celebrity chef in Korea visit restaurants located along alleys to evaluate and give insight of what the owners can do better to save them from bankruptcy. Most of them having a trouble due to their locations and rising competitors.

Paik's Spirit

paik spirit locations

Paik’s Spirit is a reality show features south korean chef Baek Jong Won, a special chef who has 26 restaurant franchises and publisher many books. 

In this reality show, Baek Jong won further explain history and culture of Korean food while having conversations about life with famous guest (celebrity) from many different background and fields.

Single's Inferno

single inferno cast

Single’s Inferno is a korean variety shows about 12 attractive singles travel to a remote island called Inferno in search of romance. Successful pairings are able to enjoy a night’s stay in “Paradise,” a lavish hotel where they can enjoy a luxurious date and reveal more personal details such as their ages and occupations.

It Takes A Village

It takes a village is a reality show of celebrities living together in a village. Together they build their houses, plant seed and eat organic food. During this activities, they are having some deep talk with one another.

Honeymoon Tavern

Honeymoon tavern is a variety show about honeymoon experience of those new marriage couple who was married during the pandemic season.


Loud is a variety shows featuring Park Jin-young’s JYP, and Psy’s P NATION. Together they begin a boy group project that targets the world. Various participants with different nationalities and strengths will present the stage for a boy group debut.

Transit Love

Transit Love or as known as Exchange, is a dating reality show of 4 ex couple being together try to reunited and  live together.

Sing Again

Sing again variety show is about those who used to be a singer or someone who tried to be a singer once in their life but then give up due to setbacks. This show give them opportunity to show their talent as a professional.

Korean Variety Show

Here’s the list of korean variety show you can watch to fill your 2022 with love and happiness. How do you think about these show? Which one you love the most? Let us know in the comment sections below!

Every share and every ounce of your support brings my passion for Korea to life – Thank you for visit.

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