37 Korean Dramas In 2022 To Fill Your Year With Love and Romance!

korean dramas 2022

In this article we will share to you 37 korean dramas to watch in 2022. These korean dramas will fill your year with love and romance Let’s dive right to these korean dramas.

1. Ghost Doctor

korean dramas 2022

Ghost Doctor korean drama tells the story of two doctors from completely different backgrounds, namely Cha Young min and Go Seung tak. One day he encounters an incident that cause his spirit to posses Seung tak’s body and the story begin.

2. Internal Medicine Director Park 

korean dramas 2022

Internal Medicine Director Park tells a story of Park Won-jang who is a doctor that opened his own clinic with high hopes that having his own clinic would bring him success and money. However, it just end in total opposite, his clinic on the verge of collapse as barely has patients come in.

3. Through The Darkness 

korean dramas 2022

Through the darkness korean drama is set in a dangerous era when the number of unprovoked murders in Korea is increasing rapidly. This drama was adapted from a non fiction book of the same name, written by Korea’s very first criminal profiler Kwon Il yong.

This drama tells a story of a criminal profiler who works with detectives, criminals and victims to create a psychological profile of suspects. He start having a problem as he meets a serial killers whose intentions are difficult to decipher.

4. Crazy Love

korean dramas 2022

Crazy love korean drama revolves a life story of Noh Go-jin and Lee Shin-ah, who appear to lead ordinary lives. One day, Go-jin receives a warning that he will be murdered, whereas Shin-ah finds out that her days are numbered.

Go-jin is intelligent and independent, and he has a successful career as a math instructor, yet after the news that he will lose his life soon, he lives in constant fear. Shin-ah works closely with Go-jin as his secretary. The plot deepens when Shin-ah decides to masquerade as Go-jin’s fiancée while he pretends to suffer from memory loss to avoid getting killed.

5. Doctor Lawyer

korean dramas 2022

Dr. Lawyer korean dramas revolves around the life of Han Yi han, doctor turned lawyer after his medical license got revoked. He used to be a brilliant surgeon, until one day a patient died on his operating room.

Now as he became lawyer, he defends victims of medical malpractice by searching for evidence and truth behind the patient’s death. He work together with a prosecutor who actually are the family member of the patient that died on his operating room.

6. Why Oh Soo-jae?

korean dramas 2022

Why Oh Soo-jae?Why Is Oh Soo-jae? is a Korean drama that tells the story of coldhearted lawyer Oh Soo-jae and law student Gong Chan that end up falling in love.

Oh Soo jae is an ambitious lawyer who works at one of the best law firms in korea and accused Gong chan for a crime he didn’t commit that cause him go to jail. The next encounters is when she meet Gong chan while teaching at the law school.

Despite their history, Gong chan catch feelings for Soo jae and together they learn what life truly is and Soo jae start to change the directions of her life. 

7. All Of Us Are Dead

korean dramas 2022

All of us are dead is Netflix Original series that tells the story of students working together to escape from a high school where zombies are running rampant. 

This series were adapted from a korean webtoon titled Now at our school that takes place in a high school, following the outbreak of a zombie virus.

8. Big Mouth

korean dramas 2022

Big Mouth revolves around the life of Park Chang-ho, an inept lawyer who has a low probability of winning in trials and mi-Ho, Chang-ho’s wife. 

Chang ho was known as “Big Mouth” as he is the big talker who never prove his words. The story begin as Chang ho was falsely accused and arrested for being a con artist. Mi Ho fight alongside her husband to prove his innocence.

9. Soundtrack #1

korean dramas 2022

Soundtrak #1 is a story of Han Sun-woo and Seo Eun-soo, two best friends for decades. One day, they decide to live together for two weeks to confirm their feelings for each other.

Sun-woo works as a photographer, while Eun-soo earns a living as a lyricist. Both of them have a total opposite personality, while Sun-woo is gentle and introverted, Eun-soo is direct and expressive.

10. The Murderer’s Shopping List

korean dramas 2022

The Murderer’s Shopping List dramas is adapted from the novel of the same name. This drama tells a story of Ahn Dae sung, a cashier who have an outstanding observation skills and great memory. 

As we follow the life of Dae Sung, we learn more about a range of criminal issues that continue to affect some dilapidated neighbourhoods in Korea such as stalking and child abuse.

11. Military Prosecutor Do Bae-man

korean dramas 2022

Military Prosecutor Do Bae Man drama is a story of Do Bae-man prosecutor together with Cha Woo-in, who are also military prosecutor. 

Eventhough they are having same job as military prosecutor, they have different purposes. Bae-man wants success and financial stability, while Woo-in is looking for revenge. As they work together, they start building chemistry to one another.

12. The Youngest Son Of A Conglomerate

korean dramas 2022

The Youngest Son Of A Conglomerate is based on the web novel of the same name. This drama revolves a story of Jin Do-joon, who is driven to seek revenge. After he is falsely branded as the culprit of embezzlement by a wealthy family, he does everything he can to seek vengeance.

His plan to destroy the family failed when he got murdered by them. However, life gives him another chance as he reincarnated as the youngest son of the affluent family.

13. Money Heist

korean dramas 2022

The Korean remake of Money Heist are looking to be the next hit after Squid Game. Money Heist is a spanish crime drama of the same name. The Proffesor is a genius criminal mastermind who is highly skillful in planning and scheming.

He later on plan to carry out a heist in South Korea with the help of his intelligent friends. However, they ended up encountering an unexpected situations while executing the heist. 

14. Twenty-Five, Twenty-One

korean dramas 2022

Twenty-Five, Twenty-One starring Kim Tae-ri and Nam Joo-hyuk promises many great scenes showcasing their chemistry. It’s a drama about the meeting between a sports reporter and a female track and field athlete.

Na Hee-do is a passionate professional fencing athlete, yet her high school fencing team collapses following the IMF financial crisis.

Baek Yi-jin’s family is severely affected by the financial crisis. His main job is a reporter, but he is always on the grind as he concurrently works several part-time jobs to make a living for his family.

Through all kinds of seasons in life, they both grow and make lots of beautiful moments in their youth.

15. The Office Blind Date

korean dramas 2022

The Office blind date is a light romantic comedy that tells a story of someone who went on a blind date in another’s place intending to make a bad impression and get rejected before find out that the person she meet is the CEO of her company.

The CEO of her company, Tae-mu doesn’t know her since she’s just one of the many employees in his company. Tae-mu’s life revolves all around his busy schedule and as his grandfather request him to get married, he just agree to go on blind date planning on marry whoever he meets. The story begin as Tae-mu ended up ask Ha-ri to marry him following the blind date.

16. Remarriage & Desires

korean dramas 2022

This korean dramas is a story of Rex, a matchmaking agency catered to the elites, becomes well-known in a society driven by greed and desire. People who are desperate to join the upper echelons contact the agency in hopes of marrying – or remarrying – those with power, reputation, and money.

17. Somebody

korean dramas 2022

Somebody tells a story of Sung Yoon-oh, an architectural designer, that is well-liked by those around him and Som, a developer for a social networking app called “Somebody”. She is introverted and rarely speaks her mind, but she is adept at her job.

On the other hand, Ki-eun is Som’s best friend and a police officer. After the social networking app becomes intertwined with a murder case, Ki-eun begins to investigate the mysterious incident with the help of her friend, Mok-won. Later on Som, Ki-eun, and Mok-won find Yoon-oh hiding something from them.

18. Insider

korean dramas 2022

This korean dramas revolves around Kang Ha-neul, judicial apprentice who goes undercover to carry out an investigation yet got into a trap that puts him into the jail. It is a drama about a judicial trainee who has a everything planned out yet falls into a trap and is in crisis and must use his wits to get himself out of the situation.

19. Juvenile Justice

korean dramas 2022

Juvenile Justice is a story of Shim Eun Seok, a hostile and surly judge who hates dealing with juvenile delinquents, but to her dismay, she is appointed to the juvenile court. She hates it with a reason, she once was a victim of juvenile crime. How she have to face all kinds of juvenile delinquents and criminal cases.

20. Island

korean dramas 2022

Island is adapted from a Korean webtoon of the same name. This korean dramas is a fantasy drama that explores the secret hidden things in the beautiful Jeju island. It revolves around the life of Won Mi Ho, daughter of a wealthy family who runs a large business. 

After making a terrible mistake and make his father angry, she was sent to live in Jeju island where she found herself working as a high school teacher. She later on meet John, a priest and Van on Jeju who tells her about evil spirits in the country.

21. The Present Is Beautiful

korean dramas 2022

This drama tells the story of Lee Hyun Jae, a lawyer who specializes in divorce. He is busy with work. He doesn’t have a girlfriend or a desire to marry any time soon. However, Lee Hyun-Jae’s feelings changes after he meets Hyun Mi-Rae.

22. Going To You At A Speed Of 493KM

korean dramas 2022

This drama is about a love story between two badminton players which is like a badminton shuttlecock being hit with incredible force at a maximum speed of 493 km/hr. 

Park Tae-Yang (Park Ju-Hyun) was a promising badminton athlete. Due to an incident, she left the sport of badminton. 3 year later, she decides to join the badminton team Eunice.

Park Tae-Joon (Chae Jong-Hyeop) is a badminton player. He views the sport as nothing but a job to him. He gets cut by the city hall team and signs with team Eunice. There, Park Tae-Joon meets Park Tae-Yang.

23. Red Heart

korean dramas 2022

It is a fictional historical drama about a tense political confrontation between Lee Tae (Lee Joon), who wants to rule as an absolute monarch, and Park Gye-won (Jang Hyuk), who wants to make the king “the flower of the royal family”, and Yoo Jung (Kang Han-na), who all try to seize power in the court.

24. Tracer

korean dramas 2022

This kdrama revolves around division 5 at National Tax Service. Hwang Dong-Ju (Im Si-Wan) is the chief of taxation division 5 at the National Tax Service. He works hard to trace money that is hidden from the tax service. His team includes Seo Hey-Young (Ko Ah-Sung), who has a bright personality and his boss is Oh Young (Park Yong-Woo).

25. Tomorrow

korean dramas 2022

Tomorrow korean drama is adapted from the webtoon of the same name, tells the story of an unexpected number of suicides, putting the balance of hell at risk. A special crisis team is set up on Earth to watch out for those who are at risk of committing suicide and make them want to live again.

Choi Joon-Woong (Ro Woon) looks for a job, but it hard for him to get hired. Except for that, he seems like a perfect guy. He graduated from a prestigious university and he has wealthy parents. 

One night, he accidentally meets angels of death Gu Ryeon (Kim Hee-Seon) and Im Ryoog-Gu. The two death angels belong to a crisis management team. Gu Ryeon is the leader and Im Ryoog-Gu is a member. Their objective is to save suicidal people. Soon, Choi Joon-Woong becomes a new member of the crisis management team.

26. From Now On, Showtime

korean dramas 2022

This is a fantasy romantic comedy drama about a wizard who can communicate with ghosts and monsters who encounters a hot-blooded policewoman. 

Cha Cha-Woong (Park Hae-Jin) is one of the most popular magicians, with his magical like skills in performing tricks. He performs live on stage and on television. He has a handsome appearance, but often makes biting remarks.

He also has a secret ability, which is that he can see ghosts and communicate with them. Cha Cha-Woong is not afraid of the ghosts and he even tells them what to do. With his unusual skill set, he becomes involved with a female police officer, who is enthusiastic with her work. 

They try to solve cases together with the help of the ghosts. Meanwhile, Cha Cha-Woong and the police officer’s relationship also develops romantically.

27. The Golden Spoon

korean dramas 2022

Yook Sung-jae stars in the lead role of this drama, which is adapted from the webtoon of the same name. The series is about a boy who uses a mysterious golden spoon to make a life-changing decision of switching his parents for a life of riches.

28. The Police Station Next to Fire Station

korean dramas 2022

Like the title suggests, this is a drama about firefighters and police officers. The story will revolve around the work and cooperation between Kim Rae-won, who plays a detective who always works hard to catch criminals and the firefighters who try their best to rescue those in accidents.

29. Tale of the Nine-Tailed Season 2

korean dramas 2022

Lee Dong-wook and Kim Bum return in the second season, but Jo Bo-ah will not return. The second season takes viewers to the past and tells the story of a nine-tailed fox during the Japanese colonial period. The third season will be officially confirmed in the first half of 2022.

30. Little Women

korean dramas 2022

Little Women tells of three sisters fighting against a Korean chaebol family. It hasn’t been revealed who the third heroine is yet, but everyone is anticipating the appearance of Wi Ha-joon, who did a great job in Squid Game.

Three sisters get involved in a case that leads them to fight against the richest and most influential family in South Korea.

Oh In-Joo (Kim Go-Eun) is the oldest sister sister. She grew up in a terribly poor environment and she is still poor. Since she was a young child, she realized that money was the most important thing to protect herself and her family. Her dream is to live an ordinary life like other people. She gets involved in a case that could change her life.

Oh In-Kyung (Nam Ji-Hyun) is the middle sister. She is an enthusiastic reporter at a news station. She believes in doing the right things. She also has always been poor, but money doesn’t rule life. She now begins to dig into a mysterious case that she first faced when she first became a reporter.

Oh In-Hye (Park Ji-Hoo) is the youngest of the three sisters. She is a student at a prestigious arts high school and she has a natural talent for painting. She often feels her two older sisters’ love for her is too much.

31. Link

korean dramas 2022

It is a story of a man who suddenly connects his feelings with a woman one day and feels all her joy, sadness, and pain.

Eun Gye Hoon is a chef who sets up a restaurant in the town where his twin sister went missing 20 years ago. He finds himself randomly experiencing emotions one day, spontaneously crying and laughing, and it turns out that they are the emotions of a woman named Noh Da Hyun.

32. Fly High Butterfly

korean dramas 2022

This drama tells a story of Gi-Bbeum (Kim Hyang-Gi) in her early 20’s and works at Fly High, Butterfly as an assistant intern. She works with three other assistant interns: Moo-Yeol (Park Jung-Woo), Teacher Woo (Moon Tae-Yoo) and Soo-Ri (Kim Ga-Hee). Gi-Bbeum works hard, but she has a hard time dealing with customers.

Gwang-Soo (Daniel Choi) is a hair stylist at Fly High Butterfly. He is enthusiastic at his job and he works with hair salon director Michel (Oh Yoon-Ah) and hair stylist Jen (Sim Eun-Woo).

33. KMA People: Office Romance Cruelty

korean dramas 2022

KMA People Office Romance Cruelty kdrama is a story about the work and love lives of people who work at the Korea Meteorological Administration, Korea’s national weather forecast service.

34. Thirty Nine

korean dramas 2022

Thirty Nine is a story of three female friends who are 39-years-old.

Cha Mi-Zo (Son Ye-Jin) was born and raised by wealthy parents. She is now 39-years-old and works as a dermatologist at her own clinic in Gangnam, Seoul. Jung Chan-Young (Jeon Mi-Do) is one of Cha Mi-Zo’s close female friends. She works as an acting coach

35. Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) Season 3

korean dramas 2022

TV Chosun’s Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce), confirmed Season 3 will be broadcast in 2022, but it is unfortunate that main actors Sung Hoon and Lee Tae-gon have dropped out this season. We are curious to see how the production team will use Kang Shin-hyo and Kwon Hyuk-jong as the replacement of the dropped cast.

36. Grid

korean dramas 2022

Grid korean drama tells a story of a ghost that protected all mankind, who suddenly disappeared in 1997 but has reappeared again 24 years later. After the reappearance, the ghost helps a serial killer’s to escape.

37. Rookies

korean dramas 2022

This drama tells of the challenges of the youth in Korea and how they grow alongside their dreams, love, and difficulties at a police university. The struggles to stand out within a 2,000 student campus, one of the most conservative and exclusive campuses in the nation, will be told through the drama.

Wi Seung Hyun, starting out at the Korean national Police University. He admires his father, who is the commissioner of the Gyeonggi Dongbu Police Agency. He sets out on following in his father’s footsteps but runs into hurdles as he gets involved with a woman named Go Eun Gang. 

Korean dramas you shouldn’t miss in 2022

korean dramas 2022

These are the dramas that was set to air in 2022. Let us know in the comment sections which ones you are looking forward to the most?

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