Best Soju Flavor – 14 Amazing Flavors to Try in 2023!

best soju flavor

Looking for the best soju flavor to try in 2023? Whether you’re looking for a smooth, fresh, sweet or more complex taste, soju offers tons of flavors suit your tongue! Let us guide you through the best soju flavor to help you find your perfect soju shot in 2023.

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Best Soju Flavor

Soju is a popular alcoholic beverage originating from South Korea. It has a mild yet slightly sweet taste that is enjoyed by many. 

If you are looking to spice up your soju experience, there are a multitude of flavours available such as strawberry, grapefruit, cherry, and mango; each imparting its own unique taste to the drink! Experiment and find the best flavour combination that suits your tongues!

Here are some best soju flavor you can choose and try at home!

1. Plum Soju

best soju flavor

Plum Soju offers a distinct tart and sweet fruity plum taste. It is made by using adding a plum to the basic standart soju. The combination of sweet and sour flavor will pair perfectly with any savory dish like kimchi or galbi, making it one of the best soju flavor to try!

2. Yuja Soju

best soju flavor

Yuja is the first fruit flavor which leads Soju to a much broader fruit taste. The refreshing, citrusy and tart taste of yuja will make any drink better; it comes from a blend of lime, lemon and grapefruit! Whether you buy yourself a bottle of yuja soju as companion for your dinner or just to have fun with your friend, yuja soju won’t disappoint you!

3. Strawberry Soju

best soju flavor

Those who love sweet and fruity flavors should try strawberry soju. The flavor combines the subtly sweet taste of succulent strawberries with the traditional soju’s alcoholic twist.

Try drink strawberry soju as you eat spicy korean dishes such as tteokbokki or strews for a more delightful experience. If you’re a fan of strawberry-flavored desserts and treats, this one is definitely for you!

4. Green Apple Soju

best soju flavor

Apple Soju is a popular soju flavor made with crisp green apples, distilled soju and a hint of honey. With its light taste and smooth finish, it’s the perfect drink to enjoy during a slow weekends. Feel free to mixed with other drinks like beer and juice to create your own unique combinations!

5. Grapefruit Soju

best soju flavor

Grapefruit soju offers a tangy and refreshing taste with sweet notes to cover the ethyl alcohol taste. It also has mild bitter notes that balance out the flavor, producing a pleasant drinking experience. 

Jinro grapefruit soju also provides a unique grapefruit peel-like flavor, making it one of the most exciting flavors of soju! Pair with korean seafood dishes during a hot summer day!

15. Honeydew Soju

best soju flavor

Honeydew Soju is a relatively new flavor compare to the others, got it’s inspiration from Melona Soju Cocktail. It gives a slight notes of honeydews and slight grassy undertones in the background. Mix it with another ingredients and try to creates something new with this flavor

7. Honey Soju

best soju flavor

If you find the original flavor of soju is too strong, yet not a big fan of fruity flavor, honey soju can be for you. It pure honey lightly sweetened the tones and this soju also has a lower alcohol percentage among the other.

If you want the honey soju to be sweeter, simply put in more honey and ice when enjoying your drink! It’s also one of the best soju flavours to pair with Yakult, as it adds a natural hint of sweetness to the concoction.

8. Watermelon Soju

best soju flavor

While many people opt for infusing a fresh watermelon with soju themselves, for a convenient alternative, you can try a ready watermelon-flavoured bottled soju. 

The sweet, light and refreshing taste is perfect for cooling off during warmer months or enjoying saturday night with friends. You can easily find this at local korean store and simply enjoy it!

9. Cherry Soju

best soju flavor

Cherry is another popular fruit soju flavor option due to its light, crisp yet fruity sweet notes that won’t taste overly saccharine. If you love cherry, then this is your type of soju flavor! 

Get your hands on a bottle of cherry soju, put ice and mix it up with soda for an extra refreshing cocktail taste!

10. Mango Soju

best soju flavor

Mango Soju is one of the top contenders when it comes to soju flavor, offers a mild refreshing taste soju. The sweetness of ripe mangoes provide an added richness that sets it apart from basic soju flavor. Pair it with mango ice cream to add an extra refreshing taste!

11. Lychee Soju

best soju flavor

Lychee soju strikes the perfect balance between sweet, tart and slightly floral flavor. This fruity, tropical soju is made using fresh lychees to give it a sweet and aromatic taste, with a slight tart finish similar to light lychee martini. 

Lychee soju can be enjoyed straight or mixed in cocktails for a delicious twist on traditional drinks. Paired with food like dumplings and tempura, this soju flavor is sure to tantalize your taste buds!

12. Blueberry Soju

best soju flavor

Blueberry Soju brings together elements of tartness and sweetness from each sip, making it the perfect pairing for many korean dishes. 

Try mix it with rich meaty entrees such as steak or Korean BBQ meats like bulgogi and galbi short ribs for a next level enjoyment – especially when both are taken with cold bibimbap!

13. Peach Soju

best soju flavor

Peach soju takes delight in its soft fragrances mimicking real juicy peach – filled with floral sweetness and a slight sour taste. This soju flavor is best paired with sprite on sweltering sunny days!

14. Yogurt Soju

best soju flavor

Have you ever tried Soju Yakult? If you love it, then Yogurt Soju is for you. Yogurt Soju is made basically from mixing soju and Yakult, which create a sweet, creamy, milky and tart flavor. Most female usually love this flavor due to it’s sweet and milky flavor.

The Yoghurt Soju was inspired by the popular Soju Yakult recipe, so if you are looking for a bottle of Soju Yakult without the necessity of combine it yourselves, then you can just simply buy this and enjoy the taste of soju yakult in this yogurt soju bottle!

Best Soju Flavor Pair

If you are looking to pair your soju with food, then you know that Korean BBQ and spicy dishes are the one to go, even if you just want to pair it with korean side dish such as tteokbokki, odeng and squids.

However, if you are looking to mix your soju with another drink to make a new great delicious taste on your drink, then here are two options I recommend.

Soju Bomb (Somaek)

best soju flavor

Credit to testingtable

Somaek, or soju bombs, is probably the most famous soju pair you can try at home. Somaek, which means Soju Beer, is actually created by mixing Soju and Beer altogether.

For the ratio of beer and soju, you can try 3.5 oz of beer and 1.5 oz of soju. If you want to amplify the sweetness and flavor, feel free to throw in some cola.

Soju Yakult

best soju flavor

Credit to noobcook

Soju Yakult is one of the most popular and famous soju flavor all around the world especially in asian country. This pair or Soju and yakult creates a balance mild sweet Soju. 

You can easily makes Soju Yakult by mixing original soju bottle with 2 yakult bottle, 50ml of sprite and as much ice cubes you want. Enjoy the nostalgic taste of yakult mix with sprite and strong flavor of Soju.

Best Soju Flavor Sum Up

Here are all the best soju flavor I can share to you, hopefully this article give you a new insight and information of which soju you can try this year. Do note that eventhough fruit soju flavor has a lower alcohol percentages, it still able to knock you down after few bottles.

Make sure you drink it properly at the right place and the right time, and also above the restricted age. I wonder have you ever try Soju before? Which soju flavor and brand do you love the most? Let me know in the comment sections below!

Frequently Asked Question

Soju is a Korean alcoholic beverage known for its neutral flavor and high alcohol content.

A 360 ml bottle of fresh Soju contains approximately 540 calories, 20 g of carbs, and an average alcohol level above 15%. In shorts, Soju is Korean liquor or vodka.

While you drink beer on a glass, korean drink soju in a shot of soju cup. Soju is usually consumed together with korean dishes in a social setting.

For the first cup, you must drink soju all in one shot while politely looking away from the person served it to you. Afterwards, you can sip it slowly.

You might often hear korean says “gonbae,”  as they drink soju, it same like “cheers” in western country.

If you live in Korea, you can find it easily in almost every supermarkets and convenience stores. If you’re living abroad, you can purchase soju from online marketplace like Shopee.

Soju is primarily made from rice or other starches like sweet potato or tapioca. Earlier on, Soju used to be made from rice and grains before the famine that cause them to replace it to sweet potato or tapioca.

best soju flavor
best soju flavor

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