Best Korean Dating Apps and Website [FREE and PAID]!

Free dating apps in korea

In this article, we will share the complete guide to online dating site and the best Korea dating apps that is available for those who dreamed of having korean partner.


Finding a dream partner might be challenging in some case, especially when our language and culture is different. Language and culture sometimes can be the attractive factor or the barrier to our relationship.

korea dating apps

Whether you want to make new friends or a romantic partner relationship, these Korea dating apps will help you reach your goals to make korean friends or lovers at the same time.

Disclaimer: Online dating can be difficult. This list of online dating site and dating apps are shared for people who interested in making new friends and dating with korean without promoting any of these applications. Please use this online dating site and apps with cautions. Remember there is always pervert everywhere and be cautious of strangers hidden agenda.

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Full Guide to online dating site and Dating Apps in Korea!

Korean Online Dating

korea dating apps

Here is all the things you need to know about Korean online dating culture in South Korea before you start.

  • Blind date is normal in korean culture, usually korean are more open to be introduced or referred by their friends, so there will be more trust in the meetings.
  • Korean Language is necessary, as it might be really hard sometimes for korean to understand or speak english fluently with you, so make sure you can speak at least basic korean language to start.
  • Korean culture is quiet strict and sometimes you might find yourself shocked as koreans felt insulted because of something you do. So make sure you know a little bit of korean culture, things to do and not to do, because you might offense them without even realizing it.
  • Korean Dramas is not real, make sure you have real expectations when you start online dating or plan to do it, because many people disappointed when real life in korea is not like in korean dramas.
  • Motive does matter, make sure you don’t have expectations to do one night stand, sexual orientations or push the relationship so hard as it will really turn korean off, they don’t do that, if you want to do it, go to Korea Night Club, it’s quiet normal to do it there, but not in online dating.

Korea Dating Site


interpals Korea dating site

Interpals is actually not a direct online dating site, but more focused towards finding Korean friends online for multiple reasons in which one of them is for language exchange. However, they also provide the reasons of flirting, dating and romance here. So make sure you try this one as I think this online dating site is the easiest, free and comfortable to use.

Korean Cupid

korean cupid korea dating site

Korean Cupid is quiet popular in Korea or maybe it’s of the best when it comes to online dating sites in korea. This online dating site is used mainly by male foreigners who want to meet their korean dream girl. If distance is no big deal for you, then this one is for you.

You also can filter the female search by browsing based on your own detailed desire, narrowed down by criteria such as location, education, body type, ethnicity, and much more. However, the downside of this is that it’s not free, yes you need to pay to use their features.

Asian Dating

asian dating korea dating site

AsianDating is part of the Cupidmedia network and have a tons of people sign up here. The sign-up process is free, but the site only provide excellent features to premium members.

Downside of this site is that a lot of spam messages coming after you sign up. However, after you finished sign up the by time, you can filter those fake message and focus on real one.

Hi Penpal!

hipenpal korea dating site

HiPenpal is similar to Interpals other than this one is not like an online dating site in the way of their chat box. This is more like sending email to the person we want to know and that’s why maybe this Hi Penpal is good for those who is patience and have not much time to wait on the reply. As the reply can come in a minutes, hours, or even days, just like emailing to our colleagues and coworkers. 

Free Dating Apps In Korea

Here’s the list of best and free dating apps in korea as list below


tinder Korea dating apps

Tinder is worldwide dating app including in South Korea. Even though you might concern about perverts here, we must remember that bad guy is everywhere, not just in dating apps like tinder, and especially tinder is transforming itself a lot into a social app rather than just a dating app.

What i mean by that is that tinder is now function for matching people according to their common interest and habit.

With the campaign of “Find Friends through Tinder“, it has transforming the app from just dating app into friendship app too.

Hello Talk

hellotalk Korea dating apps

This is the one i really familiar with as i love to practice my language and learning another language easily, as they have translation feature inside the app. You don’t wanna miss this one if you are actually learning korean, or any other language while looking for a partner.


korea dating apps

TanTan is a korean dating app that have a really nice user interface especially in their chatting sections. Thus help people save time from asking their private social media or kakaotalk.

Other than that, Tantan also help users to break the ice by offering the fun games within their chatting platform. The display of this app is much similar to Tinder where you swipe to like or skip.


datalk korea dating apps

Lately, I using this app, about few months ago and it was quiet good to find a partner and friends. However I use it just to check on whether it really does work to find friends and couple, for me to share with you. So here is my conclusion after using it for a week.

I think it’s quiet limited unless you buy your coin to talk with more people in a day. but it’s really good so that you know people here are not just registered for having fun, i mean actually paid services filtered those freak and other bad intentions.

Also it’s good for you to be patience (if you don’t buy coin), to wait for the next day before you talk with another girl/boy.


korea dating apps

GLAM is one of the best and popular korean dating app that even won a title ‘Best Social App’ in South Korea 2017 google play awards.

What makes it unique is that they have ‘tier’ algorhythm where they will match each user with their same tier. Tier is like a user profile made based on many option and elements, thus filtering each tier (group) with it’s own similar interest and desire.

This app also keep your privacy by allowing you to block someone you might know IRL, so you don’t need to worry that they find you out here.


dangyeonsi korea dating apps

Dangyeonsi dating app is actually for korean as it’s using korean language for its app. However, if you have a good korean language skills then you can try this one. The unique things about Dangyeonsi is that you need to not just enter regular information, but also occupation and blood type.
However, for you who doesn’t like to spent money on app or not good at korean, it’s better for you not to installed this because this app required an in-app ticket to message to other person.


meeff korea dating apps

I actually talk about MEEFF before in the post about how to make korean friends without even being in korea.

But actually people are using this app for dating. So this app help you to find friends to have language exchange, tour around Korea, talk about Kpop and KDrama, meet up in cute cafe and a lot other things. You can set your own preferences on who you wanna match with based on their age, gender and language.


korea dating apps

WIPPY is also Korean dating app that actually more well known as a friend finder app. Just like any other app, you can find someone you want based on similar interest and it delete every inactive account, to ensure that the users in this app are active or recently active user.


1km korea dating apps

As it’s name, it’s find whoever within 1km perimeter from your location.

So it’s convenient to meet up and also they have similar feature with tinder. The name is “Culture Clubs”, which is actually useful to match up people with similar interest such as movie club, climbing club, study and bicycle club. Good thing is that you can create new club that others can join too.


bumble korea dating apps

Bumble is actually a little bit complex with their features of 24 hours of reply or make a move for heterosexual (man-woman), same sex message.

The other features that they have is they are focusing fo 3 kinds of relationship, which is dating, friendship and career networking.


korea dating apps

Noondate is a korean startup dating app, known for it’s security and complexity of sign up process. This app will show 2 new user everyday at noon, based on your location.


instagram korea dating apps

Instagram, as unbelievable as it can be, but I met a lot of friends from this social media apps. I think I don’t need to explain this further as many of you already use this apps, and make sure you also follow me as I always share new articles, new IG stories and picture about south korea landscape in our Instagram account.

Best Dating Site For Korean

In our opinion, the best app for learning korean language and find your mate is Interpals. This one is the easiest, totally free and trusted website that we personally use and gets a lot of friends that are really kind and also able to help each other learning other language.

Best Dating Apps for Korean

Honestly this app meant to be a language partner apps, however since i got many friends and also met some girlfriend through this app, i consider this as the best online dating app. This apps is free, easy to use and same like interpals, it’s also good for learning new language while looking for dating partner.

Korean Dating Apps

Here’s the list of the best online dating site and online dating apps to find and meet korean partners and friends in Korea. Which one do you like? Do you have another preferance? Let us know in comment sections below!

korea dating apps
korea dating apps

Every share and every ounce of your support brings my passion for Korea to life – Thank you for visit.

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