Trending Hair Colors Korean Style For You To Try This Fall 2021!

trending hair colors

In this article we will share to you the trending hair colors korean style for you to try in this fall seasons 2021. New seasons expect new appearance, not just for our make up and fashion style, but also for our hair style as well as hair colors.

If you love to have a new hair color, but concern if your chosen hair color is too outstanding, too much, or too less, then we will share to you some option you can choose that is proven to looks beautiful and well received by society. Let’s dive right to it.

Pink Brown 핑크브라운

trending hair colors

Credit to pinterest

Pink Brown is one of many great option for this fall 2021, as you see, it is natural yet still shine bright especially match with the seasons we are in right now. 

Kotori Beige 코토리베이지

trending hair colors

Credit to Pinterest

Kotori beige becoming famous when Kim Taeyeon SNSD leader use this hair style back then few years ago. Kotori beige actually a beige based that combined with gray color, somehow creating elegant and princely feeling.

The bad side of this hair color is that this hair color needs a strong hair as the process to make this hair color require multiple bleachings.

Gray Violet 그레이바이올렛

trending hair colors

Credit to Pinterest

This is actually more like a purple and grey highlight colorthat is just somehow creating a natural and yet stand out in the crowd feeling.

Aurora Red 오로라레드

trending hair colors

Credit to Naver

Aurora red hair color is a great choice as it will easily blend with the fall foliage color in fall season. As we see the red color is much deeper like maroon rather than ariel bright red color.

Milk Brown 밀크브라운

trending hair colors

Milk brown hairstyle is much more inspired from milk tea color and it just looks so natural that it match with almost every skin color and all type of hair style. This milk brown hair style will makes you looks younger and low profile.

Ash Purple Gray 애쉬퍼플그레이

trending hair colors

While it is safe to choose brown and red color to blend with fall foliage in autumn seasons, some prefer to have ash purple grey for this season.

trending hair colors

Credit to Topstarnews

You can match this ash purple grey hair color with brown jacket and it is just looks really ‘down to the earth’ yet still fashionable if you do your hairstiling right.

Rose Purple Gray 로즈퍼플투톤

trending hair colors

While ash purple grey might be perfect for introvert and someone who doesn’t really like to be stand out, rose purple grey might be for you if you are an extrovert and love to be stand out in the crowd.

This hair color is perfect for long curly hairstyle, make it looks like a gradations from top to bottom, this somehow look bright, cheer and feminine.

Trending Hair Colors

Which color you love the most among these hair color? Do you like changing your hair color as the seasons change? Let us know in the comments section below!

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