Anonymous netizen plans to unravel the ‘truth’ of Kim Seon Ho Scandal!

In this article we will share to you the latest news about Anonymous netizen that planned to unravel the truth of Kim Seon Ho’s scandal really soon.

On October 20th, an Anonymous instagram account who claimed to have a personal relationship with both actor Kim Seon Ho and his Ex-Girlfriend, began posting a series of blank photos with a captions concerning Kim Seon Ho’s scandal and controversy.

Anonymous netizen statement

anonymous kim seon ho

“KJH, LSG..Celebrities who got hit negatively after they tried to leave their agency. But these are only the revealed cases, there are a lot more unrevealed cases where celebrities’ knees crumble down. It’s because I saw that happen directly. During their contract years, stating the reason that they are managing all possible risks, [the agency] makes the celebrity reveal everything to them and discuss things with them first. And then when the celebrity tries to leave the agency, they have a hold on the celebrities’ achilles heel and shake up everything for them, and leave them to die on the ground. An industry truth.”

anonymous kim seon ho

“On October 25, I plan to reveal many truths. I have already turned over a lot of documents to reporters and have completed all my fact checks. I know this is a dangerous and scary thing to do. But I think it’s wrong to just let the truth be buried. #KimSeonHo.” 

anonymous kim seon ho

“I know Kim Seon Ho well, and also know the person who exposed him on the online community forum. I don’t know whether my exposure will benefit or hurt anyone, but from a third person perspective, I will be rational in revealing the truths of famous celebrities. Please wait.”


Other Netizen Responds

As many people start figuring out who is this anonymous that know kim seon ho and his ex-girlfriend, even his personal life, some start accusing that this anonymous must be Kim Seon Ho’s current girlfriend, yet Anonymous stated further that it is not true, she is not Kim Seon Ho’s girlfriend.

anonymous kim seon ho

“The rumors saying I’m the current girlfriend, which are currently taking over the internet sites, are false. Please stop spreading those rumors.”

Kim Seon Ho Controversy

kim seon ho upcoming movie

Seems like controversy surrounding Kim Seon Ho are still gonna heat up and even reach to the climax as people start waiting what this anonymous will state on October 25th. Let’s be patient and see what is this all about.

Meanwhile, Kim Seon Ho’s instagram followers keep going up since the rumors broke out and fans start making a new movement with hasthags #itrustkimseonho to support Kim Seon Ho, encourage him to get back and shine again.

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