Autumn in Korea – Autumn Festivals in South Korea 2021!

autumn in korea

In this article we will share to you list of South Korean Festival across all over south korea during Autumn seasons. If you plan to travel south korea during autumn in 2022, make sure you read until the end to get the most out of this then to add some of these festivals to your tavel bucketlist.

activity in autumn

Autumn is for many people probably second best time to visit south korea, right after spring season. This choice is not without reasons, as people can see the beautiful and colorful autumn leaves and cool weather.

Other than beautiful color trees and cool weather, people are traveling Korea during autumn is also because there are many wonderful festivals celebrating korea’s unique culture.


Chuseok (추석), as known as “Korean Thanksgiving Day”, is a significant public holiday in South Korea. It’s just same significant as Seollal (Korean New Year). Chuseok lasts three days, the day of chuseok, the day before and the day after it. 

Chuseok in korean literally means Autumn Eve, it’s actually used to be for celebrating the autumn harvest. This year of 2021, Chuseok will be celebrated from Sep 20th (Mon) to Sep 22nd (Wed). Koreans usually celebrate this event by going back to their hometown to spent time with their family and also give gifts to them.

Goyang Autumn Flower Festival 2021

autumn in korea

Credit to Culturetrip

Goyang Autumn Flower festival is a 2 week celebrations of the most beautiful flowers such as chrysanthemums, sunflowers and else, before the coming of winter season. The good news is that this festival is free of charge and have a lots of activities for both children and adults such as flower pressing, wood art and dyeing.

This festival usually held on late September or early October, so if you are a flower lovers, make sure you keep your eyes on the website or Goyang city informations site to know the exact date of this celebrations.

Jinju Namgang Yudeung Lantern Festival 2021

autumn in korea

Credit to Jinju

The origins of this festival go all way back to 1592 when korean army lit up the river with lanterns in order to prevent Japanese invasion. This is a great festivals where the city goes all out to put on a great performance.

The entire central areas, including fortress, bridge, river and surroundings are decked out with thousands of lanterns with various shapes and sizes. You can learn a lot about historical portrayals of famous battles, fairy tales, beautiful creatures, villages and modern super heroes in a shining lantern form.

Other than that, you can also watch a lot of cultural performance such as lantern making stalls, street food and others. This event usually held on the first second weeks of October, yet it might be differ each year.

Jeonju Bibimbap Festival 2021

autumn in korea

Credit to Jeonju

This is a festivals of the second Korea’s national food, Bibimbap. Jeonju is the most famous for it’s bibimbap, a bowl filled with various vegetables, rice, sauce and other ingredients. Jeonju itself is a must visit historical city that you can go if you are start getting bored with modern capital city.

If you plan to visit Jeonju, other than going to Jeonju Hanok Village, where you can experience a real korean culture and historical value, then you can put Jeonju Bibimbap Festival on your travel bucket list, only if you visit during Autumn seasons. This festival usually held in the middle of October.

Busan International Film Festival 2021

autumn in korea

Credit to BIFF

BIFF is the biggest film festivals in Asia and has been held in Busan for more than 2 decades, featuring hundreds movie all around the world and red carpet events. Busan suddenly become the hot spot of South Korea during this 10 days film festivals that is spread through the central busan area in the 6 participating theatres.

This is a great way to explore the diversity of worldwide and korean movie. You can also visit this event while exploring a lot of attractions in busan areas. It usually held on the first 2 weeks of October.


autumn in korea

Credit to Habkorea

Oktoberfest is a festival in a little german village down in Namhae areas where you can find exhibitions on the nurses and miners who went to Germany in the 60 and 70s. The German village beer festival started since last decade on 2010 to celebrate Germany’s Oktoberfest, one of the 3 major festival in the world.

This is where you can experience and enjoy true German culture and beers. It usually held in the midst of October, however it always differ, so make sure you always check on their website to know the updates for this events.

Andong Mask Dance Festival 2021

autumn in korea

Credit to Snackfever

Andong is one of the must-visit travel spot for tourist who want to know more about korean history and culture, in which the best area you can visit is Andong Hahoe Folk Village.

Other than go to Hahoe Folk Village, you can also attend Andong Mask Dance festival that features more than a week of performance and events. This event is one of the best and must-attend festival for those who really love to experience korean traditional culture.

Other than korean mask dance, there are many various performance from other countries such as Russia, Thailand, and others. You can also find many other korean activities such as Taekwondo, orchestras and traditional games.

Seoul Kimchi Making Festival 2021

autumn in korea

Credit to ABCNews

As we know that Kimchi is a part of korean culture and even life for generations, it is a korea national food, or side dish. Seoul Kimchi Making Festival is created mainly to introduced this korean food to the tourist and the world. Especially during Autumn, cabbages and chilli peppers, which is the inggridients of Kimchi were harvested.

You can learn how to make this spicy fermented cabbage dish that is served with almost every meals in south korea. Usually held on early november, for the exact date must be confirmed every year.

Seoul Lantern Festival 2021

autumn in korea

Credit to Cheonggyecheon

This is probably the most well known festival by tourist as we can see this a lot from all of South korea content creator both on instagram and tiktok apps. This Seoul Lantern festival held in Cheonggyecheon which makes it perfect for tourist to walking all along the stream enjoying the beautiful lanterns with dvarious themes, such as korean fairytales, historical scenes and others.

Other than taking a beautiful picture with the lantern in Cheonggyecheon, you can also make and set off your own floating lantern or join the cultural games and activities they offer during Seoul Lantern festival. Usually held during the first 2 weeks of November.

Seoul Silver Grass Festival 2021

Credit to Visitseoul

Silver Grass Festival is really good for couples and nature lovers who love silver grass and beautiful sunset. It’s held in Haneul Park, the most famous locations for silver grass photo shoot in Seoul, for many reasons. More than just seeing the silver grass, you can find and enjoy many attractions in this park along side of the Han River.

You can enjoy the nighttime musical, lighting performance, sculptures and lots more here other than just the silver grass. You can also easily find the most famous autumn pink muhly, which makes Haneul park very popular during autumn season. This event is usually held on late october. 

Festivals date to be confirmed each year

Alright so this is all the festival you can find during autumn season in South Korea. Make sure you always check on each city official website to know the updates of the events, some of them might cancelled due to pandemic or some other reasons. 

Hope this informations is useful for you and let us know in the comments which Autumn festivals you really like the most?

Every share and every ounce of your support brings my passion for Korea to life – Thank you for visit.

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