Baedduk’s Black Rose Tteokbokki Taste Better than it looks!

In this article we will share to you about black rose tteokbokki launched by baedduk, that is different in color and taste with normal tteokpokki that we usually see and eat. This tteokpokki is using rose sauce that just has recently risen in popularity in South Korea, as many enjoy a soft creamy twist to their regular tomato sauce-based pasta.

Lately, Samyang launched a rose buldak (spicy chicken) glass noodles and rose sauce tteokbokki. Actually there’s nothing so suprising about rose sauce until you see the appearance of this latest black rose tteokbokki launched by Baedduk, one of korean tteokbokki franchise.

Baedduk Black Rose Tteokbokki

credit to @ddonge_e_

Baedduk is famous for their rose sauce tteokbokki, however, lately they are launching a black rose tteokbokki which looks disgusting in appearance yet really delicious in taste. What makes this sauce black is because the dish is made with combination of squid ink and rose sauce, yet the squid ink is dominating the sauce and makes it just looks like a mud.

credit to @yunafoodgram

Many people said that this new sauce has a buttery and savoury taste, and with some cheese makes this dish fragrant and tasty. Eventhough it looks totally opposite with the regular tteokbokki sauce, they have same spice taste.

credit to @ddonge_e_

Currently Baedduk black rose tteokbokki is only available in Korea. However, if you are living in South Korea or travel to South Korea, there are actually more than 200 Baedduk franchise outlets in the country, so it’s super easy for you who live in korea to try this black rose tteokbokki. It’s priced at KRW 9,800 with each dish serves up to two.

How do you think about this black rose tteokbokki? Do you wanna try it? Let us know in the comment section below!

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