Baskin Robbins Collab with Maxim Coffee For A Coffee Ice Cream Menu!

Baskin Robbins Collab with Maxim Coffee!

In this article we will share to you a good news about the latest collaborations between Baskin Robbins and Maxim Coffee to create a new coffee ice cream menu to serve coffeeholic market all over the world. Whether or not you are a coffee lovers, you can still try it on another menu they had that we will share to you below, let’s dive right to it.

Baskin Robbins Maxim collaboration


Korea is a land filled with coffee and soju for day and night lifestyle, well i think it’s not much different with many other country these days that coffee has become our necessary daily drinks especially during our workdays.

When it comes to Korean instant coffee, one of the most popular instant coffee brands in Korea is Maxim, and now Maxim has collaborated with Baskin Robbins Korea to launch the Maxim Mocha Gold Ice Cream.


Baskin Robbins is a huge deal in Korea, It’s one of the most popular ice cream brands in the country. They’ve launched lots of new flavours recently, such as Iced Hotteok. They also jumped on the mint chocolate craze and launched a mint chocolate toothpaste recently and the latest is Maxim Mocha Gold.

Baskin Robbins Maxim Coffee Menu


This collaborations produces three different menu which is Maxim Mocha Gold Ice Cream, Maxim Gold Blast and Maxim Stick Bar.


The Maxim Mocha Gold Ice Cream is basically same taste with Maxim’s best-selling coffee , the Mocha Gold Coffee Mix, in an ice cream form. You can also choose to have it served in a cup or cone servings.


The Maxim Gold Blast is a blend of coffee with milk and ice. Its creamy texture is similar to a frappuccino, and it’s the perfect drink for coffee lovers especially during hot summer season.


The Maxim Stick Bar is a small snack to help you fill your stomach during your way home after work. Each box contains two flavors, Maxim Coffee’s Mocha Gold Mild and White Gold that contains fat-free milk and cream.

Where to try this collab menu

These new collaborations menu are currently only available in Baskin Robbins South Korea. Anyway, if you are living in South Korea, then you can also participate in an event of Baskin Robbins to get a mobile voucher that you can redeem for a maxim gold blast drink and a single scoop of maxim mocha gold ice cream.

You can join the events by tag your friends on baskin robbins Korea instagram page and follow their account between 17th August and 23rd August. Winners will be announced on 27th August.


How do you think about this collaborations? Do you think this is a great collaborations? Let us know in the comments section below!

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