Top 15 Korean Movies Worth Oscar Awards!


In this article we will share you the best 15 korean movies worth oscar awards. Let’s dig into these best korean movies worth your attention.

1. I Saw The Devil


I saw the devil tells a story of a brutal murder done by a purely evil guy to NIS agent fiance. It all start on a night winter day, a women name Joo Yun got stucked in her broken down car and talk to her fiance on cellphone while waiting for tow truck.

Afterwards, a van stop exactly in front of her car offers some help. Her fiance advises her to stay and reject his offers until the tow trick arrives. Little did she knew that the creepy guy is actually a serial killer, he smash her car window and the next scene we see is blood. She was killed brutally. 

While we might think the it will be a fast easy revenge by the NIS agent, it ended up brutal revenge as he promised her fiance to give him 1000x more pain than of what he had inflicted on her.

2. Train To Busan

Korean Horror Movies

Train to busan tells a story of a severe epidemic that furiously spread across the nation that was caused by a CEO of a company. The only safe haven in Korea that was secure from the epidemic is Busan, thus everyone try hard to go to Busan.

Unfortunately, the infected people are already in the train raging to infect the other normal people. Thus, all the healthy people in the train got trapped and try hard to survive the attack of the infected person.

3. Poetry


Poetry tells a story of an old grandmother in her 60s who work as a caregiver for a disabled and take care of her grandson alone. Unfortunately, she was diagnose with an Alzheimer disease. More than that, she found out that the only grandson she took care this whole years, is one of the attackers of a young junior school girl that end up suicide.

Despite all her misery that she facing in her old age, she plan to fulfill her lifelong dream to be a poet, thus she start taking a poetry class and compose poem that will cause your tears to fall apart.

4. The Man From Nowhere


The man from nowhere tells a story of someone who accidentally bring a bag full of stolen heroine and ended up in a big mess with the mafia who wanted the heroine. 

As he learnt the situation, he found out that his friend, the daughter of someone who gave him the bag, is being kidnapped by the mafia to make sure he deliver the heroine back to them. Little did he knew that his journey to save his only friend ended up reveals his mysterious past.

5. Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure


Pirates korean movie tells a story of a pirates try to find the lost treasure of Goryeo royal family in the deep blue oceans before anybody else. However, this journey is not easy as they meet another rivals that have same goals along the way.

6. Memories of Murder


Memories of murder movie tells a story of two simple detectives investigating on a murder case that looks like a normal murder. Little did they realize that this case has a pattern in which lead them to chase the country first documented serial killer. 

Relying on their basic knowledge and simple minds, they try to put every piece of puzzle together to solve the mystery. If you love parasite, then you might want to take a look on this one too.

7. Parasite


Parasite tells a story of a poor family who got an opportunity to work for the wealthy family. However, as time goes by, he ended up bring all of his family into the wealthy family’s home and live underground of the house

Other than dirty conspiration to kick another housemaid or workers in order to bring his family in, everything seems well and funny. However, not long after that, a murder takes place in the birthday party that cause everything to be messed up and his father ended up trapped in the underground basement of the house.

8. Miracle in Cell No. 7


Miracle in cell no.7 is truly a legendary korean movies that will cause your tears to flow endlessly. This movie tells a story of a mentally disabled father that was falsely accused of multiple crimes he never did. He is imprisoned and assigned to cell number seven.

While jail might be hell for some people, especially innocent people. This jail end up became a second home as the inmate in cell no 7 ended up protecting him and his younger daughter.

9. Along With The Gods: The Two Worlds


Along with the Gods tells a story of a dead firefighter facing afterlife trials for 49 days together with three guardians. He will face seven trials and if he passed all of them, he will get a chance to reincarnate and all his guardian will get a reward.

10. The Host

Korean Horror Movies

The Host tells a story of a military officer foolishly dump chemicals to Han River that end up creates such a creatures that later on invade local residents. The movie focus on how a man and vendor family decide to rescue his missing daughter caught by the ugly monster.

11. Hope


Hope is a heartbreaking movie that tells a story of a young kids being sexually abused by a crazy drunk pervert as she went to school. This events creates huge damage in her life, both physically and emotionally. 

Hardly survive this brutal accidents, her family try hard to bring hope back into her life while cope with rage and bitterness themselves.

12. A Taxi Driver


A taxi driver is based on a real life story, tells a story of someone who struggle to make ends meet. On one fine day, he got an opportunity to take a foreigner who wish to go to Gwangju city from Seoul, and he is willing to pay large amount of money to him.

However, things not as easy as he thought, he found himself in a bad situations as he found out they’re trapped in a city under siege by student protester and military.

13. Ode To My Father


Ode to my father tells a story of an ordinary man who try to protect his family and keep his promise to his father. This movie shows the reality of the ordinary people life that live after the korean war. Duk soo lost his family while taking refuge during the korean war.

14. Extreme Job


Extreme job korean movie tells a story of five undercover detective on a mission to take down drugs organizations. In order to do that, they act as a good employee of a chicken restaurant. Things get harder as the chicken restaurant get more popular due to one new delicious recipe.

15. The Wailing


The Wailing tells a story of a mysterious plague that came to a rural village right after the visitation of a mysterious japanese man.

The police conclude that a poisonous wild mushroom is the cause of this plague. However, as more people testified that they saw the japanese man in each death that took place, the police officer start waver in his conclusion.

One day, his daughter come down and got exactly the same symptoms similar to other villagers that had died. Became desperate, he go to the mountains to find the japanese man’s home, while his mother in laws call for a shaman to perform exorcism.

Korean Movies Worth Awards

Here’s the best korean movies we can share to you, hope this will be helpful and let us know which one you would love to watch in the comment sections below!


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