The Best Korean Snacks you must try

Korea is filled with many delicious food and beverage, in which one of them is Korean Snacks and cookies. Here is the list of the best Korean snacks and cookies you want to try as you travel south korea.

1. Korean Cookies

Crown butter waffle

As you see, this snacks are meant to resemble the European waffles both in taste and shape. But unlike the normal breakfast, these waffle snacks are easy to eat and you don’t even need a plate to eat this. The expiration date for these cookies usually is around 3-6 months to make sure the buttery taste still good. This snacks served best with a cup of latte or americano.

Crown sando

Crown Sando is all ages snacks that come in three different flavors which is strawberry, milk cheese and chocolate. The sweet cream in the middle of it makes it taste really nice for all ages of people.


Margaret cookies are hard on the outside but soft in the inside. This cookies resemble soft peanut butter cookies, also comes in three flavors in which is peanut, chocolate and nuts.

2. corn and potato

onion rings

After eating all of those cookies snack, you might want to try something with a slightly sour taste. As it’s name, Onion rings is made up or ring-shaped corn that has an onion flavor with crispy texture.

honey butter potato chip

This snack is really good taste and the best korean snacks among other snacks.

purple sweet potato

Another famous snacks in korea is Purple sweet potato chip. There is a lot of snacks companies who create their own version of potato chips that you can try.

3. chocolate snacks


Pepero, probably the number one chocolate snacks i really love, as it is a long cookie sticks that are dipped in chocolate. You can see it easily in every korean convenience store. The compact sticks make it so easy to consume. There is a lot of flavor you can choose with this snacks.

ghana milk choco bar

Ghana Milk Chocolate bars is the first chocolate bars made in Korea. The name “Ghana” gives tribute to Ghana, the producers country of Cacao. Ghana choco bars are mostly in dark brown wrapping, it is thin, creamy and sweet.

orion choco pie

Choco pie originated in the southern US in early 19th century. I think you already must’ve seen this in your own country, unless you’re living in the nort of course, as it is banned there.

4. others

seaweed snacks

The basic korean meals which include rice and seaweed. This seaweed served similar to kimchi or side dishes in korean homes.

dried squid

Some of you might not think of dried squid when you think about snacks. I agree that many of us might not choose this as favourite snacks. however, dried squid is one of the most popular snacks in korea.

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