Black Day in Korea, Everything You Need to Know About Black Day


In this article, we will share all about Black Day in Korea. Are you curious about Black day in korea? Do you want to know what is black day? South Korea is known for having a lot of special days on top of national holidays. One of them is known as Black Day.

Black Day In South Korea

Where the other romantic holidays such as Valentine’s Day and White Day revolve around couples showering each other with chocolatte, flowers, gifts, and doing activities the days are commonly known for, Black Day is quite different. 

Black Day in South Korea is a holiday that is reserved for single people, it is the total opposite of valentine’s day or White Day.

Black Day Korea

Black Day is celebrated every April 14, one month after White Day on March 14.

Celebrates Black Day

Normally, people will eat a bowl with black food, ex. black noodles. On this day, April 14, It is customary to eat 짜장면 (jjajangmyeon), which are noodles in black bean sauce, if you are single. The black color of the sauce goes accordingly with the day’s name and the 짜장면 dish is also seen as comfort food by many korean.

Some singles may go all out with this day and dress in black, from clothes to nail polish. Some restaurants might held a 짜장면 (jjajangmyeon) eating contests on this day for single person.

History Of Black Day In Korea

Originally April 14th was seen as a day of sorrow, hence the name “black”. It was a day where single people could come together to mourn their singleness and drown their sorrows in comfort food. 

However, in modern-day Korea, it is now seen as a day of celebration for singles, as the importance of being in a relationship has decreases in society culture these days. 

Whether you are celebrating or mourning, eating 짜장면 (jjajangmyeon) on this day with black coffee, is a way you can also join the movement to embrace the day.

Black Day In Korea

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