5 Shops for Black hair care in Korea!

In this article we will share to you top best 5 shop for black hair care in South Korea, make sure you read this until the end to get the most of it. We understand that taking care of black hair and finding the right stuff and products for our beautiful black hair can be challenging. Especially if you are currently living or moving to South Korea.

Whether you enjoy visits to the salon to make sure you get the best treatment or just want to having some relaxations for your black hair, knowing where to go to the right salon and get the products for your hair will be really beneficial for you. Here is a list of 5 shops to get black hair care and salons to visit to take care of your hair needs as you live or travel South Korea.

1. Debora Hair Braid - Seoul

debora hair braiding care in seoul korea
debora hair braiding care in seoul

Debora Hair Braid located in Itaewon, specialize in box braids, crochet, waves, micro twist and other hair services. You can buy the hair products there too. Debora Hair Braid located in Itaewon, it’s easy to go and to find this place, you can come here for all of your hair braiding needs as well as hair products.

Address: Itaewon, Seoul.
Phone: +82 10-6868-8240
Check their facebook account for more information.

2. Elohim hair and beauty - Seoul

elohim hair and beauty care in korea

It’s funny when i saw the name, as ‘Elohim’ in hebrew means Gods, yes Gods, plural, not singular. Elohim Hair and beauty located in Itaewon too, also specialize in box braids, crochet, Senegalese twist, waves, dreadlocks and other hair services. You can book through phone calls.

Elohim Hair and Beauty is also located in Itaewon, easy go to and find this place. To avoide queue or if you doesn’t like to wait, make sure you book an appointment with Elohim Hair and Beauty by phone before you come.

Address: Itaewon near the MC Donald Seoul, South Korea, Itaewon.
Phone: +82 10-7112-0260
Check their Facebook account for more information.

3. Family Hair Shop - Seoul

Family Hair shop is located in Yongsan District in Seoul. This black hair family salons specializes in weaves, hair coloring, haircuts, hair braid, dreadlocks, perm, silk press, manicure and pedicure services for men and women. The owner name is Ms. Mimi and this is one of the most recommended black hair shop among many foreigners for reasons of it’s diversity in products and service they offers.

Which is so true, no matter what race or hair type you are, Ms. Mimi will be able to meet your needs, as they got used to serve all kinds or natural kinky hair and relaxed hair. Make sure to visit Family Hair Shop to take care of all your hair needs at affordable price. 

Address: 132-8 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
Phone: +82 10-9054-3806
Check their Instagram account for more information.

4. The Delly Braids - Gwangju

the delly braids in gwangju

If you are looking for an affordable yet great service hair shop outside of Seoul, especially in Gwangju, if you live there, then you want to visit The Delly Braids. The Delly Braids is a mobile hair salon that offers great service for hair braiding, relaxing and deep conditioning as well as weaves, afro hair care services and other hair care.

What makes them stands out is because they’re mobile, so you can book an appointment via Facebookm phone or email and they will come exactly at the place you want them to come. Other than that, they also will come based on your convenient time. So you can choose where and when you want to get your hair care. Prices is affordable, however it’s depends on which type of service you want them to do for you.

Address: MOBILE
Phone: +82 10-9338-1565
Check their Facebook account for more information.

5. Terry Hair Braid - Daegu

terry hair braid daegu
terry hair braids in daegu

Terry Hair Braid is located at Camp Walker in Daegu, if you are currently living in Daegu or travel Daegu and hope to have a nice hair care for your beautiful hair, then this is for you. Terry Hair Braid offers great services specialize in hair braiding, weaves, washing, relaxing and other hair care service with their most recommended is in hair braiding services.

Terry Hair Braid also sells many great products for hair relaxers, braiding, and others that you can purchase and bring along as you travel south korea. What great about Terry Hair Braid is that this hair care salons is cheaper and more affordable compare to the other, probably because of their locations too. The price for each hair service is different based on style you choose and it’s much recommended to book an appointment through their social media account or phone, so you won’t waste a lot of time waiting. 

Address: CAMP WALKER GATE 4 Daegu, South Korea 705-023
Phone: +82 10-2134-9599
Check their Facebook account for more information.

Black Hair Shop in Korea

How do you think about these hair shop in Korea? Have you ever visit one of these hair shop as you travel Korea? 

top 5 best black hair care in south korea

Every share and every ounce of your support brings my passion for Korea to life – Thank you for visit.

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