BTS In The Soop 2, Reality Show About BTS Everyday Life, Air In October!

BTS in the soop season 2 air in October

In this article we will share to you about the latest update of BTS  In The Soop 2, a healing reality show about BTS everyday life that is about to air in October next month. Whether you are a fan of BTS or not, you might want to know about this reality show as you might also enjoy to see their daily life just like many others.


Credit to JTBC

BTS In the soop season 1 get a huge interest and positive feedback from ARMY all over the world. This cause BTS to officially come back with season 2 of BTS In the Soop. Many ARMY all around the world love to see their idol personal and casual life out of stage and formal setting. BTS In the soop offers ARMY to see their favourite idol having a good time relaxing from their professional debut.

BTS Reality Show



BTS In the Soop 2 features BTS living an ordinary life out of their professional career, in the midst of nature. HYBE, described the reality show as “somewhere in between everyday life and leisure”.


As we know that BTS is always full of hustling and competition to create a high quality music album and content for their lovely fans ARMY all over the world. The purpose of BTS In the Soop is to allow BTS to having some enjoyment and leisure activities that they can enjoy together such as gaming, cooking, and play the guitar in the nature.

Credit to JTBC

This is a the season one teaser of BTS in the soop for you to check on and decide whether it’s for you.

There’s also a season of BTS In the Soop featuring SEVENTEEN.

air in October

Based on what we knew from Newsis, private news agency in South Korea, In the Soop 2 is scheduled to air in October 2021 on JTBC, however the exact date has yet to be confirmed.


Credit to HYBE Corporation

If you missed the season 1 of BTS In the soop, then you can pay to watch it on Weverse or watch on JTBC2 from 20th to 22nd September at 6PM KST.

BTS In the Soop season 2

If you are an ARMY and you can’t wait to watch BTS In the Soop season 2, then you can Pre-orders for BTS In the Soop 2 from 23 September, check on Weverse Shop for more details.

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