BTS Fun and Creative ideas at “Will It Fit?” Games on The Tonight Show!

In this article, we will share to you the latest news about BTS fun and creative performance and ideas at “Will It Fit?” Games on The Tonight Show. Previously, BTS had appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on its July 13th episode. They performed “Permission to Dance” and spoke about rumors about the band.

Other than The Tonight Show, BTS has also appeared on other talk shows, such as The Late Late Show with James Corden, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Bts has been really famous and lately get a lot of attention from the western people.

This time, this famous K-pop group made another appearance on the late-night American talk show to just have fun, which the audience especially their fans would loved to see. This time they were playing a new game. As expected, ARMYs would love to see their favourite idol relax, having fun and just enjoy the games considering their amazingly hectic schedule and training time. This segment was uploaded to YouTube today, on July 24th.

BTS play "Will it Fit?" Games on The Tonight Show

bts tonight show

For their latest appearance, BTS goofed around and played a brand-new game, “Will it Fit?” The game aims to fit several objects into tiny or bizarre storage spaces. Each member of BTS had the opportunity to have a go, coming up with hilarious solutions to complete their challenge. But each member challenged themselves by saying “Yes” every round and attempting to make all the things fit inside the preselected objects.

Each one of them have their own unique and creative ideas to complete the challenge with ease while having a lot of laugh. Many netizen and ARMY’s shared the moments took from this video among their community and on social media.


bts tonight show jimin

Jimin was challenged to fit 33 sticks of butter in a fishbowl.

As the final piece stuck, he punched the butter to makes it fit, good ideas Jimin.

J Hope

bts tonight show j hope

Jhope was challenged to fit 91 ping pong balls in a christmas stocking. First he try to put it one by one, yet the other member urge him to be faster and put it all at once.

bts tonight show j hope

Unfortunately, as expected, he accidentally spilled them. However, in the end all 91 ping pong balls fit inside the stocking.


bts tonight show rm

RM was the only member who got challegend to fit the objects on himself. He put on the other bts shirts on himself.

bts tonight show rm

As we see, he fit all of the other bts member shirts into himself and done the challenge easily.


bts tonight show jungkook

This one is quiet hard challenge, many would think that Jungkook would not be able to fit ten scoops of ice cream in a small fragile taco shell, yet he took the challenge and try his best.

bts tonight show jungkook

With a smileon his face, seems like he is having both fun and excitement. The good news is that he have been successfully fitting all the ten scoops in the taco shell, this was unexpected and a big surprise to his fans and the other audience.


bts tonight show suga

Suga challeged was to fit 81 candles in a cupcake. While this might seems easy, it takes a while to do it.

bts tonight show suga

As it takes some times for suga to did it alone, the other member end up helping him doing it. The last part is the hardest as it seems there is no other space on the cupcake, yet he geniously placed them on the side instead the top.


bts tonight show v

V challenges was the most unique compare to the other challenge, As V challenges was to fit 35 figurines in his own pants.

As he did his best to fit them inside his pockets, his members took the initiative to place them directly inside his pants .


bts tonight show jin

Jin challenges was to fit 19 bananas into a fanny pack.

bts tonight show jin

There were some nerves when it looked as if they wouldn’t all fit, but at the end of the game, he made it seem like a piece of cake.

Jimmy Fallon and BTS

bts tonight show jimmy fallon

As bonus, BTS was asked if Jimmy Fallon would fit inside a washing machine filled with nacho cheese, and as they said YES OF COURSE, Jimmy fallon get into the washing machine and their reactions were killed it.

bts tonight show reactions

As we see their reactions was just funny and looks handsome in the same time, surprise and cute reactions.

bts tonight show

This is the latest news about their performance during the Tonight Show ‘Will it fit?’ Games. How do you think about their performance? Do you enjoy them? Are you an Army? Let us know in the comment sections below!


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