BTS’s song “Friends” become an OST for Marvel’s “Eternals”

bts song marvels

In this article we will share to you the news about BTS Song’s “Friends” that just confirmed to become an OST for Marvel’s latest movie “Eternals”.

On October 18, The Direct, a North American entertainment media outlet revealed that BTS song ‘friends’ From BTS 2020 album “MAP OF THE SOUL:7” will be adopted as one of the OSTs for ‘eternals’ movie.

BTS and Holywood

bts song marvels

After BTS Song ‘ friends’ confirmed to be an OST for marvels movie, BTS just became the second korean artist after PSY to have song adopted as Hollywood movie OST. PSY ‘Hangover’ was adopted for ‘Black panther’ movie.

Eternals OST

bts song marvels

Other than BTS’s ‘friends’ song, the media source also revealed the other OST including Pink Floyd’s ‘Time’ and Skeeter Davis ‘The End of The World’ from the trailer of the movie. Walt Disney Company Korea confirmed that the news was true.

Marvel Eternals on November 3rd

bts song marvels

“Friends” song was released last year in February 2020. Jimin was the person in charge of the productions of this song. Other than the good news of BTS song adopted for an Ost of Marvel movies, Ma Dong-seok is also drawing huge attention for joining the main cast of “Eternals” as Gilgamesh. 

Marvel movie ‘eternals’ will be released in Korea on November 3rd.

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