Quick Guide to Short Escape to Daebudo Island in Ansan, Gyeonggido

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In this article, we will share the quick guide for your weekend sweet short escape with your loved ones from Seoul. It’s short and sweet because you can reach this place within less than an hour, so you can spent it during the weekend escape to Daebudo Island, for those who loves beach and island.

Daebu Island is an island in the Yellow Sea, within the municipal borders of Ansan city, Gyeonggi province. It has a population of roughly 7,114 people and an area of 41.98 km². Due to rising mudflats, the island has merged with neighbouring Seongam-do and Tan-do. 

Daebudo Island is known as ‘the Hawaii of Ansan’. Daebudo Island (대부도) is connected to the mainland via the Sihwa Embankment. What makes this place interesting to visit is because the water is quiet clean and good to enjoy.

Daebudo Island History

During the Goryeo and Joseon Dynasties, Daebu Island was included in the old jurisdiction of Namyang. On March 1, 1914, it was transferred to Bucheon, and on July 1, 1973 responsibility was transferred to Ongjin County (which later became part of Incheon Metropolitan City). On December 26, 1994 the island was moved into the jurisdiction of Ansan, where it remains today.

Called the Hawaii of Ansan, Daebudo Island is connected to the mainland through the Sihwa Embankment. Despite this, the island still retains many of the romantic charactaristics of an island. The road to Daebudo is a beautiful drive, connecting many islands together. Particularly interesting is the clustering of Yukdo (six islands): Tando (island of black stones), Buldo (island where there was a Buddha), Seongamdo (island where spirits played), and three other islands. The island residents of Pungdo move to the nearby Dorido Island to pick oysters and short-necked clams in the winter and return to their homes before the Lunar New Year in a unique local custom.

The shores of Daebudo are full of clams, sea snails, goby, flounder, black rockfish and belly greenling. The Daebudo area is also famous for its local specialties: short-necked clams and oysters on Yukdo, fermented turban shells and natural dunggeulle tea on Pungdo, and bajirak kalguksu (noodle with short-necked clams) on Daebudo.

Useful Informations:

  • Phone: +82-1899-1720
  • Address:97-9, Daebujungang-ro, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do
    경기도 안산시 단원구 대부중앙로 97-9 (대부북동)
  • Website: Daebudo

How to get here:

  • [Car]: To really explore this island, it is best to use car. If you don’t have a car, this is definitely the time to rent a car in Korea.

  • [Subway]: Take the subway to Choji Subway Station. Go out exit 1 and cross the street to the bus stop and take bus 123 out to the island.

  • [Bus]
    Oido Station (Seoul Subway Line 4), Exit 2.
    Cross the road and take Bus No. 790 to Bukdong 3-way Intersection Bus Stop.

Best Things to do in Daebudo Island

Moon Observatory Centre 대부도 달전망대

Glass Museum 유리공예박물관

Daebudo Glass Island is a comprehensive tourist, recreational, and cultural facility. Learn about the history of glass an how to make glass here.

Useful Informations:

  • Address: Gyeonggi-do Ansan-si Danwon-gu Buheung-ro 254 (경기도 안산시 단원구 부흥로 254)
  • Opening Hours:
    April ~ October: 9:00am – 7:00pm; November ~ March: 9:30am – 6:30pm, Closed Mondays
  • Admission fee:
    Adults: W10,000; Teenagers: W9,000; Children: W8,000; Children under 7 are FREE.
  • Website: Glass Island

Daebudo Grape Festival (대부도포도축제)

Each autumn, Daebudo hosts the island’s grape festival and here you can wish to see lots of grape related products for sales, experiences and photo zones. There will also be a kid’s zone and prizes as well as performances.

Windmill Park (바다향기풍차공원)


Credit to ggtour

Where to Stay in Daebudo Island?

Daebudo Gulliver’s Travels Pension

Daebudo Gulliver’s Travels Pension

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