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In this article we will share to you the good news review about the last episode of Doom At Your Service Korean drama. Make sure you read this article until the end to get the most out of it. Seo in guk got a huge attention on this korean drama Doom At Your Service and most likely will keep being popular on streaming website. Here are the good news reviews of Doom At Your Service last episode. 

Dong-kyung is cured of her sickness

dong kyun doom at your service

Although this was expectable from the start, it ended up happened in the last episode. As we know from the first episode that Dong-Kyung was diagnosed with glioblastoma, a type of terminal cancer that doesn’t have any cure. Doctor Jung Dang-myun told her that she only had 100 days to live.

In episode 15, Doctor Dang Myun was surprised when he realized that Dong-Kyung’s tumour has shrunk and he predicted that the tumour will be totally healed in about a week. He can’t believe it that he thought he might did a misdiagnosed on Dong Kyung’s tumour condition, however she knew what happened and assure him that she’s just got a miracles, a good break.

If you watched Doom at your service, you will know that it was not a good break, it was a miracles created by Myul Mang who exchanged his life for Dong Kyung’s life. He choose to disappear forever so that she can live. No doubt that Dong Kyung just remains quiet and doesn’t feel happy with the good news.

Myul Mang returns as a human


Many of netizen had wish that Myul Mang returns as human. the story comes when Dong Kyung see’s him standing next to her in the bus. However, this time Myul mang tells her that they will need to anticipate what is coming as he no longer have the supernatural ability such as stopping the rain. 

He turns to complete human and returned to meet and be at Dong kyuns’s side to be her partner as a complete human. Dong Kyung ended up hugs him tight and being so happy to see him again.

Kevin welcomes Myul Mang to the family

doom at your service

Kevin is the husband of Dong Kyung’s aunt, Soo ja. Since Dong Kyung parents passed away, Kevin and Soo ja became the role of her parents continuing her parents role. In this story, they gone through a family dinner when Kevin signals to myul mang to meet him outside the house.

Considering what he talks to Myul mang? He told him that they’re now responsible for all the family member and for the happiness both of Soo ja, Dong Kyung and Sun Kyung. Other than that, we learn that Kevin embrace Myul Mang as he told him that he also responsible for Myul Mang’s happiness as he’s not a part of his family. Such a touching and heartwarming conversations outside eventhough kevin spoke in english and myul mang in korean.

The Goddess allows everyone to remember Myul Mang

myul mang doom at your service

In this last story, Dong Kyung actually worries about reintroduce Myul Mang to her family and friends as she thought that they no longer remember Myul Mang or think differently about him. The good news is that actually everyone still remember Myul mang just the way he is. They even told him that they missed him the moment they met him.

Dong Kyung and Myul mang was surprised realizing everyone remember him just as he is, nothing change. This one is really good news as things might be super complicated once they forgot about him.

Myul Mang is now Kim Sa-ram, a doctor

Myul Mang, as a human, take on the same job as his previous life, being a doctor. As we see the 1st episode at the very first appearance of Myul Mang, he appeared in a doctor’s white coat without a name tag. The only different with his current life is that now he using a name tag as an official doctor. His name also changed to Kim Sa ram oin which taken from korean words sa ram that literally means “person”.

Myul Mang is still a skillful doctor even without his supernatural power. He was able to safe a pregnant lady who was involved in a car accident. Myul Mang character developed and actually having a lot of transformations from a person who hates human into someone who actively saving human life.


doom at your service

Doom at your service is a real deal for korean drama lovers, you need to watch this movie as we can really relate to this korean drama and see the transformations from each character. It was really enjoyable to see this korean drama from the very first to the end.

You can see each character developed and transformations, from Myul mang who hates human that turnst to human safer as well as sun kyung who was selfish and childish that turns to become a mature and caring brother of Dong Kyung.

Have you watched Doom at your service? Whom do you love the most? What you like the most about this korean drama story line? let us know in the comments section below!

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