Top 7 Heartwarming Korean-Pop Songs About Friendship

In this article we will share to you the Top 7 Heartfelt Korean-Pop Songs About Friendship, make sure you don’t miss this great friendship kpop songs.

Friendship is a really complicated and complex matter, we get to know someone, we become their friend and as time goes by we will know either we are actually friends or foe.

It sometimes really hard to acknowledge friendship and the best way to express it is through songs. Thank God there are plenty of Koran pop songs that address friendship through their heartwarming lyrics and tone.

Here is the top 7 korean pop songs abour friendship you must listen, let’s dive right to it.

1. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon – “I’m All Ears”

Tell me everything

It’s alright if it takes all night

So your cold day

Can melt through me

I am all ears

I am all ears, I’m listening

Sometimes, all we need is someone who are willing to listen to all of our anxieties and words. This music is all about a listening ear to let all of our worries out, a friend as a listening ears is a total need for all of us.

In “I’m all ears,” Taeyeon is an example of that sweet friend who will listen to you until you feel better, she might not know the solution but she will listen to you. This is totally true, as many times we don’t need solution, we need someone who are willing to listen, that’s it.

2. Red Velvet – “Ladies Night”

Our memories are vividly contained

Inside those shining times eternally

I’ll keep the feeling of right now

Inside my heart, filled to the brim

Through the lyrics of “Ladies Night,” Red Velvet reminds us that friendship is actually all about the journey, not the destinations as many of us think it is. The real and true beauty of an everlasting friendship actually lies in not just nurturing the relationship itself, but also cherishing the old memories that nourish throughout the years being together.

3. BTS – “Spring Day”

How much more do I have to wait?

How many nights do I have to stay up?

Until I can see you? (until I can see you?)

Until I can meet you? (until I can meet you?)

You know it all

You’re my best friend

The morning will come again

Missing a friend is always a depressing and upset feeling as we felt separated and don’t know what to do or will we can ever meet again. Luckily, there is always hope for a reunion in the future, that even when there is no hope to reunite, the hope is always there. BTS surely shares the feelings and hope about it.

4. Super Junior – “Good Friends”

Before we knew it

We’ve shared so much

Dripping sweat, tears, secrets

I’ll always love everything

Even the times we hated each other before we knew it

We can’t grow apart

I’ll miss seeing you, I’ll miss you

I love my friends

It seems that these lyrics are actually a journey from Super Junior’s about their story as a group male kpop band. This lyrics is might be one of the sweetest acknowledgment for a long, great and healthy friendship as they share even when they hated one another, they still can’t be separated.

5. Zico feat. IU – “Soulmate”

Hello, my soulmate

Everything became more like you

A transparent knot has been tied

You can’t leave this place, not even for a moment

Zico and IU team up to celebrate their long-lasting mutual friendship that grew overtime. This bonds of friendship reminds us about the tight bond that links soulmates in a platonic setting.

6. NCT U – “Without You”

To live and to endure

If we’re together, it’ll be happier

We’ll be endlessly connected

Can’t live without you

Real friends are always with you, no matter what. That’s why friends are not created through introduction but it created through time and journey, through thick and thin, good and bad times. The bond that stands and grew after the test of time and life challenges then become the bonds of true friendship. NCT U seems to know a thing or two about it.

7. GFRIEND – “My Buddy”

Do you remember? Soft like the white snowflakes

I held your hands

There are still so many days remaining for us

I promise you with the twinkling stars and the sky

I’ll be your BUDDY

This song is undoubtedly meant for GFRIEND’s fandom, Buddy. It’s the promise that two friends share about being in each other’s lives forever, true friendship lasts the test of time, distance and life challenges.

Friendship KPop Song

How do you think about This top 7 Korean pop songs on Friendship? Which one you love most? Let us know in the comments below!

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