How Korean Cures Themselves from Hangover and Headache After drink!

In this article we will share to you the way korean cures themselves, and also prevent themselves from hangover and headache after drink alcohol stuff like beer and soju. We know that korean have a drinking culture since long time ago, and they don’t just get used to it and never got headache after get drunk. 

It just the fact that South Korean knew the secret of how to restrain themselves or even cure themselves after being drunk and prevent themselves from hangover after some glass of beer or soju. Here are some stuff you can try at home to cure yourself and prevent yourself from having headache after get drunk.

Hangover Soup a.k.a Haejangguk (해장국)

hangover cure headache

Haejangguk (해장국) or known as hangover soup is a really go-to after a lost messed-up drunk night. Usually leftover meat and bones were boiled to make a nutritious soup to help the body recover.

hangover cure headache

However, there are many different varieties of hangover soup you can choose in Korea, so we will share to you some of them for you to try.


hangover cure headache

Pufferfish Soup has to be well prepared by professional who know how to remove the deadly toxin inside it. There is enough toxin in one pufferfish to kill 30 adults without any antidote.

Most restaurants will offer the soup in two different versions: maeuntang (spicy) and jiri (clear non-spicy). Bok-jiri, laden with water celery, bean sprouts and daikon radish, is the preferred version for those seeking to chase their hangover as it is easier on the stomach than its fiery counterpart.

Bokguk or pufferfish soup is especially popular in the port city of Busan, South Korea.


hangover cure headache

Kongnamulguk was the number one hangover foods Koreans craved after a night of heavy drinking. It’s a deceptively simple dish that requires few ingredients: bean sprouts, water (or, basic dried anchovy stock) and salt.

Many restaurants serve the soup Jeonju-style, bubbling away in an earthenware pot with rice (already submerged in the broth), plenty of wilted bean sprouts, chopped kimchi, a freshly cracked raw egg and chopped green onions.


hangover cure headache

Bugeotguk or known as dried pollock soup, is a mildly seasoned but flavorful hangover soup. For your informations, dried pollock in rich in amino acids that protect the liver and help you recover faster from hangover. 

A classic bugeotguk is prepared by shredding dried pollock that has been pre-soaked, lightly sautéing the pieces of fish in some sesame oil (often with sliced daikon radish), adding dried anchovy stock (or water) and boiling until the liquid turns opaque. 

The soup is seasoned with salt and pepper and garnished with chopped green onions. It also often contains cubes of tofu as well as silky smooth ribbons of eggs that have been beaten and whisked in at the last minute.


hangover cure headache

Jaecheopguk is a hangover soup originated from Hadong, Gyeongnam region in south Korea. It is a clear soup made by boiling small golden freshwater clams and seasoning it simply with salt. This soup is also good to help healing the liver due it’s golden clams inggridients.

Hangover Supplements

hangover cure headache

As many korean doesn’t have time to sit down and order bowl of hangover soup before they work, so in the recent years, hangover supplement became popular due to it’s simplicity and speed in eliminating toxin inside our body.


hangover cure headache

For your informations, coffee is a diuretic, so it’ll make you lose liquids, and dehydration is reasons behind most hangover symptoms. So consuming coffee and nothing else could theoretically make you feel worse. 

However, it can help ease post alcohol headaches that are worsened by caffeine withdrawal, as well as give you a bit of an energy boost to jump start your day.


Before you do, eat, or drink anything else, drink plenty of water. Hangover symptoms are caused by the dehydration that comes from the overconsumption of alcohol. The best way to rehydrate is by drinking a lot of water.


hangover cure headache

If you prefer to prevent yourself from having hangover and headache in the morning, then milk will help you reach your goals. Many koreans drink milk before they start drink alcohol just to stop or reduce hangover symptoms. Make sure you drink milk before drink alcohol, not after.

Instant Noodles

hangover cure headache

I think spicy instant noodles with egg has been proven methods used all over the world to help us to recover from hangover due to it’s salty, spiciness, and egg on it.


hangover cure headache

Cheese is not just help cure hangover because it is salty, but because it also has rich protein and able to break down alcohol.

Boiled Eggs

hangover cure headache

Eggs are rich in protein and amino acids that really help break down the toxins from the alcohol and so are really helpful to recover from hangover. you can eat it before drink alcohol to prevent yourself from having hangover in the morning.

Nuts like peanuts, walnuts, and almonds

hangover cure headache

Nuts like peanuts, walnuts, and almonds are rich in quite a few hangover-fighting nutrients, specifically vitamin E, magnesium and protein. Magnesium can help your body break down and eliminate alcohol, while protein replenishes your amino acids to detoxify your liver and vitamin E help accelerate the metabolism to help you heal from hangover.


hangover cure headache

Chocolate contains polyphenols that are useful to slow the absorption of alcohol and prevent the proces of broken it down into glucose. Bitter Chocolatte is good to reduce the potential of hangover, and so many koreans are eating chocolate before they drink alcohol.

angover cures headaches

Credit to Itaewon Class JTBC

So here are the list of stuff you can eat and drink to help you fight hangover after a happy party days with friends and loved ones. hope this will be helpful for you and let us know if you fight hangover with another stuff in the comments below!

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