High School Kdrama: 18 Heartfluttering School Dramas To Watch!

High School Kdrama

If you are like me, which means you’ve passed your 30s, then there’s a time when you missed your high school friends and reminisced about your school life. That’s why, I want to share the best high school kdrama I found on the internet in this article.

If you want to be reminded and remember your high school life, keep reading to the end and feel free to add some of these high school kdramas to your watchlist. Let’s dive right into it.

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High School Kdrama

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You can watch these Korean dramas online at some free streaming sites if you do not have access to this network.

Here are some high school dramas to help you reminisce about your good old days.

1. Mackerel Run

High School Kdrama

Credit to Asianwiki

Mackerel Run tells a high school kdrama about a rebellious soccer player and his crush. This drama shows women can change even the most rebellious badass.

2. Schoolgirl Detectives

High School Kdrama

Credit to Asianwiki

Schoolgirl Detectives tells the story of five girls who form a detective club to investigate weird things that take place at their schools. In addition, they also help others dealing with a bully, depression and other mental health problems.

3. How To Buy A Friend

High School Kdrama

Credit to Asianwiki

How to Buy a Friend is a high school kdrama tells a story of a tremendous high school fighter who gets a clue of his girlfriend’s sudden death and agrees with someone to help him investigate it. In exchange, he will serve as his personal bodyguard.

4. Light On Me

High School Kdrama

Credit to Mydramalist

Light On Me is a high school kdrama that tells a story of an introvert who tries to make friends after the teacher advises him. Unfortunately, he find out that making friends is more challenging than he imagined.

5. Class Of Lies

High School Kdrama

Credit to Asianwiki

Class of Lies tells a story of an undefeated lawyer who got set back after one loss of a murder case. Planning to get his honor back, he became a temporary high school teacher in the school connected to the case. He starts to witness the crimes and tries hard to protect the victims.

6. Extracurricular

High School Kdrama

Credit to Asianwiki

This high school kdrama tells the story of a model high school student who commits crimes to earn cash. He starts to get in trouble after classmates are interested in his double life. This kdrama shows the reality and the darkside of a model student.

7. Solomon’s Perjury

High School Kdrama

Credit to Asianwiki

Solomon’s Perjury tells the story of the death of a student falling off the school’s roof on Christmas night. The school and police agreed to conclude that he had committed suicide.

One day, a letter came to a female student, telling her that her friend was not committing suicide but was murdered by a group of students.

Disturb by this letter; she decides to hold a trial at school to find out the truth of her friend’s death. During the unprecedented test, the ugly truths start showing up.

8. Reply 1988

Reply 1988 is a legendary drama that tells the story of five poor childhood friends living in Ssangmundong. This drama shows how their friendship endured trials and challenges as they grew up. This drama is a must-watch drama that will warm your heart.

9. Moment of Eighteen

High School Kdrama

Credit to Netflix

Moment of Eighteen kdrama tells a story of an 18 year old introvert guy who got accused of stealing by the class president. This drama shows the hardship and challenge that teenagers must go through in their schools life. 

10. The Heirs


The Heirs tells a story of a love triangle between two heirs of great corporations. Both of them love the same humble, decent girl, the daughter of his family’s housekeeper.

This drama is full of classic romance yet realistically portrays the hardship of the relationship between two unequal couples.

11. Boys Over Flowers

High School Kdrama
Boys Over Flowers is a remake of the famous Chinese Meteor Garden drama. This drama tells a love story between the wealthiest heir in high school and the poorest girl that happened to attend the same school due to a scholarship.

12. Best Mistake

High School Kdrama

Best Mistake kdramas begin with someone accidentally posting a photo of her badass friend on social media to warn off a stalker.

Found out his picture was posted on her social media, he confront her, and it marks the beginning of their love/hate relationship.

13. Dream High

High School Kdrama

Dream High is one of the most popular high school kdrama you can find! This drama tells the story of six Kirin Art High School students working hard to achieve their dreams of becoming a star in the music industry.

14. True Beauty


True Beauty is another popular high school kdrama that tells the story of 18-year-old female high school who is ugly and bullied throughout her life, masters the art of makeup, and is finally able to transform her life.

She suddenly became a goddess in her new school thanks to her makeup skills. However, she constantly fears that her natural face will be revealed.

15. Extraordinary You

Extraordinary_You-korean drama webtoon

Extraordinary You tells a story of a wealthy high school girl with heart disease who got short-term memory loss and the ability to see what will happen shortly. She has a fiance that she likes a lot, but unfortunately, he doesn’t like her at all.

One day, her friend tells her she is a character in the comic ‘Secret,’ just like everyone. Afterward, she discovers that she’s not the main character, so she doesn’t have much time to live.

Against all odds, she decides to find her true love outside of what is written by the comic writer. Finally, she found someone who made her heart flutter.

16. Love Alarm

High School Kdrama

Credit to Netflix

Love Alarm kdrama tells the story of a student caught in a love triangle after downloading a Love Alarm App. This app is a mobile app created specifically to let you know if someone within 10 meters range likes you.

17. Who Are You: School 2015

High School Kdrama
Who Are You: School 2015 is a mystery high school kdrama that follows the story of identical twins who have opposite destinies. While one is the school’s most famous woman, the other twin is a victim of bullying.

18. Hi! School – Love On

High School Kdrama

Hi School – Love On tells a story of a grim reaper who transformed into a human being after failing to take someone’s life.

Now she wakes up as a human being and needs to learn to live as a human. She ends up going to school and is involved in a love triangle.

Sum Up

From bullying to heart-fluttering and complicated love triangle, High School Kdrama will always take our emotional ups and down!

Hope this article helps let you know the best high school kdrama available that can help you reminisce about your high school years.

Here are all the drama I can share with you. Which one do you love the most? Let me know in the comment sections below.

High School Kdrama
High School Kdrama

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