How I learn Korean Language (Fastest Way) Before I travel South Korea

Learning korean language by course online

In this article, we will share to you my own personal experience in how I learn korean language the fastest way before I eventually travel and move my backpack to South Korea. Make sure you learn and also do all the tips I will share you below as It will definitely change your life and help you learn korean language the fastest way.

As korean wave immerge in the world through KPOP and Korean drama, more and more people as well as student all over the world plan to learn korean language so that they can easily watch their lovely idol group or korean movie without subtitle, especially when it comes to reality show like running man, it will be much easier to watch it without subtitle.

Alright let’s dive right to my tips on how I learn korean language fastest way. Make sure you read until the end to get the most out of this. Alright here it is.

Learn The Alphabet A.K.A Hangul

Learn korean language hangeul hangul

Hangul is the very first step and roadway to learn Korean language. However, you don’t need to worry, because it literally only take maximum 1 day to learn Hangul, it is super easy that I just learn it within 1-3 hours. Don’t be intimidated by Hangul or those weird looking stuff. It is actually super easy, easier than alphabet we use.

Hangul is actually Korean language alphabet. that’s why you need to master this before anything else. It’s like the a b c of korean language, once you learn this, you can speak almost everything you see in the street of Korea and it will literally boost your confidence in learning korean language.

Once you learn hangul, you can practice it by reading korean sentence wherever you find it, in google, title of movie, title of song, location on instagram, or wherever you can find korean sentence, just try to pronounce or write it, and let’s see if you already mastered it.

Once you mastered how to write or read hangul (without even knowing the meaning of the sentence), then you can move on to the next step to learn korean language the fastest way, which is to learn the basic daily conversation in korean language.

Learn The Basic Daily Conversation / Introduction

basic daily korean language
Image: Fanpop

The second tips for you who want to learn korean language fastest and easiest way is to learn the basic korean language. You can get it from google, korean drama, or anywhere else you can find. By learning the basic conversation, then you can directly use it to talk to other people using korean language. This will help you practice and really using korean language in a really useful situations.

You can also learn the formal as well as informal ways of speaking, just for you to learn the difference and sharpen your ears when it comes to korean language. Learn the basic stuff will add you some useful vocabulary while learn the structure of korean language.

Once you mastered the daily conversation, you can just introduce yourself and ask other people who know about korean langauge about how you’re doing with korean language. 

Spent some time watching K-Drama or Korean reality show by Headphone

This is the third and the most exciting part when it comes to learn korean language. Who doesn’t love Korean drama, obviously we really love it. However, make sure we don’t just love to watch it but also learn to use headphone just to slowly digest the word they use in the drama and learn the vocabulary from them.

K-drama mostly use basic conversation and daily life conversation, eventhoigh many of them use it informal ways, yet you can still learn the way they pronounce korean language. Make sure you don’t fall deep into the drama that you forgot to focus on the way they pronounce it.

My suggestion to you is to use headphone whenever you watch either kdrama, knews, kpop, or korea live show, always , always focus on the pronounciation, and try to guess what they’re trying to say or what is the meaning of the word they said, you can use subtitle to help you learning by doing. Watch it on netflix or viu.

Talking directly with Native Korean People by Language Exhange apps

Best language Apps

This is one of my most favourite tips that I want to share with you, is to learning korean language with native korean people. While you can learn korean language with them you can also make friend with them. I even date some of my language partner and we end up having good time as we travel south korea as well as another country together.

Other than that, I love to learn by doing and speaking, This apps literally help me to practice what i learn by having a conversation with native korean people. While we can be so close to one another, they also help me with my korean language by fix my broken words as well as practice speaking with me through phone.

The apps you can use to speak with native korean people is Hellotalk, or just go to interpals, or other language exchange apps or site.

Take Free or Paid Online Korean Course

Learning korean language by course online

This tips is for those who can’t learn korean language independently. I knew some of you might better off with someone who will teach you either offline or online. Especially for the first start, it might be challenging for some of you to learn it alone from scratch. 

So i put it here, you can find any free youtube videos, paid courses you can go to help you learn korean language step by step. Many of them provided you with step by step course to learn korean language which will makes you easier to learn korean language. Once you have the basic knowledge, you can quit and learn it by practicing korean with native korean people or just reading korean books.

By far, i think many people find out that have coaches in every area of our lives has been proven to be the fastest way to learn anything, so I suggest you to have your own coach in order to learn korean language if you are unable to motivate yourself and kick your ass of to learn korean language.

Learn Korean Language in Korea University

learn korean language in seoul national university

Well I guess this one is the dream for many of you, to learn korean language directly in korean university. However, this one is still the best way to learn korean language as you will immerse yourself with korea environment, neighborhood and korean language is everywhere and all around you, you heard it by people talking around, the restaurant name, bus, and all accomodations.

This is the very best and fastest way that you can do to learn korean language, because this will make sure you force yourself to do all i shared you to do, which is practice speaking, listening, writing and reading, both 4 of the most important things to do when we learn any language. Other than that, the price is also not so high to learn korean language here, so if you love korea, want to be in korea, why not learn korean language all along the way in korean university. It’s only take as short as 3 week though.

Print it out

learn korean language by print it out postit

I find this one is really useful to stick your new vocabulary or language study on your head as you learn something new. Just print it out. Print all the stuff you want to learn, and stick it on your wall, bedroom, houses, bag, notes, everywhere. Make sure you immerse yourself with the new stuff you want to learn. Immersion is the fastest way to learn anything, literally anything.

If you can’t go to Korea, then bring Korea to your house, to your neighborhood, by print it out everywhere, you will force yourself to read and be familiar with korean language. Print it in a smart way, which is in picture, in hangul, and also you can keep the korean news going on your TV, computer, radio or wherever it is, immerse yourself, always do it to make it faster. Post-it will help you to do it.

Practice Korean language daily, listening, speaking, learn new vocab and writing

learn korean language by discipline

This is the best tips and must do tips all of us need to know and doing. Practice makes perfect, that was so true. just keep learning without practicing useless. No matter how small or how little you know about korean language, just start using the things you know and practice it no matter what and whereever you can.

Be discipline to practice it daily, listening to korean, speaking korean language, learn new vocab at least 20 minutes a day and also writing korean language, in your notes or in language exchange apps, or everywhere.

Once you do this, you will see the result within 30-90 days you learn korean language, and if you keep on going to 1 year, you will be able to easily understand korean language even though you might not knowing all of the vocabulary yet but you will start understanding the structure of korean language so you can start keep it up with other people when you start using korean language.

Alright so here is the tips I can share to learn korean language fastest way, Which one is your favourite to use to learn korean language? and How was your korean language study going? Let us know in the comment below!

Every share and every ounce of your support brings my passion for Korea to life – Thank you for visit.

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