How To Sell Feet Pics Online (Without Getting Scammed) in 2023!


When the pandemic hit the globe few years ago, I lost my job and left with nothing. The first thing I did was looking for ways to make money online. For my surprise, there are a lot of ways to do it, by dropshipping, trading, and even by selling feet pics. Even though as a man I couldn’t do it, I felt curious, so I start doing some research about how to sell feet pics online.

That’s why in this article, I will share a step-by-step guide on how to sell feet pics online (without getting scammed) based on my research and make easy cash from the comfort of your home.

From selecting the right platform, to breaking down all the associated costs, hopefully this simple guide can help you make money online. Read on for more details!

NB: This content is sponsored guest post and is for informational purposes only. Korealandscape does not represent the person or claims in this post.

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How To Sell Feet Pics Online

Here’s some tips on how you can sell your feet pics online in a short and simple step you can try today:

  • Learn how to take a professional high quality pictures
  • Learn the best angle and feet position
  • Decide which platform you want to use to sell it
  • Make sure to be anonymous
  • Keep grinding and uploading your feet pictures
  • Utilize the power of social media to get more traffic
  • Use watermark on your feet pics to make sure no one steal it from you

Who Want To Buy Feet Pictures?

There is a huge demand for feet pics, as evidenced by the hundreds of thousands results that appear when you search ‘feet pics’ on istock, a famous photo marketplace! 

Those looking to buy feet pics can be a reflexology specialists, shoe companies, health websites, modeling agencies, jewelry sites, travel websites, nail art companies and foot product companies.

Best Place To Sell Feet Pics

Here are some marketplace and platform you can use to start sell feet pics online.

1. Feet Finder

Feet Finder is probably one of the safest and secure marketplace to sell your feet pics online. On the other hand, this marketplace is also one of the most complicated site to start. 

Before you can sell your feet pics, you must provide a valid photo ID for identification purposes. There’s also a transaction fee of 20% and subscription fee of $3.99 monthly and $14.99 annually, which can drain your profit right away. 

The good thing this site is that they automatically blur your feet pics, so people won’t be able to steal your pics and it offers a referral commission where you will earn 10% of each sale made by your referral.

2. All Things Worn

how to sell feet pics online

All things worn is an online community and marketplace that designed to sell a secondhand and used items such as shoes, pants etc. However, there’s a new feature ‘Instant Content’ to help people sell feet pics on their marketplace.

3. Feet Lovers Only

how to sell feet pics online

Feet Lovers Only is a marketplace specifically dedicated to help both buyers and sellers buy and sell feet pics online!

The site’s membership fee is $14.99, once paid, you can keep 100% of your sales, plus you will get access to both Feet Lovers Only and its sister site All Things Worn for one price.

Don’t wait any longer, join Feet Lovers Only today and start making money selling feet pics!

4. Feetpics

how to sell feet pics online

Feetpics is one of the easiest platform to use when it comes to sell feet pics online. This platform makes it easy to set up your profile, market yourself, and accept payments from customers.

Additionally, you’ll get photography tips to help you take jaw-dropping photos of your feet. There’s also foot care advice for keeping your feet looking good for shoots.

Joining the platform costs $5 one-time fee, with additional fees for promoting your profile on the website.

5. Feetify

how to sell feet pics online

Feetify charge sellers a $49 premium membership fee before you can sell your feet pictures and videos on their website. As part of this premium membership, you are allowed to make sales on their website. If you don’t mind pay $49 then you can try this marketplace.

6. Dollar Feet

how to sell feet pics online

Dollar Feet is another complicated website to use for selling feet pics online.This platform requires you to upload a sample videos for evaluation and fill their model registration form.

In addition, as part of the registration process, each videos must be around 10 minutes long and you must fill in your height and weight on their model registration form. They will examine whether you are considered an “athletic” model before you can use their website.

Also keep in mind that featured videos must include your face and your entire body and this marketplace is not based in the US, so there may be unforeseen risks.

7. Etsy

how to sell feet pics online

Etsy is a great marketplace where people can find vintage handcrafts, authentic artworks, customize products and digital items, including feet pictures.

In addition to a one single individual photo, you can also create packages of many different images for sale.

If you’re an artistic type, there are even ways to make money from creating artwork with your feet! Selling rings or anklets on Etsy with a dash of originality can also be very lucrative.

Depending on the item and category, selling photos or creations made with your feet can earn around $20 or more!

8. Social Media

how to sell feet pics online

Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are incredibly useful for showcasing your feet pics online.

Engage potential customers by responding to their queries and comments in real-time is essential for gaining attention and keeping people interested.

Additionally, use popular hashtags relevant to your niche so that buyers can easily find your posts; this will help generate traffic and lead to more sales opportunities.

When setting up an account specifically for selling pictures of your feet, it is important to remain anonymous and hide any identifying features such as your face. Furthermore, using a virtual private network (VPN) could provide additional protection while posting content online.

How to Sell Feet Pics Online - Step By Step Guide

Here are the step by step guide in how you can sell your beautiful pictures of feet online.

1. Set Up an Account on a Selling Platform

There are a few different ways to set up an account on a selling platform to sell your feet pics. The first way is to find a platform that sells foot pics, as mentioned above. Feet marketplace is an excellent option to connect directly with buyers interested in this content.

Another option is to set up an account on a more general selling platform like Etsy. Although these platforms are not geared explicitly toward selling feet pics, there is still a great demand for this type of content on these sites. 

You may have to put in more work to market your content on these platforms, but it is possible to find buyers for your feet pics on these sites. If you need help with Etsy SEO, I can help you, just contact me!

Whichever route you decide to go, be sure to take the time to set up your profile and list some of your best feet pics for sale. Put an enticing description and competitive price for each pic, and make sure that buyer can easily access and reach out to you for further requests.

2. Take Good Quality Pics of Your Feet

If you’re looking to sell feet pics online and make good money, taking high-quality photos of your feet is essential. To get the best possible shots, here are a few tips:

  • Use a tripod or stable surface
  • Set a timer/remote shutter release so you can be in the picture
  • Make sure the lighting is good and that your feet are illuminated as the highlight focus
  • Try using a closeup lens or settings to get clear pictures
  • Take a various type of shots and angle including close-ups and wide angles – this will give potential buyers plenty of options to choose from.

3. Price Your Pics Appropriately

When setting a price for your feet pics, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • First, consider how much time and effort you put into taking and editing the photos. If you spent a lot of time on them, you should charge more for them.
  • Second, think about how unique and desirable your feet are. If you have great-looking feet that lots of people would want to see, you can charge more for those pics.
  • Finally, consider what other people are charging for similar pics. You don’t want to price yourself out of the market, but you also don’t want to undercharge and leave money on the table.

Generally speaking, you should be able to get $5-$10 per photo if you’re just starting out. As you build up a following and get more requests, you can start to charge more – $20-$30 per photo is not unreasonable once you’ve established yourself.

If you have particularly sought-after feet or cater to a specific niche, you could even charge $50 or more per photo. Just remember that buyers will be looking for value when they purchase your pics, so make sure your prices reflect the quality and quantity of what they’re getting.

4. Promote and Market Your Feet Pics

If you’re looking to promote your feet pics, here’s what you need to do.

  • Start by creating dedicated social media accounts – Twitter, Instagram and so on
  • Publish and promote your photos on all of your social media platform with a relevant hashtags to get more eyes on them.
  • Additionally, seek out foot fetish events where you can meet other photographers and buyers who could be interested in purchasing your content.
  • Furthermore, contact blogs and websites that feature similar content and see if they’re interested in featuring your work. With these steps, you’ll be well on your way to selling feet pics online!

5. Cold Selling on Social media and Personal Blog

Assuming you have a sizable social media following, there are two ways to make money from selling feet pics: publish content with feet hastags and direct messaging those who likes and engage with your content.

For direct messages, simply post a picture of your feet with a caption saying something like “DM for price.” Once someone reply, name your price. If they agree to pay, then send them your invoice on paypal and send the picture. Easy!

Tips To Sell feet pics online

If you’re looking to make money selling feet pics online, it’s important to make sure your feet look their very best.

1. Ensure Your Feet Well-groomed and Presentable

This means taking care of any hangnails or calluses, and making sure your toenails are trimmed and polished.

  • Start by washing them regularly with a gentle soap and drying carefully between your toes.
  • Apply moisturizer after they are dry to provide added comfort.
  • Keep your feet as exposed to air as possible when wearing socks.
  • Protect your feet from direct sunlight exposure, consider use lotion like Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunscreen. 
  • Change and wash your socks often
  • Trim nails straight across
  • Use a pumice stone delicately on dry skin
  • Wear disposable shoes or flip-flops in public areas
  • Choose comfortable footwear during the day.
  • Pedicure for extra care, consider trying Gearmatte Professional Pedicure Kit to help you maximize your feet looks. This kit comes with an electric callus remover, foot file, plus extra pedicure products

2. Take High Quality Photos

Make sure to always take high-quality photos of your feet that showcase them in the best light possible. 

Be sure to use good lighting and angles in your photos, and consider investing in a quality camera if you plan on selling feet pics regularly. Here are some recommendation if you are looking to get the right equipment for your feet business journey.

NOTE: If you are satisfied with your smartphone camera, you can just pair it with an adjustable stand and rotatable ring light to help you achieve a better results!

how to sell feet pics online

Panasonic LUMIX FZ80 is one of the best affordable cameras designed specifically to perform well even on a low light environment.

how to sell feet pics online

Investing in a good accessory like tripod stand is essentials to get the best out of your great cameras. This because tripod will help stabilize your camera which reduce the possibility of a blurry pictures.  

More than that, with a lighting gear, your picture will surely be stand out. Just check out this ring light with a camera holder accessories and see if it is perfect for you.  

how to sell feet pics online

The Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III+ Accessory Bundle is a great all in one kit for you to start your online selling journey straight away. This bundle has anything you need to begin, including all the accessories and tripod you need to improve your pics.

More than that, this camera is actually one of the best camera for vlogging and live streaming. Either way, you got both, in case you plan on doing more of a vlog in the future.

3. Use Props and Various Background

how to sell feet pics online

Be creative, use a lot of props and various background to make even a greater attractive feet pictures that attract companies as well as feet fetish. There are some wonderful feet pose, pose and background I shared below for you to get some inspiration for yourself.

4. Promote it aggressively with a competitive price

Finally, be sure to promote it and price your photos appropriately – too high, and you likely won’t get any buyers; too low, and you’ll miss out on potential profits. With these tips in mind, selling feet pics online is easy – so get started today!

Types of Foot Poses

If you’re serious on making money via sell feet pics online, take time to learn of how to create an enticing foot pictures and try many angles fit your feet.

1. Leaning Sleep Feet

how to sell feet pics online

Credit to @fixthephoto

2. Feet in the air

how to sell feet pics online

Credit to @fixthephoto

3. Top of Feet

how to sell feet pics online

Credit to @fixthephoto

4. Swimming Feet

how to sell feet pics online

Credit to @fixthephoto

5. Ballet Feet

how to sell feet pics online

Credit to @fixthephoto

6. Feet Selfie

how to sell feet pics online

Credit to @fixthephoto

7. Soles of the Feet

how to sell feet pics online

Credit to @fixthephoto

8. Flying feet

how to sell feet pics online

Credit to @fixthephoto

9. Sexy Bathtube Feet

how to sell feet pics online

Credit to @fixthephoto

10. Bare Feet

how to sell feet pics online

Credit to @fixthephoto

11. One Leg Up

how to sell feet pics online

Credit to @fixthephoto

12. Tiptoe

how to sell feet pics online

Credit to @fixthephoto

13. Feet crossed

how to sell feet pics online

Credit to @valuavitaly

How Much To Charge for Your Feet Pics?

Make money by selling feet pics onlineis getting more and more popular recently, and for good reason! You can make a great income from taking pictures of your feet and selling them online.

Prices typically range from $5-$100 per photo depending on the type of shot and where you’re selling it. Even just selling 20 pictures can get you $100, and if you want to sell 100 then that’s a whopping $500 – $1,0000!

Jessica Gould from Ontario reports making over $70,000 sell her feet pics on Instagram. So don’t wait – start monetizing your feet pics today!

How to Sell Feet Pics Online: The Ultimate Guide from a Professional

how to sell feet pics online

Want to make thousands and thousands of dollars working from home? This eBook explain step by step and detail exactly how to sell your feet pics online.

This book reveal what sites to use, how to price your photos, how to get clients, how to take photos (with examples), how to grow your business, how to avoid scammers, receive payment and much much more.

Is Selling Feet Pics Legal?

While it is actually legal to sell feet pics for profit in some western country like USA, UK, Canada, NZ and more, it’s important to ensure you are of legal age (18 years old or older) and own the rights to the images you are selling. 

If you are from another country mentioned above, make sure to check laws and regulations surrounding the area you reside before uploading any photos online.

Is Selling Feet Pics Legitimate?

Yes, selling feet pics online is a legit, it is a real thing, and it can be a great way to make some extra money. Companies, individuals and even movie producers are often looking for foot models with both nice-looking and not-so-nice-looking feet.

The same goes for bloggers, journalists, authors, manufacturers and others, who may need pictures to promote their content or sell products. And let’s not forget people who work in the field of healthcare; doctors and professors might need to demonstrate specific foot conditions to patients and students.

Will They Know Who I Am?

Depends on yourself, it is very recommended to be anonymous and never tell anyone who you are. You want to avoid any pervert or foot fetish psychopath to know who you are and even stalk your life.

More than that, being anonymous can protect you from scammers and give you a peace of mind realizing that no one know who you are.

How to Sell Feet Pics Online Sum Up

Selling feet pictures online has become a great way for many individuals to make some easy cash. I hope that this guide give you some insight in how to sell feet pics online without getting scammed. 

From setting up account on feet marketplace, finding clients on social media to promote it every where, there’s a lot of demand of feet pics more than you might ever think of. 

With some dedication and persistence, you’ll be able to take advantage of this unique opportunities to sell feet pics online for some extra money.


Every share and every ounce of your support brings my passion for Korea to life – Thank you for visit.

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