Top 17 Fun Things To Do In Incheon!

Fun Things To Do In Incheon!

Incheon is a South Korean city bordering the capital city of Seoul. Incheon has long been a transportation hub. The ultramodern, massive Incheon International Airport, with railway connections to Seoul. The new ultramodern Songdo City has been built in Incheon area which just make incheon much more attractive to visit for korea lovers and travellers all around the world.

Incheon emerged as an administrative district known as ‘Marsoholhyeon’ during the reign of King Jangsu of Goguryeo (475 AD). After Silla united the three kingdoms, the district was renamed as ‘Soseonghyeon’ using Chinese characters during the reign of King Gyeongdeok of Silla. During the reign of King Sukjong of Goryeo (1095~1105 AD), the district was renamed as ‘Gyeongwongun’.

Later on, during the reign of King Injong of Goryeo (1122~1146 AD), the district change into ‘Inju’ since it was the birthplace of Queen Sundeok. Although ‘Inju’ was almost razed to the ground after an unsuccessful rebellion by Lee Ja-kyum,it was returned to ‘Gyeongwonbu’ during the 2nd year of King Gongyang of Goryeo (1390 AD).

During the 13th year of King Taejong of Joseon, the royal court ordered every ‘gun’ and ‘hyeon’ (two county level districts) below the ‘dohobu’ administrative level with theword ‘ju’ intheir names to incorporate either the word ‘san (mountain)’ or ‘cheon (river)’. Hence, ‘Inju’ became ‘Incheon’ which remains the name for the district to this day. Incheon has chosen the very day the district was renamed as Incheon (October 15, 1413) as ‘Incheon Citizens Day’.

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Wolmido Island

Fun Things To Do In Incheon!

Incheon is famous for it’s Wolmido island before Songdo city was built. Wolmido Island located about 1km off coast of Incheon, many people visit here during weekends for single day escape the hectic capital city of Seoul. Many cafe and restaurant offers you seafood and coffee while you enjoy the landscape of the sea of south korea. One attraction that you might not wanna miss is “play hill”, even though it’s not as large as Seoul theme park, but some of the games are really exciting. You can also get into cruise to enjoy the landscape of South Korea.
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How to get here:
By [Subway+Bus]: Incheon Station (Subway line 1). and take bus no.2 to wolmido and get off at Wolmido city tour.

Songdo Triple Street

Fun Things To Do In Incheon!

Credit to @taehyun_1102

Triple Street Shopping Mall [트리플스트리트] was opened in Spring 2017. Songdo Triple Street is a shopping street with 3 concepts and attractions/facilities like an entertainment plaza, sports field, lawns and an observatory overlooking the Songdo skyline.

It is located in Incheon’s Songdo International Business District [Songdo IBD] (송도) in the Yeonsu District [Yeonsu-gu/연수구], about 8-10 mins walk away to/from Michuhol Park [미추홀공원] and Meet You All Tower [미추홀타워].

How to get here:
By [Subway]: Technopark Station [테크노파크역], Incheon Subway Line 1, Exit 2 (9 min. walk)

Songdo Hanok Village [송도한옥마을]

Fun Things To Do In Incheon!

Credit to @red._.nine

Songdo Hanok Village [송도한옥마을] is a complex containing several restaurants, located in Songdo International Business District [Songdo IBD] (송도). The complex is situated right next to Gyeongwonjae Ambassador Incheon [경원재 앰배서더 인천].

How to get here:
By [Subway]: Incheon Station (subway line 1) to Incheon National University and walk 10 minute to Songdo Hanok Village

NC Cube Canal Walk

songdo city

NC Cube Canal Walk [NC큐브 커넬워크], also known as Songdo Canal Walk, is a massive shopping complex with four individual zones named after the four seasons — Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter — and each with unique shops and features that are located on both sides of a central waterway.

Designed by KPF and constructed by POSCO E&C, the complex was completed in October 2009. In 2013, E-land Retail [이랜드리테일] —itself a subsidiary of E-Land Group [이랜드그룹]— signed a contract with Incheon Free Economic Zone Authority to operate most of Canal Walk for the next 10 years. The former Canal Walk [커낼워크] was then rebranded to NC Cube Canal Walk — itself part of E-Land Retail’s NC Department Stores that was previously the independent New Core Department Store [뉴코아백화점을] that was rebranded to NC (keeping the initials of the former name after purchase by E-Land Retail).

It is located in Incheon’s Songdo International Business District [Songdo IBD] (송도) in the Yeonsu District [Yeonsu-gu/연수구].

The shop O-revoir is not directly along the canal walk itself, but is part of the exterior line of shops of NC Cube’s building, block no. 302.

How to get here:
International Business District Station [국제업무지구역], Incheon Subway Line 1, Exit 5

Songdo Central Park

songdo city

A new city was built literally from scratch, called Songdo City. Songdo Central Park located at the center of Songdo internatinoal business district within Songdo international city, Incheon, South Korea. The main function of this park is actually to reuse rainwater and reduce heat island effect. 

You can try many other things while you visit Songdo Central Park or Songdo city, such as G Tower songdo,Tribowl songdo, NC cube canal walk, compact smart city songdo museum, canoes boats and bikes, songdo convensia and you can also play water sports like kayaks here. 
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How to get here:
By [Subway]: Incheon Station (subway line 1), exit 3.

Cheongna Lake Park

Who knows Goblin Korean Drama? It’s very very famous all around the world in which there is scene where both couple walk around Cheongna lake park at night. Cheongna lake park is one beautiful park to enjoy and relax after hectic workdays. If you haven’t watched it, get up and watch it, it’s really good Korean-drama. Honestly, it’s not just because the movie story line is great, but the south korea landscape, scenery and place took in that drama is also beautiful.

How to get here:
By [Subway + Bus]: Cheongna international city station (airport railroad), exit 1. take bus no.904-1 and get off at Cheongna umirin bus stop.​

Incheon Grand Park

The best attractions for Autumn and spring instagrammable spot on incheon is Incheon Grand Park. Incheon Grand park is the largest urban natural green park in the city, surrounded by two big mountains namely Gwanmosan and Sangassan. This big mountain is good to enjoying korea landscape while exercise by hiking the mountain. This park is also has some playgrounds and lakes, another good place in incheon to riding a bike and enjoy the moments with family and friends while enjoy the landscape.

Opening Hours: 05.00-22.00

How to get here:
By [Bus]: Take bus no.8, 11, 15, 30 and get off at Incheon Grand park main gate bus stop.​

Incheon Chinatown

As other china town all around the world, Incheon has it’s own uniqueness of China town. Incheon China town was built on 1883. As the many other china town in many other country, Incheon China town in South korea also offers you China town ambience and goods from China, even though many of the business in this area are restaurants, but you can still find some goods and also chinese ambience in the midst of south korea landscape.

Fun Things To Do In Incheon!

Another surprise from Incheon is Songwol-dong fairy tale village. This village used to be a village lived by many foreigners back then. But afterwards, the neighborhood plan to decorate all of this village into something really beautiful and attractive. This is definitely a good place to take a picture especially if you also plan to visit Chinatown in Incheon, as it’s not really far away.

How to get here:
By [Subway]: Incheon Station (Subway line 1), exit 3. the entrance is across the street.​

Jayu Park

Fun Things To Do In Incheon!

Also around the Chinatown, the Jayu Park or the Freedom Park is also one of the most ideal park to visit in Incheon especially during spring, around the cherry blossom period.

However, its not just beauty which this park commemorates, but history as well. The park also has a statue in the memory of General Douglas MacArthur and the US-Korea Centennial to remember the treaty between the two countries.

How to get here:
By [Subway]: Incheon Station (Seoul Subway Line 1). Walk for approx. 500m towards Incheon Chinatown

Jeondeungsa Temple

Fun Things To Do In Incheon!

Don’t worry for those temple lovers or buddhist people, Incheon also have Jeondeungsa Temple. Jeondeungsa temple was decorated with delicate carvings, such an example of the architectural type of the mid-Joseon dynasty. We can see many soldiers name written on the walls, these are those who fight against the french navy and wrote their name to pray to Buddha for luck and blessings.

South korea is really honor the ancestors that’s why you will find this kind of hanok cultural type of buildings all around south korea landscape, either it’s heritage, or temple, or man made in the midst of almost many city in south korea.

Opening Hours: 07.30-18.30
Fee: 3.000 won

How to get here:
By [Bus]: Sinchon Station (subway line 2), exit 4. go straight 300m and take buss 3100. get off at Jeondeungsa temple rear gate bus stop.​

Gwangseongbo Fortress

Fun Things To Do In Incheon!

This Fortress is named “Gwangseongbo Fortress”, built in 1656 and remodeled with gates in 1745. This fortress is actually one of the great heritage and good place to take a picture of Incheon heritage and historical place while enjoy the ambience all around. There is an event called “Gwangseongje”, held annually to remember the patriotic and warriors every April 24th of the Lunas Calendar start from 11.00 in the morning.

Opening Hours: 09.00-18.00
Fee: 1.100 won

How to get here:
By [Bus]: Sinchon Station (Subway line 2), exit 4. go straight 250m at the bus stop in front of Artreon. Take bus no. 3000 to ganghwa bus terminal. take tour bus and get off at gwangseongbo fortress.​

Sinpo International market

Fun Things To Do In Incheon!

Do you know that Incheon have international Market? Sinpo International market is located in Sinpo-dong, Incheon. The most famous item here is dakgakjeong, korean dish crispy fried chicken coated with sweet and spicy sauce. Sinpo international market is very traditional that it became very appealing to international visitors. So if you want to feel the vibe of a Korean traditional market and atmosphere, this is the place to visit.

Other great things to eat at the shinpo market, are Shinpo-dumplings, Other Korea foods Tteok-bokki, Korea pancake “Nokdujeon” and fish cake bar called “hotbar”. Also we may see many kinds of chinese-food because there is a china-town nearby. Enjoy yourself at Shinpo international market where there are a variety of things to see and to eat.

How to get here:
By [Subway + Bus]: Dongincheon Station (Subway line 1), exit 2. go straight for 500m and you’ll see Sinpo Market on the right.​

Haengjusanseong (Haengju Fortress)

Fun Things To Do In Incheon!

Great view of Incheon is found here on Haengjusanseong or Haengju Fortress. Inside Haengju Fortress, you can find Chungjangsa Shrine, a place where they used to pay the tribute to General Gwon yul who led the victorious feat.

Opening Hours: 
March ~ October: 9:00am ~ 6:00pm
November ~ February: 9:00am ~ 5:00pm
(last admission available one hour before closing)

How to get here:
By [Subway + Bus]: Hapjeong Station (Subway line 2), exit 2. take bus no. 921 and get off at entrance to Haengjusanseong fortress and haengjunae-dong bus sotp. walk for 550m toward the fortress.

Yeongjongdo Island

yeongjongdo rail bike

On 2014, South Korea start building Yeongjongdo Island into a smart complex that was worth to visit. Yeongjongdo Island is located 2.5 km northwest of Wolmido Island in Incheon, South Korea. You can enjoy all kinds of complex things include Yeongjong Sea side rail bike.

How to get here:
By [Subway + Bus]: Incheon Station (subway line 1), exit 1. take bus no. 45, 23, or 2 and get off at Wolmido Island bus stop, and from wolmido island port, take ferry to Yeongjong Island.​

Sorae Fish Market

Fun Things To Do In Incheon!

There is Fish Market in Incheon that offers fresh fishes, especially during spring, many fresh crabs sold on Sorae Fish Market. Quick delivery system and also fresh seafood inggridients makes shopping much more easy and enjoyable while you can travel surroundings area and enjoy nearby beautiful view of Incheon, south korea landscape.

Opening Hours: 07.00-01.00

How to get here:
By [Bus]:
– From Incheon terminal station (subway line 1), take bus 21, 27, 38, or 754.
– From Seoul station, take bus 1301.​

Ganghwa Luge

Fun Things To Do In Incheon!

For family gateway, Ganghwa luge might be for you. Ganghwa luge is located in Ganghwa-gun, Incheon, south korea. For you who doesn’t know what Luge is, Luge is a plastic non-powered wheel sled that control brakes and speed. Luge is also safe for all age, so you can enjoy your time here with your family and loved ones while you can still enjoy the beautiful scenery all around. 

Opening Hours: 09.00-21.00
Fee: 12.000 won

How to get here:
By [Bus + taxy]: Geomam Station bus stop. take bus no. 70 and get off at yonghwasa bus stop. Take taxy to Ganghwa seaside resort.

Fun Things to do in Incheon

How do you think about these 17 fun things to do in Incheon? Which one you want to do as you travel Incheon? Let us know in the comment sections below!

Every share and every ounce of your support brings my passion for Korea to life – Thank you for visit.

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