top 8 indoor activities in seoul

1. Bowling

Image: About Hongdae in Korea

If you love to play bowling, or even if you don’t, you must try this. When i first came to play Bowling in Seoul, I thought it would be boring until I put my hands on. Then I couldn’t stop it. I really love this game. There are three types of bowling games in Seoul such as regular bowling, kids bowling and even another with glowing balls, neon lights and pop music to get you dance as you hit the strike.

Smashing bowl

Located in all hotspot in Seoul like Gangnam and Hongdae.

Hannam Bowling Center

This bowling center located in Yongsan, offers you food and beverages, equipped with table tennis, billiards and other machines.

2. Archery

Image: Seoul like a local

There are a lot of indoor archery cafe in Seoul where you can go shoot some arrows to relieve some stress. You can even take a lesson if you are a total beginner. Be relax and sip on some coffee to recharge your energy.

Robin hood archery cafe

Robin Hood Archery cafe is place where you can shoot and order coffee for relaxing. They provide lessons for beginner too, so you don’t need to be worry about your shooting skills.

Real Shot

Real Shot is equipped with shooting handguns, rifles, machine guns,  bow and arrows. You are given a chance to practice it, so you don’t need to worry about your beginner skills.

3. Escape room

Image: WeRSM

If you are an adventure lovers, then you don’t wanna miss escape room in Seoul. Build your leadership and teamwork skills while pushing your brain out to solve riddles.

Here are English speaker escape rooms you can visit in Seoul.

seoul escape room

Seoul Escape Room located both in Gangnam, Hongdae, Seomyeon and Bupyeong. Both provide english services.

no escape

No escape located in Hongdae and also provides English services.

4. Virtual Reality (VR) Center

Image: The Korea Herald

You can try VR game center in Seoul if you love to experience driving, climbing skyscrappers, flying or battling experience. The feeling is so real that you can literally create a new experience going to another dimension of your life and even saving the world.

5. sauna / jjimjilbang

Image: I visit korea

Sauna is really the best place where you got tired of doing thrilling stuff in Seoul. There are showers and bathing facilities as well as restaurant and resting areas. Most of them have spa services available too.They are usually spacious and able to accomodate many people and even available to spend the night there.

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6. pc room

Image: Trazy blog

If you are a game lovers, then you can visit PC Bang. PC bang in Korea is really well known as high speed internet spot for all gamers and internet lovers. So if you want to have fun and relaxing day alone or with friends, visit PC bang nearby and spent an hour until the rain stop.

7. arcade

Image: Seoul like a Local

Arcade can be for you especially if you love car race, shooting game, darts or punching games. There are also arcade bars which a little bit different with regular arcade with darker atmosphere where you can relax while playing some games and listening good music.

Arcade bar

Arcade Bar is easily access in Seoul and provide you wide range of arcade games, you can get yourself some snacks and coffee.

rabbithole arcade pub

Rabbithole Arcade pub is gaming arcade that provides beer and cocktails at a reasonable price with free karaoke night.

8. sports center

Image: Trippose

If you are a sport lovers or love to exercising, then you need to try going to sport center in Seoul. Whether you are into light or heavy exercising, you don’t wanna miss Seoul Sport center. They usually have indoor rock climbing, LED sports court, bike racing, ball games like basketball and volleyball. You can sign membership deal to maintain your exercise routine.

samsung lesport center

Samsung Lesport Center located in Seocho and offers you some memberships type that will give you access to every feature of fitness center.

sports monster

Sports monster is located in Hanam and Goyang. They have premium facilities for sports lovers.

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