IU Diet Plan For Beginners Who Want To Get Started!

iu diet results

Are you considering trying IU Diet Plan? While it might work for some people, this is not something that should be undertaken without professional guidance. With a dangerously low-calorie intake, this regimen can cause fatigue and lead to burnout if not done correctly.

If you are truly desperate to lose weight, it’s recommended that you start off slowly by following a stricter diet and exercising at least once or twice a week. Remember, losing weight takes time and patience; don’t expect miracles overnight!

This diet use super low-calorie and high-protein meal plan to help you achieve your hyper diet goals. With this guide, you will have all the information you need to get started on the IU Diet – understand the diet plan, know the dangerous nature of it, and some tips to start.

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Who is IU?

IU is the stage name of one of Korea’s most beloved entertainers, Lee Ji Eun. She is a famous actress, songwriter and singer, debuted in 2008 with LEON Entertainment, and quickly rose to fame in Korea as the nation’s ‘little sister’.

IU also ventured into international music markets, such as Japan and Europe, in 2012 and later. Her popularity is due in part to her powerful yet gentle vocal range which has been heard across cafes and restaurants in Korea.

In addition to her singing talents she has also had roles in dramas that helped solidify her stardom across the world. 

What Is The IU Diet?

The IU diet is a simple and straightforward plan – one apple for breakfast, sweet potato for lunch, followed by a protein shake for dinner. This type of dieting requires minimal tracking or measurement of food items and nutritions, which makes it easy to follow by common people.

IU Diet Plan

iu diet plan

The IU diet plan is as simple as:

  • Breakfast time – One Apple
  • Lunch time – One Sweet Potato
  • Dinner time – One Protein Shake

Every day IU only consume these meal that has only 300 – 500 Kcal per day, while still doing her normal daily activity. She stick to her diet plan until reach the goals she want to achieve and start get back to eat normally.

While sweet potatoes can be beneficial when trying to lose weight, this type of diet should not be attempted for a long time without professional guidance since it puts your health in jeopardy.

IU Diet Results

Here’s a video of S W try to follow IU diet plan for a week and get amazing results. She literally lost 3.4 kg in a week. Look at her video to get clarity of her results.

IU Diet Before and After

iu diet

IU Once tells us that she can easily lose 4 kilos within 4 days using her extreme diet plan. She did this extreme diet to pursue her goals especially when the date is closer to release her album, doing some promotion or dramas.

iu diet before and after

Do note that she don’t do this extreme plan for long term, it’s just for a quick result, Do this for a long run will cause huge problem both physically and mentally.

Diet Plan Duration

IU diet is a short-term dietary plan that the famous singer-songwriter IU pursued prior to a comeback.

It is important to note that following a restrictive diet for a prolonged period of time can be dangerous and could potentially lead to health problems in the future.

Therefore, it is recommended to follow this diet in moderation and try maximum for a week.

The Danger of This Diet Plan

This extreme diet is actually a dangerous low-calorie diet that should not be attempted for long term especially without the professional guidance. 

The average daily caloric intake recommended by health professionals for healthy women is around 1500 – 2000, which makes this diet unsustainable as it only provides 300-500 Kcal a day.

More than that, eating too few calories can have a huge negative impact on one’s long-term health. That’s why it is better to opt for a healthier dietary plan. Slowly increase your exercise duration until you maintain a new workout habit. 

It will ensure your overall health while provide a sustainable results in the long run. Some people claim to get eating disorder after trying this diet, so be careful if you want to try.

IU Tips

IU answer questions related to her diet plan in this video. She reveal that we should be aware of the food we eat and choose the right one to eat. Here’s the clip of the interviews below.

The IU Diet Review

Below is the video of sw youtube channel try IU Diet for a week. Watch the full video and see if you want to try the IU Diet for yourself.

Sum Up

The IU Diet has been gaining widespread popularity among K-Pop fans, as it is inspiring fans with how IU always achieve her weight goals following her debut. 

However, since this diet plan is extreme, it can easily cause many health issues. There are a lots healthier diets plan and exercises to help you shed pounds without compromising your health.

Consult your personal trainer or nutritionist before you try this diet plan just to make sure your body can keep up with it.

I wish this article help you understand about the nature of this Diet so that you know the good, the bad and the ugly side of this diet.

If you plan to start doing this diet, then I wish you luck for your diet journey and make sure to do it less than a week.

iu diet
iu diet

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