Ji Soo Confirmed To Leave “River Where The Moon Rises”

na in woo and ji soo

So sad news for Ji soo fans all over the world to know that KBS has officially announced that Ji Soo will be leaving the cast of the drama “River Where the Moon Rises.”.

As we knew that earlier this week, the actor Ji soo was swept up in multiple allegations of school violence. Ji soo responded on March 4 with a handwritten letter of apology for his past behavior to all people that has been hurt by that. 

However, the producers of “River Where the Moon Rises” immediately cancelled that day’s shoot in order to hold a meeting to discuss how to proceed following this controversy in the news.

They stated that they had already completed 95 percent of filming for the drama, so they would try to find the best solutions for this issue.

However, early today, on the morning of March 5, a spokesperson for KBS told Star News that they had eventually come to the decision that Ji Soo would be leaving the drama.

“Ji Soo, who has recently become the center of controversy, will be stepping down from ‘River Where the Moon Rises,’ and we are in currently in discussions with the production company about our next steps.” They stated.

That same morning, Na In Woo’s agency Cube Entertainment confirmed that He was currently in talks to take over Ji Soo’s role in the ‘River Where the Moon Rises,’.

Like a representative of the agency stated, “Na In Woo has received an offer to join ‘River Where the Moon Rises’ in the role of On Dal, and he is currently reviewing the offer.”

Currently discussions are still going over whether the upcoming episodes of  “River Where the Moon Rises” that were scheduled for March 8 and 9 will be able to air.

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