New K-dramas To Add To Your Watchlist In November 2023!

Ready for a new fresh Korean Dramas in November to add to your watchlist?

Let’s take a look at some of the new upcoming Kdramas in November 2023!

Table of Contents

1. Moon in the Day

Moon In The Day tells a story of a seemingly perfect man with secret insecurity.

He belong to Beginning entertainment, his brother company.

One day, he take part in advertisement with firefighter.

During the filming, a car accident happened.

The firefighter successfully save him and since then she became his bodyguard.

However, he fainted due to the crash and as he wake up, his body is possessed by vengeful spirit of nobleman in Silla Dynasty.

This Nobleman was killed by his wife whom he loved deeply that now reincarnate into his bodyguard.

2. Daily Dose of Sunshine

Credit to wikivoyage

Daily Dose of Sunshine tells a story of a nurse that’s got transferred from internal medicine department to neuropsychiatry department. 

Everything becomes very hard for her, yet she keep trying her best to deal with the patients.

This drama shows how she gives everybody the daily dose of sunshine every single day, until the Doctor also felt it and start develop feeling towards her.

3. Vigilante

Vigilante tells a story of a child that’s mother was beaten to death by a thug for no reasons.

The thug is only receive 3.5 years in prison as punishment.

Now, the child has grown and become a moral student at Police University

Seeing the murderer has gone out of prison and still hasn’t change his behavior, he takes this matter to his own hand and brutally beats the thug.

Since then, he lives two separate life.

During weekdays, he is a role model for student in Police university.

At Weekends, he beat the criminals that justice fail to punish and become the so called ‘Vigilante’.

Everything seems good until the team leader of police investigation team start chasing after the ‘Vigilante’.

4. Secret Playlist

Credit to asianwiki

Secret playlist tells a story of university student that got opportunity to collaborate with a popular idol.

She try her best to cover her identity in front of him, yet her covers start to unravel as they got closer to one another.

5. A Bloody Lucky Day

Credit to Thisiskoreatours

A Bloody Lucky Day tells a story of a taxi driver who got a dream where a lot of pigs appear.

Korean knows that pig meaning good luck and fortune.

On that day, he got exactly the same amount of money, until the last passenger come and ask him to drive to the port city of Mokpo for 1 million KRW.

He accepted the passenger request, not knowing that he just killed a man and plan to escape by boat.

Meanwhile, the mother of the murdered son start cashing after killer.

6. Once Upon a Boyhood

Once Upon a Boyhood tells a story of a high school student in Buyeo that often got bullied move to a new school, hoping to get a new beginning.

Unfortunately, in his new school, students thought he was a great fighter and start getting involved with other student that’s great at fighting.

7. My Demon

Credit to visitkorea

My Demon tells a story of an heir of Future group who is arrogant, cold and never trust anyone.

One day, she gets involved with a demon who suddenly loses his power because of her.

Afterwards, they make a contract marriage and must protect her at all cost to continue his live.

8. The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract

Credit to ustrip

Park’s Marriage Contract tells a story of a women in the 19th century whose husband died of heart disease exactly on the night of her wedding day.

Things get worse as she also got kidnapped by a man and thrown into a well.

After she wakes up, she see her husband in front of her and realized that she got transported into the present day Seoul.

The man who saves her is the successor of SH Seoul corporation and also suffering heart disease.

His grandfather is almost died and have one last wish is to see him married.

That’s when the story begin as he ask her to enter into a contract marriage.

9. Tell Me that You Love Me

Credit to tinylangcz

Tell Me that You Love Me tells a story of someone with hearing impairment falls in love with an actress.

He love to express his feelings through drawings, while she love to express her feelings through words.

10. Goryeo–Khitan War

Goryeo Khitan War is a historical Korean drama sets in the second and third period of Goryeo Khitan War.

It tells a story of how King Hyeonjong of Goryeo and his teacher, the Commander in chief, unite all the people together and start a war against Khitan.

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