SALT Entertainment Update Regarding Kim Seon Ho’s Contract!

kim seon ho contract

In this article we will share to you the latest news about Kim Seon Ho’s rumored of his expiration contract with SALT Entertainment.

Salt Entertainment and Kim Seon Ho's contract

SALT Entertainment has just shared an update with Mydaily about Kim Seon Ho‘s contract status and update regarding Kim Seon Ho.

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The reports about Kim Seon Ho’s contract expiration are not true. It is not even time for him to renew his contract. We are currently organizing our position, and we will share it as soon as possible.

SALT Entertainment
kim seon ho upcoming movie

SALT Entertainment has refuted the rumors around netizens that Kim Seon Ho’s contract has been expired since September and was extended for a short period of time due to the filming of Hometown Cha korean drama. SALT Entertainment will share the official update as soon as possible surrounding this issue.

Kim Seon Ho next move on his career

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Following the revelations about Kim Seon Ho’s abortion issue, currently the industry and netizens are all waiting for SALT Entertainment and Kim Seon Ho’s next move on his career.

Source: Mydaily

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