Dispatch Reveals Full Dating History of Kim Seon ho and Choi Young Ah!


In this article we will share to you the last revelations and truth of kim seon ho abortion scandal with his ex-girlfriend Choi Young Ah. Earlier this month, Kim Seon ho was just swept up in an abortion scandal which just makes him lost his good name, fame and some jobs.

However, since then we only see things one sided from the ex-girlfriend perspective, today we will share to you the truth and facts we know from the other side as well as the third party side (their mutual friends) to know what is the reality behind this scandal.

Timeline of their dating


Credit to Dispatch

The timeline can be summarized as below:

End Of 2019: Meet for the first time at friends’ gathering
Feb 2020: Go on dates at cafes and movie theatres
Beginning Of Mar 2020: Begin officially dating
Mid-March 2020: Choi Young ah admits she is a divorcee
Apr-Jun 2020: Go on many trips and dates to Busan, Gapyeong, Hangang, etc.
Jul 7, 2020: First breakup because of Choi Young-ah’s repeated lies.
Jul 8, 2020: She apologizes, they reconcile
Jul 24, 2020: Choi Young ah got pregnant
Jul 27, 2020: Abortion
End of Jul-Early Aug 2020: Kim Seon-ho introduces her to his parents
Middle of Aug 2020: Kim Seon-ho cooks seaweed soup for 2 weeks, gifts herbal medicine
Aug 27 2020: Adopts puppy for Choi Young Ah
Sep 2020: Attend friend’s gathering together
Oct 7, 2020: The couple visit a pet cafe in Pocheon with a friend
Oct-Dec 2020: Kim Seon Ho appeared in Korean Drama Start-up
Dec 2020: Choi Young-ah’s personal issues surface.
Jan 11, 2021: Dispatch received a tip-off about Kim Seon Ho, Choi Young Ah, and her background.
Jan-Mar 2021: Kim Seon Ho starred in a musical begins and Choi Young Ah attended.
Apr 2021: Both agreed to have a break time apart from one another
End of May 2021: Choi Young Ah and Kim Seon Ho final break up
Jun 12, 2021: Choi Young-ah texts Kim Seon ho her hate message
Oct 17, 2021: Choi Young ah posts about abortion online

Choi Young Ah met Kim Seon Ho at the end of 2019 through a gathering with her friends and in early March 2020, the two started dating. In mid-March, she admitted to Kim Seon Ho that she is a divorcee, yet Kim Seon Ho decided he still wanted to date her.

I’m going to keep seeing her. I started seeing her because I like her. Of course, my parents are worried. But for me, it doesn’t make a difference if she is divorced.

Kim Seon Ho

Kim Seon Ho and Choi Young Ah Dating


Credit to Dispatch

Kim Seon Ho wanted to be with Choi Young Ah, so he traveled a lot to Busan and Gapyeong to spend time with her. The two frequented the zoo, amusement parks, and Seoul suburbs.

Text Message by Kim Seon Ho's friend

In text messages provided by Kim Seon Ho’s friend revealed by Dispatch, the truth is that Kim Seon ho caught her in multiple lies about where she was and with who, that led to their first breakup.


Credit to Dispatch

Kim Seon Ho: I just broke up [with her]. This is seriously ridiculous.

Friend A: In the morning?

Kim Seon Ho: I caught her lying early yesterday morning. I cut her some slack before. But she got caught lying again, saying she didn’t hang out with another man when she clearly did.

Kim Seon Ho: What’s worse is, when I asked her about it, she thought I was talking about something else. So she ended up telling me about a different man that she met up.

Friend A: She must have met up with a lot of other men.

Kim Seon Ho: She met them for work, but she didn’t want to tell me about them.

Kim Seon Ho: I told [Choi Young Ah] that she can go to clubs and meet up with guys. I told her I won’t get mad about it as long as she tells me where she is and drops me a text when she gets home. But she couldn’t even do that for me.

Friend A: That’s all we ever want, but can’t ever get…

Kim Seon Ho: Once, I got done with a shoot early. So I asked her what she was doing, she said she was sleeping. I went to her house with a gift, but she wasn’t home. Her car was also gone. After that, she said she wouldn’t lie anymore. I’m so angry.

Friend A: You need to date someone else. Don’t be with someone who stresses you out like that.


Credit to Dispatch

Kim Seon Ho: [Shares the apologetic text message he received.]

Friend A: How do you feel?

Kim Seon Ho: I still like her… but I know where this is headed.

Kim Seon Ho: And I know she’ll start lying again.

Friend A: The chances of that are higher.

Friend A: Do you see a future with her?

Kim Seon Ho: Not quite yet.

Kim Seon Ho: She poured her heart out in this message, but… sigh.

Friend A: It’s upsetting how everyone else seems to have it easy… Falling in love, dating, and getting married, even. But it’s so difficult [for us].

Friend A: The way I see it, she’ll keep making the same mistakes.

Kim Seon Ho: My head hurts… I don’t think she can change.

Friend A: The stuff you see in shows like ‘The World of the Married’ or ‘Love & War… They’re real.

Kim Seon Ho: When I try to see it from an outsider’s perspective, it makes sense. But when I’m in the middle of it all, I feel like I’m drowning.

Kim Seon Ho: I can’t think clearly and it’s so frustrating.

Friend A: You know she’s playing you but you’re letting her.

The next day, Kim Seon Ho forgave Choi Young Ah. He accepted the advice from his hoobae actor and other friend and believe that Choi Young Ah wouldn’t do such a thing again.

According to Dispatch’s timeline, Choi Young Ah confirmed she was pregnant on July 24, 2020 and she said that Kim Seon Ho reacted negatively towards her. Friend B’s story, however, is different. He revealed that Kim Seon Ho’s message called the pregnancy a blessing and comforted her not to cry.

At first, he celebrated it with her. He said it’s a good thing to have happened to them. But in reality, he was actually scared. He thought about it a lot. Unfortunately, the two agreed to let the baby go and he couldn’t have been more cautious when he talked to me about it.

Friend B

Three days after the pregnant news, on July 27, 2020, they decided on abortion and Friend B waited a while for the couple in the parking lot. After the abortion, Kim Seon Ho take care of her by cooked her seaweed soup.

We can see in an episode of 2 Days 1 Night, He even mentioned knowing the recipe for seaweed soup. However, Choi Young Ah claimed he began to treat her differently afterwards, eventhough the truth is that he spent the time to shop for ingredients to make her seaweed soup for two weeks straight though he doesn’t know how to cook.


Credit to Dispatch

Dispatch revelations contradicted Choi Young Ah’s revelations about Kim Seon Ho that he misled and tricked her about future marriage. Truth is that Kim Seon Ho introduced her to his parents and spent a night in his parents house. Other than that, she was close to his parents and Kim Seon Ho even adopt Shiba Inu for her to support and accompany her after the abortion.

Other contradicting revelations is that Choi Young Ah friends shared that actually Kim Seon Ho bought her many luxury gifts and never saw her pay for anything as Kim Seon Ho was always back her up, or pay for her expenses. 

This makes things just getting even more controversial realizing that Kim Seon Ho is not as guilty as many people would think of. Fans hope the best for Kim Seon ho and would love to see him back in acting real soon.

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