Kim Seon Ho Releases Statement of Apology Towards Abortion Scandal!

kim seon ho apology

In this article we will share to you the latest news about Kim Seon ho that just releases an official statement of apology towards His Ex-Girlfriend Ms. A and towards people about his abortion scandal issue.

On October 20th, Kim Seon ho and his agency released a formal statement of apology related to the recent scandal of his ex-girlfriend and abortion.

Kim Seon Ho Official statement of apology

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“This is Kim Seon Ho. First, I sincerely apologize for my belated statement. When I first saw the news articles with my name on them a few days ago, I experienced a fear like I had never felt before, which is why I am only now presenting myself in writing.

I dated this person with good feelings. But during the relationship, I hurt this person due to my incompetence and lack of consideration. I had hoped to meet with this person again in order to deliver my sincere apology, but I am currently unable to do so and am waiting for that time when I am presented with the opportunity.

In the meantime, I hope to relay my apology in earnest through this letter. I would also like to apologize to all those who trusted me and cheered me on until the end, for disappointing you. I was only able to stand tall as actor Kim Seon Ho because of the people who cheered me on, but I had forgotten this fact. I also take this time to apologize to the many people who worked with me on various productions for the harm which I have caused, due to my mistakes.
Once again, I want to sincerely apologize to all who may have been hurt by this incident. I know that these ramblings are insufficient to reach many people earnestly, but I offer my honest thoughts in any way that I can. I am truly sorry.”

 Kim Seon Ho’s statement

According to Chosun Ilbo, a Korean daily newspaper, Kim Seon ho began his statement by apologizing for the delay of response related to this issues and further explain that he dated his ex-girlfriend with good feelings, but ended up caused her pain due to his inconsiderate behaviour.

Kim Seon ho also stated that he wanted to meet his ex-girlfriend in person to make things right and apologize for his previous behavior, yet he hasn’t been able to do it now. Through this statement, He really wishes to apologize to his ex-girlfriend.

Other than apologize to His ex-girlfriend, he also apologized to all fans that always support him, and all those who work with him. Kim Seon-ho then concluded this statement by acknowledging that his statement may not reach the hearts of many people, but still wishes that people can felt his sincerity in this statement.

Kim Seon ho abortion request to his ex-girlfriend

actor k abortion

On 17th October, an anonymous post accusing Actor K that later on refer to Rising actor Kim Seon ho, about abortion issues. Post was uploaded on an online community by Ms. A, shared that she was actor K ex-girlfriend and state that actor “K” tricked her into unprotected sex and later on forced her to do abortion while they were in a relationship.

S.A.L.T Entertainment releases official apology

actor k legal action

Hello, this is Salt Entertainment. We would like to apologize for causing many people concerns due to actor Kim Seon Ho’s private matters. We would like to deliver our apologies to many people who were disappointed or hurt by the recent events.”

S.A.L.T Entertainment, Kim Seon-ho agency, also released an official apology concerning this issue. The company apologized for troubling people due to Kim Seon-ho’s private and personal matters. They also apologized to those who were disappointed or hurt by this recent incident.

Netizens reaction

The official statement of this scandal and apology have evoke a mix of reactions and feelings in netizens all over the world with some expresing their wrath, and other still supporting him to get back up and work harder.


On the other hand, user toto**** commented, “Anyone can do something wrong. You just have to work hard from now on.”


User kibo**** took a neutral stance and said, “It’s not wrong to be in a relationship, but I think it’s a matter of basic attitude towards people. He is an actor with good acting skills and he will become big one day, so I hope he learns a lot from this incident. It’s not easy being a public figure..”


User an67**** commented, “The apology is so insincere. He must sincerely apologise to the victim. He’s just saying sorry to the victim but saying he’s more sorry to the people around him.”

Kim Seon-ho admits his mistake

actor k abortion

This scandal is really a tough knock for Kim Seon-ho that just start gaining recognition for his successful role in the latest korean drama Hometown Cha Cha Cha and also Start Up. He was well known for his down-to-earth and bright personality.

It’s so sad to see Kim Seon Ho’s downfall right in the the peak of his career. However, we all need to learn that everything we choose, everything we do, come with consequences, either good or bad and either sooner or later. Hopefuly we can learn from him and this issue to be more mature, think long term when we decide to say, or do something, as we will definitely reap the consequences of our actions and words.

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