Kim Young Dae Suddenly Leaving from School 2021 Korean Drama!

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In this article, we will share to you the latest news about Kim Young Dae who suddenly leaving from School 2021 korean drama. Those who looking forward for Kim Young Dae in School 2021 must release their expectations as Kim Young Dae has been confirmed to leave and step down from School 2021 Korean drama. In this writing, we will tell you some of the facts of what might be the reason of Kim Young Dae step down from School 2021. Let’s dive right to it!

Kim Young Dae Character Plot Change in School 2021


As we all guys korea lovers, korean lovers, kpop lovers and korean drama lovers knew, in May 2021 we heard the news about Kim Young Dae who will acted as Jung Young Joo in School 2021. Up to this point, Jung Young Joo is a mysterior transfer student who has a hidden past with the main character, Gong Ki Joon, before entering the vocational high school. 

However, currently there is a significant changes made to this character of Jung Young Joo that will be acted by Kimg Young Dae. Not long after that he decided to leave this long awaited korean drama School 2021.

After Kim Young Dae’s agency confirmed about his step down and leaving from school 2021 korean drama, news media started reporting that Kim Young Dae received a male leading role casting offer for Shooting Star Korean drama together with Lee Sung Kyung who already confirmed received this offer in April 2021.  In Shooting Star korean drama, Kim Young dae will acted the role of Gong Tae Seong, an actor in showbiz who fake his personality with a clean image in public.

KBS Response

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KBS has reported that Kim Young Dae decision was one sided decision that was made without any negotiations and even more Kim Young Dae’s agency just shared the news while KBS actually preparing to start the production on this July 2021.

KBS and production team haven’t agreed with Kim Young Dae sudden and one sided decision to leave and step down from school 2021 and are currently trying to negotiate and settle this situations on good terms and conditions.

Kim Young-dae in School 2021

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It’s actually a sad news to hear that KBS even told us that Kim Young Dae was just making his own decision without any negotiations or updates to KBS and productions team. it would be better if the actor can be more open and negotiable before making such a huge decision that will affect a lot of people, fans, other actor and also staff member that are preparing this korean drama to start the recording on July 2021. Anyway, it’s still a sad news to know that Kim young Dae will no longer be in School 2021.

How do you think about Kim Young Dae decision? Do you feel sad or upset with his decision to leave this long awaiting korean drama school 2021? Let us know in the comment sections below!


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