12 Great Korean Athletes That Perform At Tokyo Olympics!

12 Great Korean Athletes That Perform At Tokyo Olympics!

In this article we will share to you 12 Great Korean Athletes That Perform At Tokyo Olympics. If you are a fans of Tokyo Olympics and Korea, then you might wanna know these 12 athletes that perform during Tokyo Olympics. Make sure you read all of this article to know all of them.

An San – Archery

an san

Credit to @ssaaaann__22

An San winning three olympic gold medals in the women’s team, mixed team and individual archery events during Olympics. She also beat a 25 year old record by 7 points after score 680 out of 720 points during the qualifying stage.

Before this Olympic wins, she had also scored another hat trick medal during her international tournament debut at the 2019 Archery World Cup Berlin, winning gold in the women’s individual event, and bronze with the women’s team and mixed team.

Kim Je-deok – Archery

kim je deok

Credit to @olympic

Another South Korean archer who won big is Kim Je Deok, as he brign back two gold medals from competing in the mixed team and men’s team events at his first ever Olympics. He was the youngest member on the men’s archery team, as the only 17 years old archer. He also gained respect from supporters after knowing from his coach Hwang Hyo Jin how he had to look after his ill father while training at a young age during CBS interviews.

Hwang Sun-woo – Swimming

Credit to FINA

hwang sun woo

At 17 years old, Hwang Sun Woo has became the fastest junior swimmer in the world, beating former US swimming legend Michael Phelps’ record set at the same age for the title. During qualifying rounds, he broke a 200 m record set by Park Tae Hwan, a four time olmpic swimming medalist.

During Olympics, Hwang ranked fifth in the men’s 100m freestyle finals, becoming the first Korean to reach the finals.

Lee Kang-in – Football

lee kang in

Credit to @thekfa

Lee Kang-in began his football career playing for local football clubs Incheon United FC. He later moved to Spain at 10 years old after he was scouted by professional Spanish football club Valencia to join their academy.

Afterward, he was called up to the Korea national team, competing at the Tokyo Olympics at his 20 years old, being the youngest national athlete on the football team.

Shin Yu-bin – Table Tennis

shin yu bin

Credit to @shin_yubin_

At 17 years old, Shin Yu-bin made her Olympics debut, becoming the youngest Korean table tennis player to compete in the Olympics for Team Korea. Previously, she was the youngest athlete to join the national team at 14 years old.

Shin previously won two silver medals at the 2017 and 2019 Asian Junior and Cadet Championships. While during Tokyo Olympics, she earned a stunning win against former world champion, Ni Xia Lian of Luxembourg – an experienced player 46 years her senior.

An Se-young – Badminton

an se young

Credit to @a_sy_2225

An Se-young is considered a badminton genius, she had competed in numerous international tournaments, and earning multiple medals, at just 19 years old. She was even crowned “Most Promising Player of the Year” by the Badminton World Federation (BWF).

An did not make it to the podium at the Tokyo Olympics, but she rank fifth in the women’s singles, which is a great achievement for the first-time Olympian.

Woo Sang-hyeok – Athletics

woo sang hyeok

Credit to @woo_238

Woo Sang-Hyeok was placed fourth in the men’s high jump finals at the Tokyo Olympics. This is a new achievement for korea as ti become the furthest Korean athlete has ever reached in the Olympic events. He also set a new national high jump record after reach over a 2.35m bar.

Yeo Seo-jeong – Gymnastics

yeo seo jeong

Credit to @yeo_seojeong

Shin Jae-hwan, a 23-year-old Korean artistic gymnast, debuted at the Tokyo Olympics and left as a champion after a spectacular performance in the men’s vault gymnastic event. His win marks the second time a Korean gymnast has won the gold medal, following after Yang Hak-seon in 2012 who delivered South Korea’s first ever Olympic gold medal in gymnastics.

Shin Jae-hwan – Gymnastics

shin jae hwan

Credit to @olympic 

Shin Jae Hwan won the bronze medal at the Tokyo Olympics, exactly 25 years after her father, Yeo Hong-chul, a former artistic gymnast, brought a silver medal in the men’s vault event at the 1996 Summer Olympics.

Im Ae-ji – Boxer

im ae ji

Credit to @lee._sang

Im Ae Ji is the first female korean boxer to qualify and compete at Tokyo Olympics. She won bronze during Asia Oceania Olympic to secure her spot at the Olympics. Women’s boxing was only introduced as an official sport at the 2010 Olympics, so there is not much women boxer in south korea and Ae Ji just change the game and became the first female boxer to reach olympics.

Lee Da-bin – Taekwondo

lee da bin

Credit to @lee.da._.bin

Taekwondo has always been an area where most of Korean athletes shine brightly. She won the silver medal in the women’s taekwondo at the Tokyo Olympics.

Seo Chae-hyun – Sport Climbing

seo chae hyun

Credit to @chaehyun.s

Sport climbing is actually a new sports that was introduced at the Tokyo Olympics. Seo Chae-hyun finished in eighth place in the women’s sport climbing finals at the Tokyo Olympics.

tokyo olympics 2020

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