Common Korean Curse Words And Phrases We Often Heard In Kdramas!

korean curse words

In this article we will share to you common korean curse words and phraases we often heard in many korean movies as well as korean dramas. Let’s dive right to these korean curse words.

개ㅇㅇ (Gaeㅇㅇ)

korean curse words

This is actually a medium and mild korean curse words, as we know that 개 by itself means dog, which makes every words that came after this word instantly becomes an expletive word. Here are some example we share below.

개새끼 (Gae-sae-kki)

This is the most common swear words you must already heard a lot in korean dramas. This words came from The word ‘개 Gae’ which means dog and ‘새끼 Sae-Ggi’ which means ‘baby animal / bastard’. As you combine these words it just become ‘son of a b*tch’.

개씨발 (Gae-ssi-bal)

If you often heard people in korean dramas say something that heard like 아이 씨… (Ai-ss or Ai-ssi), this usually words that came before ‘ssi-bal’, however, on TV the words ‘ssi-bal’ is not allowed as it has the same meaning with ‘f*ck’ in english language.

개돼지 (Gae-dwae-ji)

The separate words 개 (gae) means dog and 돼지 (dwae-ji) is actually means pig, while by itself it looks like nothing wrong, when they put together, it means lower class.

개소리 (Gae-so-ri)

Korean words 소리 (so-ri) means sound, and the word 개 (gae) means dog, together it makes a new words that has a meaning of ‘sound of a barking dog’ which same as ‘nonsense’.

개지랄 (Gae-ji-ral)

The words 지랄 means ‘epilepsy or stroke’, usually used during the middle ages in korea to mock an ill person. Today this words has a meaning of ‘bullshit’. When you add the words 개 gae which means dog, it just added the curse to it and usually used when someone want to say ‘idiot / crazy / foolish.’

김치녀 (Gim-chi-nyeo)

The Words 김치 is kimchi and 녀 means woman and it’s a sarcastic word. 김치녀 refers to someone who always take advantage of man’s money. In english language it is equivalent to ‘gold digger’.

닥쳐 (Dak-chyeo)

This words is not a really curse words, but this words is definitely a rude words. It is origin from a verb ‘닫다’ Dat-Da’ which means shut or close (the door). but 닥쳐 Dak-chyeo means shut up (your mouth). Usually combine with the slang words ‘아가리 Agari’ which means ‘animal’s mouth’ = ‘아가리 닥쳐’ ‘shut your animal’s mouth’.

꺼져 (Kkeo-jyeo)

The words 꺼져 (kkeo-jyeo) is a rude way to shoo someone or ask them to go out. You will often hear this words whenever there’s a fight in the movies, or korean dramas. As the couple finished their arguments, they will say this words. However, you can use this also as a joke to your close relatives.

좆됐어 (Joj-Dwaesseo)

The word 좆 joj by itself actually means penis. However, this words 좆됐어 (Joj-Dwaesseo) means ‘I’m f*cked or screwed’. This expression usually used whenever someone talk to themselves when they got caught in a ridiculous situation.

뒈지다 (Dwae-ji-da)

The word 뒈지다 (dwae-ji-da) is a rude words that literally means ‘Die and Go to hell’.

ㅇㅇ놈/년 (ㅇㅇnom/nyeon)

korean curse words

The words 놈 (nom) refers to a man and 년 (nyeon) refers to a woman. However, this is a rude words that you can never use to someone you aren’t close with.  

씨발놈/년 (Ssi-bal-nom/nyeon)

(insect of a teen)This words means ‘F*ck’ in korean language, a common swear words everyone is aware of. When you see on the internet the word in hangeul ㅅㅂ, this is the abbreviation of the words 씨발 (Ssi-Bal).

The word came from 씹, which means female genitals, and 하다 (ha-da), which means to do. Together, they created the words that mean having sex / F*ck. The words 놈/년 is just to add the intensity of the curse words.

미친놈/년 (Mi-chin-nom/nyeon)

This words is really common in korean dramas. It comes from the verb ‘미쳤다 Mi-Chyeoss-Da’, which means ‘crazy’. When it is added with 놈 and became 미친놈, it means ‘crazy son of a b*tch’ and when it is combine with 년 and became 미친년, it means ‘crazy b*tch’.

쌍년 (Ssang-nyeon)

The word 쌍년 (Ssang-nyeon) is a really rude words used to say ‘b*tch’ to a woman.

병신 (Byeong-shin)

korean curse words

The words 병 (byeong), means sickness or disease, and the words 병신 (Byeong-shin) is used when people want to say that someone is mentally disabled or mentally ill, same like saying someone is stupid or a foolish.

It is equivalent to English swear words such as ‘idiot’, ‘dickhead’ and ‘asshole’.

빈대새끼 (Bin-Dae-Sae-kki)

The words ‘빈대’ means a bedbug, bed bug is a small insects that live by sucking the blood of animals or humans. Therefore, the words 빈대새끼 (bin-dae-sae-kki) refers to someone who is always depend on other and never pay each time they eat with their friends.

급식충 (Geup-Sik-Chung)

The words 급식 means lunch, as in school-provided lunch for children, while the word 충 means insect, refer to a clueless student. The words 급식 means someone is childish and behave unproperly.

변태 (Byun-tae)

The words 변태 (byun-tae) means pervert. This words refer to someone who is a real pervert or someone who love to talk about sexual stuff or jokes.

Korean Curse Words

These Korean curse words can definitely cause misunderstandings in your relationships with friends, so be sure not to use them lightly. People may see you in a negative light if you use them too often, but it’s still important to learn them so you can stand up for yourself and understand if someone is saying them to you!

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