The 20 Most Anticipated Korean Dramas on Netflix of 2021

Hellbound korean dramas on netflix

In this article, we will give you some list of 20 most anticipated korean dramas on netflix to watch in 2021 to fill your time while waiting for the lockdown is over and covid19 is gone.

Many of us love Korea because first introduce by Korean Dramas or Korean pop music, or Korean idol. Same here with me too, Korean dramas just bring me into a dreamy wonderland  in a perfect romantic setting. I think it’s almost everybody’s dream to live like korean dramas we watch.

As we wondering what is next in 2021, let us look to the 20 most anticipated korean drama to watch in 2021 to entertain you throughout this year. I hope these list of korean drama will help you and keep you entertained through this year of 2021 and remember to be safe and be healthy.

1. Hospital Playlist season 2 슬기로운 의사 생활 시즌 2

Image by Tenasia

Hospital Playlist was one of the best dramas of 2020, always trending both on television and netflix. The final episode laid the groundwork for a stellar season two, which we’re all happy to see come to fruition. Production and filming have been taking place and will continue to take place throughout this winter, with the season premiere scheduled to come in the same time frame as season 1. 

Hospital Playlist season 1 was famous for it’s story about light-hearted depiction of the long-standing friendship between 5 doctors who work at the same hospital. The 1st season is available on Netflix with English subtitles.

Main cast:

  • Jo Jung-suk as Lee Ik-joon
  • Yoo Yeon-seok as Ahn Jeong-won
  • Kim Dae-myung as Yang Seok-hyung
  • Jung Kyung-ho as Kim Joon-wan
  • Jeon Mi-do as Chae Song-hwa

Genre: Friendship, comedy, medical

2. You Are My Spring

You are my springs korean drama is a story about three characters who each live on with their seven-year-old selves in their hearts. All of the characters are held back by the keyword “salvation,” and the story begins there. 

This drama offers you a healing and romantic story of adult with 7 years old kid inside. Kang Da Jung is a hotel concierge manager and move to the Gugu building. Here she gets involved in a murder case with her neighbor Joo Young Do that lives downstairs.

Joo Young Do is a psychiatrist who works by helping others overcome their emotional wounded people and suicidal people to find the will to live again. He is so smart and fast to look into people’s wounded heart, eventhough he himself bears his own wounded heart from not having been able to save his older brother and one of his patients. 

Main cast:

  • Seo Hyun-Jin – Kang Da-Jung
  • Kim Dong-Wook – Joo Young-Do
  • Yoon Park – Chae Joon
  • Nam Gyu-Ri – An Ga-Young

Genre: Romance, Drama, Fantasy, Melodrama

3. She Would Never Know 선배, 립스틱을 쓰지 마

Image by JTBC

She Would Never Know is based on a popular 2017 web novel called “Sunbae, Don’t Put On That Lipstick”. It tells the love story between a sweet sunbae (senior) and a bold hoobae (junior) at a cosmetics company.

The story line is about a professional brand marketer at a cosmetics company who dreams of having her own cosmetics brand. Ro-woon will play Chae Hyun-seung, a good-looking marketer who is straightforward with his words.

Main cast:

  • Ro-woon as Chae Hyun-seung
  • Won Jin-ah as Yoon Song-ah
  • Lee Hyun-wook as Lee Jae-shin
  • Lee Joo-bin as Lee Hyo-joo

Genre: Comedy, romance

4. Oh! master! 오! 주인님!

Image by My Drama List

Oh! Master! is a romantic comedy drama that focus on Han Bi-soo (Lee Min-ki), a drama screenwriter, and Oh Joo-in (Nana). While Bi-soo chooses to be single, the actress struggles to date. A sweet, light-hearted romance plays out when the two meet and end up living in the same house.

This drama seeks to capture a common theme in dramas: tell a romantic love story as well as deliver a comedic performance through clever writing.

Main cast:

  • Lee Min-ki as Han Bi-soo
  • Nana as Oh Joo-in
  • Kang Min-hyuk as Yoo Jin

Genre: Comedy, romance

5. L.U.C.A.: The Beginning 루카

Image by Asian wiki

L.U.C.A.: The Beginning contains an acronym which stands for “last universal common ancestor” and the drama’s storyline is inspired by Charles Darwin’s proposition that all species of life descend from a common ancestor.

The storyline is about Ji-O (Kim Rae-Won) is born with a special power and is being pursued by dark forces. Goo-Reum (Lee Da-Hee) is a detective who teams up with Ji-O. Gu-reum (Lee Da-hee) is a detective whose parents disappeared when she was younger. As she tries to uncover the truth behind her parents’ disappearance, she comes across Ji-oh and her life starts to change.

Main cast:

  • Kim Rae-won as Ji-oh
  • Lee Da-hee as Gu-reum

Genre: Mystery, drama, sci-fi, supernatural

6. River Where The Moon Rises 달이뜨는강

This drama is based on a classic folk tale about a man named “On Dal.” The drama will focus on Pyong-Gang (played by Kim So-Hyun) who is a princess in Goguryeo raised as a soldier. She dreams of being the king of Goguryeo.

Main cast: 

  • Kim So-hyun as Princess Pyeonggang / Uhm Ga-jin
  • Heo Jung-eun as young Princess Pyeonggang, A princess determined to be first Queen of Goguryeo.
  • Ji Soo as On Dal
  • Seo Dong-hyun as young On Dal, A peace-loving, pure man who goes against his principles in order to protect Princess Pyeonggang.
  • Lee Ji-hoon as Go Geon
  • Park Min-sang as young Go Geon, An elite general who was perfect in any way and longed to make Pyeonggang his.
  • Choi Yu-hwa as Hae Mo Yong, A woman who desired to take control of Gorguyeo and play with it as she wanted. She fell in love with Go Geon.

Genre: Historical

7. Jiri mountain 지리산 / cliffhanger

Credit to Jirisan official

This drama will tell the story of park rangers who work at Jiri Mountain National Park. One is a veteran and one is a hotshot rookie.  Rangers work to save people at Jiri Mountain National Park.

Seo Yi-Gang (Gianna Jun) is the best ranger at Jiri Mountain National Park. She knows virtually everything about the area, including where to climb the mountain.

Kang Hyun-Jo (Ju Ji-Hoon) is a rookie ranger at Jiri Mountain National Park. He graduated from the military academy and was once an army captain. He has a secret that he can’t tell anyone about.

These two people become partners and they work to save people around Jiri Mountain National Park.

Main cast: 

  • Gianna Jun – Seo Yi-Gang
  • Ju Ji-Hoon – Kang Hyun-Jo
  • Sung Dong-Il – Jo Dae-Jin
  • Oh Jung-Se – Jung Goo-Young
  • Jo Han-Chul – Park Il-Hae
  • Jun Suk-Ho – Kim Woong-Soon
  • Lee Ga-Sub – Kim Sol
  • Go Min-Si – Lee Da-Won
  • Joo Min-Kyung – Lee Yang-Sun
  • Kim Young-Ok – Lee Moon-Ok

Genre: Thriller, Mystery , Drama

8. Vincenzo 빈센조

Vincenzo is a romance-comedy about 2 lawyers – Park Joo-hyung (Song Joong-ki) and Hong Cha-young (Jun Yeo-bin). At age 8, Park Joo-Hyeong moves to Italy after being adopted and takes on the name Vincenzo Casano (Song Joong-Ki). He begins working for the mafia.

After fleeing to South Korea,  Joo-hyung meets Cha-young by chance and soon falls in love with her, putting the two lawyers into a budding romance amidst their pursuit of justice.

Main cast:

  • Song Joong-ki as Vincenzo Casano/Park Joo-hyung
  • Jun Yeo-bin as Hong Cha-young
  • Ok Taecyeon as Jang Jun-woo

Genre: Comedy, romance, crime

9. Sisyphus: The Myth 시지프스

Sisyphus: The Myth is a sci-fi mystery drama that tells the story of a genius engineer and a mysterious individual. The drama is directed by Jin Hyuk, who also directed popular dramas such as City Hunter (2011), Master’s Sun (2013), Doctor Stranger (2014), and Legend of the Blue Sea (2016).

It will be Park Shin-hye’s comeback drama after last starring in Memories of the Alhambra (2018) with Hyun Bin. She also recently starred in the movie #Alive (2020), which became one of the most streamed movies on Netflix.

Main cast:

  • Jo Seung-woo as Han Tae-sul
  • Park Shin-hye as Seo Hae
  • Sung Dong-il as President Park

Genre: Action, mystery, drama, sci-fi

10. DEAR M 디어엠

Dear.M is centred on the search for the mysterious “M” in Seoyeon University. Bringing together Park Hye-Soo and NCT’s Jaehyun, as well as other successful cast members, there’s no shortage of familiar faces.  The drama will focus on students navigating their life in University after a mysterious message on the campus bulletin sends the school reeling. 

The plot follows 4 students from different departments – Ma Joo-ah (Park Hye-soo), Cha Min-ho (Jung Jae-hyun), Seo Ji-min (Roh Jeong-eui), and Park Ha-neul (Bae Hyun-sung). In the search for “M”, the 4 of them navigate through university life, changing friendships, and budding romances. 

Main cast:

  • Park Hye-soo as Ma Joo-ah
  • Jung Jae-hyun as Cha Min-ho
  • Roh Jeong-eui as Seo Ji-min
  • Bae Hyun-sung as Park Ha-neul

Genre: Romance, school, drama

11. Mouse 마우스

Mouse is a suspense-filled drama that follows Jung Ba-reum (Lee Seung-gi), an upright rookie police officer whose life gets complicated when he meets a ruthless psychopathic serial killer. After surviving a dangerous encounter with the psychopath, he is driven to find out the truth behind psychopathic behaviours, together with his partner Ko Moo-chi (Lee Hee-joon).

The new Korean drama posits an interesting question – what if you could identify a psychopath before they are even born?

Main cast:

  • Lee Seung-gi as Jung Ba-reum
  • Park Joo-hyun as Oh Bong-yi
  • Lee Hee-joon as Ko Moo-chi

Genre: Action, suspense, thriller

12. Snowdrop 설강화

Blinks can unite and show their support as BLACKPINK’s Ji-Soo takes on a lead acting role in this new drama.

Beyond that, the writer, director, and other crucial crew members all worked together to make the smash hit, Sky Castle. There is no doubt that they can recreate that magic here. 

The drama is set in the past (1987) during a period of time when Korea was under dictatorial leadership. It takes place on a university campus and will focus on various love connections that evolve through the semester. 

Main cast:

  • Jung Hae-in as Im Soo-ho, a college student who was raised in Germany and hides a secret.
  • Kim Ji-soo as Eun Young-cho, a college student who falls in love with Soo-ho at first sight.
  • Jang Seung-jo as Lee Kang-moo, the chief of NIS’s team one who always follows the rules.
  • Yoon Se-ah as Pi Seung-hee, the housemother of Hosoo Women’s University Dormitory.
  • Kim Hye-yoon as Kye Boon-ok, a phone operator who could not go to college due to financial issues.
  • Jung Yoo-jin as Jang Han-na, an impulsive but passionate NIS agent.
  • Yoo In-na as Kang Chung-ya, a charismatic and skilled surgeon who works at a state-run hospital.

Genre: Historical, Romance, Drama

13. Youth 유스

Youth is based on the BTS Universe created by Big Hit Entertainment, which mixes reality with fiction. The drama will follow the lives of the 7 BTS members from their schooling days till their official debut. Although the characters will bear the same names as BTS members, they will be portrayed with fictional narratives.

Main cast:

  • Seo Ji-hoon as Kim Seok-jin/Jin
  • Ahn Ji-ho as Jung Ho-seok/J-Hope
  • Jung Woo-jin as Kim Tae-hyung/V
  • Noh Jong-hyun as Min Yoon-gi/Suga
  • Seo Young-joo as Kim Nam-joon/RM
  • Jeon Jin-seo as Jeon Jung-guk/Jungkook
  • Kim Yoon-woo as Park Ji-min

Genre: Friendship, music, youth

14. The Silent Sea 고요의 바다

Sci-fi fans will rejoice for this drama. Set in the future when Earth is facing apocalyptic scarcity of food and water, a team of astronauts have to embark on a mission to the moon to retrieve a special package from an abandoned station. 

This is a mystery sci-fi thriller that follows the story of elite scientists who are on a mission to visit the moon to retrieve mysterious samples from an abandoned research station. The drama is based on the eponymous short film The Sea of Tranquility (2014), directed by Choi Hang-yong.

The drama is set in a future where the planet suffers from a lack of necessities, such as food and water, due to desertification. Yoon-jae (Gong Yoo) is a soldier assigned to the space agency while Ji-an (Bae Doo-na) is his teammate on the same lunar mission.

Main cast:

  • Bae Doo-Na – Song Ji-An.
  • Gong Yoo – Han Yoon-Jae.
  • Lee Joon – Ryu Tae-Seok.

Genre: Mystery, romance, drama

15. Love Alarm Season 2 좋아하면 울리는 시즌 2

The 1st season of Love Alarm (2019) attracted viewers with its unique concept of confessing through an app that sends a notification when there’s an admirer within a 10-metre radius. The 2nd season will develop the love triangle between Hwang Sun-oh (Song Kang), Kim Jo Jo (Kim So-hyun), and Lee Hye-young (Jung Ga-ram), who are now adults.

Main cast:

  • Song Kang as Hwang Sun-oh
  • Kim So-hyun as Kim Jo Jo
  • Jung Ga-ram as Lee Hye-young

Genre: Friendship, comedy, romance, school

16. Hellbound

Hellbound korean dramas on netflix

Hellbound is a mystery korean dramas that tells the story about death and new religion Saejinrihwe. People hear predictions on when they will die, as the time comes, a death angel appears and kill them.

Jung Jin Soo is a person with intense charm and mysterious personality, works as the head of the new religion Saejinrihwe. He speaks about the phenomenon of death angels from Hell to takes people’s life and tell people it’s revelation from God.

Bae Young Jae is a program director for a broadcasting station that tries to dig out the truth about this new religious group Saejinrihwe that was lead by Jung Jin Soo. 

Min Hye Jin works as a lawyer that stands up against the group “Hwasalchok” (‘Arrowhead’), which consists of followers of new religion Saejinrihwe. Jin Kyung Hoon is a detective that investigating the cases involving the appearance of angels of death.

Main cast:

  • Chuck Norris as Sergeant Frank Shatter
  • Calvin Levels as Detective Calvin Jackson
  • Christopher Neame as Professor Malcolm Lockley \ Prosatanos
  • Sheree J. Wilson as Leslie Hawkins
  • David Robb as Richard I of England
  • Cherie Franklin as Captain Hull
  • Jack Adalist as Reinhard Krieger
  • Ezere Atar as Bezi

Genre: Suspense, Mystery, Horror, Drama, Supernatural

17. Voice 4 보이스 4

The 4th season of Voice is set to air in mid-2021. Lee Ha-na takes on the role of Kang Kwan-joo in Voice 4 once again, while the male lead will be played by Song Seung-heon.

Kang Kwon-joo (Lee Ha-na) is a gifted policewoman who works at an emergency call centre. She solves crimes with her strong psycho-acoustic and voice profiling skills. Kwon-joo’s partner-in-crime for the 1st season was Moo Jin-hyuk (Jang Hyuk). and Do Kang-woo (Lee Jin-wook) in Season 2 and 3.

Main cast:

  • Lee Ha-na as Kang Kwon-joo
  • Song Seung-heon

Genre: Thriller, mystery, psychological, crime

18. Joseon Exorcist 조선구마사

Joseon Exorcist is an action-fantasy historical drama set in the Joseon dynasty. It tells the story of King Tae Jong (Kam Woo-sung) and his two sons, Chung Nyung (Jang Dong-yoon) and Yang Nyung (Park Sung-hoon), as they confront evil spirits that target the royal family.

Jang Dong-yoon is currently starring in Searchwhich is a mystery-thriller about a mysterious creature lurking in the DMZ.

Main cast:

  • Jang Dong-yoon as Prince Chung Nyung
  • Park Sung-hoon as Prince Yang Nyung
  • Kam Woo-sung as King Tae Jong
  • Kim Dong-jun as Byeo Ri
  • Jung Hye Sung as Mu Hwa
  • Lee Yoo Bi as Eo Ri
  • Geum Sae Rok as Hye Yum

Genre: Action, historical, fantasy

19. Red Sky 홍천기

Red Sky is based on a novel written by Jung Eun-gwol. She also wrote the original novels for Sungkyunkwan Scandal and The Moon Embracing the Sun, both of which have also been adapted into dramas.

The upcoming fantasy-romance drama is set in the Joseon era. It will follow Hong Chun-gi (Kim Yoo-jung), Joseon’s only female painter who possesses an excellent memory, and Ha Ram (Ahn Hyo-seop), an astrologer.

Kim Yoo-jung and Ahn Hyo-seop, who previously appeared on screen together in Clean with Passion for Now (2018), were confirmed to be part of the cast, while Gong Myung was offered the role of Prince Lee Yul, a playboy who unknowingly falls in love with Chun-gi.

Main cast:

  • Kim Yoo-jung as Hong Chun-gi
  • Ahn Hyo-seop as Ha Ram
  • Gong Myung as Lee Yul/Prince An Pyeong
  • Kwak Shi-yang as Prince Soo Yang

Genre: Historical, romance, fantasy

20. D.P Dog Day D.P 개의 날

D.P Dog Day is based on a popular webtoon that garnered over 10 million views. The drama will tell the story of Ahn Joon-ho (Jung Hae-in), a private who is tasked with locating and capturing military deserters.

Jung Hae-in, Koo Kyo-hwan, Kim Sung-hyun, and Son Seok-koo have been cast as the main characters who will explore abuse and human rights issues in the military.

Main cast:

  • Jung Hae-in as Ahn Joon-ho
  • Koo Kyo-hwan as Han Ho-yul
  • Kim Sung-kyun as Park Bum-goo
  • Son Seok-koo as Im Ji-sub

Genre: Military, drama

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