Korean Dramas July 2023 – 6 Best Upcoming Kdramas!

Korean Dramas July 2023

We are about to end the first half of 2023 and enter the second half of 2023! How quickly time flies, yet, with new months come new KDRAMAS! Who can’t wait to watch the upcoming Korean dramas in July 2023? In this article, I will share the most exciting Korean dramas you can watch next week!

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Korean dramas July 2023

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You can watch these Korean dramas online at some free streaming sites if you do not have access to this network.

Here are some Korean dramas that will release on July 2023 including.

1. The Uncanny Counter 2: Counter Punch

Uncanny Counter season two tells a story of a group of demon hunter ‘Counters’ return to fight powerful demons with new acquiring powers and new members.

Korean Dramas July 2023

Credit to Mydramalist

Main Cast:

  • Cho Byeong Kyu as So Moon
  • Yoo Joon Sang as Ga Mo Tak
  • Kim Se Jeong as Do Ha Na

Genre: Fantasy, Thriller, Action
Release Date:
July 29, 2023
Network: tvN, Netflix

2. Shadow Detective 2

Shadow Detective 2 follows the story of a detective who plans to retire, gets trapped and is framed as a murderer by a mysterious guy who is the real murderer. 

Now he must return to reveal the truth and discover who is behind all the misery that befall him.

Korean Dramas July 2023

Main Cast:

  • Lee Sung Min as Kim Taek Rok
  • Jung Jin Young as Ki Do Hyung
  • Kyung Soo Jin as Lee Sung Ah

Genre: Crime, Mystery, Thriller
Release Date: 
July 5, 2023
Network: Disney+

3. Not Others

Korean Dramas July 2023

Credit to Asianwiki

Not Others is a webtoon-based Korean drama that tells a story of a single mother without countermeasures and her cool 29 years old daughter who live together.

She works as a physical therapist, while her daughter is a police patrol team leader. This drama shows how much they argue with each other and yet maintain their love and bonds towards one another.

Main Cast:

  • Jeon Hye Jin as Eun Mi
  • Choi Soo Young as Jin Hee
  • Ahn Jae Wook as Jin Hong

Genre: Family, Comedy
Release Date:
July 17, 2023
Network: ENA

4. My Lovely Liar

Korean Dramas July 2023

Credit to asianwiki

My Lovely Liar tells a story of a woman who lost faith in humanity due to her supernatural gift of detecting lies in other people.

One day, she gets involved with a murder suspect who is truly innocent yet hides himself from the world after being framed as a murderer.

Main Cast:

  • Kim So Hyun as Mok Sol Hee
  • Hwang Min Hyun as Kim Do Ha
  • Seo Ji Hoon as Lee Kang Min

Genre: Mystery, Romance, Fantasy
Release Date:
July 24, 2023
Network: tvN

5. Longing For You

Korean Dramas July 2023

Longing For Your Korean drama tells a story of a detective seeking revenge for his younger brother. He hunts down all the people who took part in his brother’s death.

Main Cast:

  • Na In Woo as Oh Jin Sang
  • Kim Ji Eun as Go Young Joo
  • Kwon Yool as Cha Young Woon

Genre: Mystery, Crime
Release Date:
July 26, 2023
Network: ENA

6. D.P. 2

Korean Dramas July 2023

D.P 2 is a Korean drama based on the Korean webtoon ‘D.P Dog’s Day’ by Kim Bo-Tong.

This drama tells the story of special military army units on a mission to capture and bring back the deserter to the barrack. This series continues showing how harsh the life is in the military.

Main Cast:

  • Ok Taec Yeon as Seon Woo Hyeol
  • Won Ji An as Joo In Hae
  • Yoon So Hee as Na Hae Won

Genre: Military, Action, Drama
Release Date:
July 28, 2023
Network: Netflix

Sum Up

From action to mystery, Korean dramas will always fill our emotional needs and open our eyes to the world we never even imagined existed.

That’s why we all love movies and dramas because our world is too small compared to the real world others are going through.

Here are all the upcoming Korean dramas that will be released next month in July 2023. Which one did you anticipate the most? Let me know in the comment sections below!

Korean Dramas July 2023
Korean Dramas July 2023

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